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Found 7596 Anime Girls Avatars
Eren Avatar, A Titan and a Human Attack on Titan
A very hyper Chilliarch Gif, Chilliarch Luciel gif funny Elsword
Cat o' Nine Tails, A cat that likes to play with spirits Ragnarok the Animation
Axe, Gasai Yuno with her Axe Mirai Nikki
Meow neko boy avatar, Anime Boys
Nishikino Mayumi, Mayumi looking awkwardly Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
Touko Fukami avatar_1, Touko Fukami painting avatar Glasslip
Yui, Yui with her guitar Angel Beats!
Hatoko Kushikawa avatar_1, Hatoko Kushikawa happy avatar Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de
Christmas Girl, Anime Girls
Red is my color, Avatar of Kaneki Ken with eyepatch and mask and red background Tokyo Ghoul
Accelerator, Accelerator's wicked smile A Certain Magical Index
Howl's moving castle avatar | Howl, Howl's Moving Castle
Sora Avatar, Avatar of Sora, the protagonist No Game No Life
Dark couple avatar, Anime Love
Luka x Gakupo, Vocaloid couple shipping Anime Love
Boy with fire background and twirling eyes of fury, Anime Boys
Iris and Ash in bathing suits, Iris and Ash enjoying in bathing suits Pokemon
Kakashi Avatar, Avatar of Kakashi with his special move` Naruto Shippuuden
Mamoru Chiba, Mamoru at the new SMC! Sailor Moon Crystal
Alvaro Garay - Wand of fortune, Pastel Anime Boys
White Lady, MvP from Gonryun Ragnarok the Animation
Champa, Champa's name seems to come from "champagne", continuing the alcohol name puns that the Gods of Destruction and their attendants possess. Dragon Ball Z
Boy in love avatar, Anime Boys
Luffy's Expressions., animated gif of Luffy the straw hat pirate with many expressions. One Piece
Blue Knight Avatar, Accel World
Kawaii girl heart avatar, Anime Girls
Chifuyu Himeki avatar_1, Chifuyu with her stuffed animal Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de
Mastermind(Add), Elsword
Ruiko Saten, A student attending Sakugawa Middle School. She does not have an esper ability. Best friends with Kazari Uiharu. A Certain Scientific Railgun
Mikado Ryugamine, Durarara's main character Durarara!!
Cute anime girl, Anime Girls
Mystearica, Seventh Fonist, Mystearica (Tear) Grants is a Seventh Fonist in the military wing of the Order of Lorelei. Tales of the Abyss
Chiho Sasaki avatar_1, Chiho Sasaki avatar The Devil is a Part-Timer!
Luffy ready to fight, One Piece