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TV Show: Elfen Lied

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The diclonius, otherwise known as a two-horned human, are mutants of the human species, and may well be the next step in human evolution. The diclonius have horns and strong telekinetic powers represented by "vectors". However...


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Found 12 Elfen Lied Avatars
Elfen, Dark Mystery Anime Boys
Kouta Avatar, Kouta, the main character of Elfen Lied Elfen Lied
Yuka Avatar, Yuka, Kouta's friend Elfen Lied
Lucy Avatar, Lucy with a blank look. Elfen Lied
Nana Crying, Elfen Lied
Lucy eye, Bleeding tears Elfen Lied
Nana, Nana worried Elfen Lied
Lucy, Elfen Lied
Nyuuu, Nyuu shaking her head Elfen Lied
Lucy, Lucy Monochrome Elfen Lied
Yuka, Kohta's cousin around his age and moves in with him at the inn. She in both versions has feelings for kouta. Elfen Lied
Mariko Avatar, Mariko, the girl who is insane because of lack of love. Elfen Lied