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Found 36 Harvest Moon Avatars
Luna, Luna - Sailor Moons cat Sailor Moon
Mamoru Chiba, Mamoru at the new SMC! Sailor Moon Crystal
Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon avatar Sailor Moon
Pixel Sailor Moon, Pixel Sailor Moon doing roundhouse kick Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, This is the cover to the album soundtrack Sailor Moon Crystal
Spiral hill, from The Nightmare Before Christmas Nightmare Before Christmas
Demon under full moon, Black haired devil wearing full black coat under the moonlit sky. Devil Men
Sailor Moon FullBody, FullBody of SMC. A bit small though. Sailor Moon Crystal
Sailor Mars, a part of Sailor Mars' evolution Sailor Moon Crystal
Yuichiro Avatar, Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign
Kunzite, Kunzite seems to be the leader of the four kings as he identified themeselves to the Sailor Senshi and Luna. He also seems to be y and confident that the Sailor Senshi who oppose the Dark Kingdom can't get in their way. Sailor Moon Crystal
Artemis, Artemis holding his laughter Sailor Moon Crystal
Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Jupiter as a cover art for SMC sneak peek Sailor Moon Crystal
Jadeite, In the first episode, Jadeite is seen creating a youma from the ground in an unidentified location. Later in the episode, he is seen watching Sailor Moon from a crystal ball and says that she is "not bad at all". Sailor Moon Crystal
I'll Punish You!, SMC Avatar with Oshioki Yo! behind it (I'll punish you) Sailor Moon Crystal
Sailor Moon & Luna, Avatar of Sailor Moon with Luna on her shoulder Sailor Moon
Ryougi Shiki, Shiki pointing her knife at you. Garden of Sinners
Sailor Venus, Sailor Venus as shown at SMC Sailor Moon Crystal
Endymion and Serenity, Endymion and Serenity drawn old style Sailor Moon Crystal
Sailor Moon, Mini Sailor Moon Sailor Moon
Earth oval, Blue Planet 75% water Space
Sailor Mars, Sailor Mars appearance at SMC Sailor Moon Crystal
Luna, Luna is shocked at Usagi's behavior Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon chibi, Usagi/Serena as Sailor Moon Sailor Moon
Little Usagi Chibi, Sailor Moon
Usagi Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon
Sailor Senshi, Every of the main sailor plus Chibiusa Sailor Moon Crystal
Moon Film Avatar, Avatar for "Moon". "Moon" is a 2009 British science fiction drama film directed by Duncan Jones and starring Sam Rockwell. Moon
Sailor Moon, Avatar of Usagi/Serena as Sailor Moon Sailor Moon
Chibi Moon, Chibi Moon in her small lady dress, reaching for Pegasus Sailor Moon
A New Dawn, i dream of space Space
Harvest Moon Animal Parade - Molly & Finn, One of the two female characters that you can choose in Harvest Moon Animal Parade, and the little spirit Finn Harvest Moon
Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon avatar Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon
Harvest Moon - Pete, The classical character from Harvest Moon, the farmer called Pete Harvest Moon