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TV Show: Trinity Seven

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In this "romantic comedy but sometime serious magical school story," life as Arata Kasuga knows it is wiped out by a bizarre incident known as "Collapse Phenomenon," which causes worldwide destruction and takes his...
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Found 13 Trinity Seven Avatars
Levi Kazama, Levi Kazama is a ninja and the Trinity Seven of Invidia, as well as a student at the Royal Biblia Academy. As a user of Shamanic Spells, she is considered to be one of world's top three fighters, becoming one of Arata's earliest allies. Trinity Seven
Blushing Mira, Animated avatar of Mira Yamana blushing with Arin standing behind her. She is the Head of Grimoire Security and one of the Trinity Seven. Trinity Seven
Arata Kasuga, Avatar of Arata Kasuga smiling slightly with white background. Arata Kasuga is the Magic King of the Superbia archive and main protagonist of the series. Trinity Seven
Lilith Asami Avatar, Lilith is a teacher at the Magic Academy, Lillith possess the ability to manipulate magical energy into her "Thema," a sort of basic will that she uses to create an effect. Trinity Seven
Yui Kurata, Yui Kurata with shining background Trinity Seven
Levi Kazama, Levi grinning Trinity Seven
Liselotte Sherlock, Liselotte Sherlock licking her finger Trinity Seven
Akio Fudo, Akio Fudo smiling confidently Trinity Seven
Mira Yamana, Mira Yamana looking cold Trinity Seven
Kannazuki Arin, Kannazuki Arin staring coldly Trinity Seven
Lillith Asami, Lillith Asami as shown in EP1 Trinity Seven
Trinity Pointing a Gun, Carrie-Ann Moss playing Trinity. The Matrix
Trinity Avatar, Trinity wearing a black cloak. The Matrix