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By manal_sara on Jun, 4 2015 | See all reviews by manal_sara
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fun and laugh
By feelinglesslife on Mar, 14 2015 | See all reviews by feelinglesslife
The dub version for me certainly is much better than the Japanese version for this anime. It\'s funny and often warms your heart. Even the characters you hate you end up loving because they add to what Baka & Test is all about. Though I was confused about certain characters\' relationships with one another in this season, I am happy that all the kids who are within the same group still rely on one another to succeed in competitions in order to maintain their status among the school\'s other ranks. But this series is more than just people and test scores and status. It is about people beating the odds when things seem hopeless and learning how to work together to succeed as a team while there are some who don\'t believe in other peoples\' capabilities. As stated before, it is a heartwarming series and people learn how to appreciate those who play on the same losing side with them but that doesn\'t matter when ultimately, only they can count on each other to be there for them in thei
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Funniest comedy anime I have ever watch
By ruphine on Jan, 10 2015 | See all reviews by ruphine
Graphic : 9.2/10
Sound : 9.4/10
Story : 9.7/10
Character : 10/10
Enjoyment : 9.9/10

The characters have different and unique personality. And it is how it can be so funny. The funny thing is on different level than any other comedy anime. You can see very clearly a discrimination between classes.
The fan service jokes are also funny, the pervert character especially Muttsurini has the best reaction.
The story itself are also nice, it has very well arranged romance story that touches my heart.
And if you like strategy-psychological like anime, it is the best one. The battle teach me that the stronger not always be the winner. See how the weakest class fight with a smart and funny strategy to fight the other classes.

Watch this anime, and you will be laughing hard in every episode by the stupidity of Akihisa and friends...
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Comedy mixed Romance ultra FUN!
By Zetsabre on Dec, 18 2014 | See all reviews by Zetsabre
The story centers around someone that have a title "baka" (stupid).His academy rigidly divides up the student body into classes based on the results of tests. There are 6 class and for example class A with all complete and superior facility, meanwhile class b get lower facility, and the worst facility is F class.
The school happens to have developed experiments to summon fantasy creatures, and F class rally to take on the higher-tiered classes and seize their perks. The F class uses the summoned creatures in an all-out battle for school supremacy.
Will they success to get a better class and promoted even to Class A? if you want to know u must watch this one!

Anyway this Anime is totally FUN to Watch for all, with nice graphic and effect it makes everything is perfect~

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