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Genres Action Adventure Animation Fantasy Anime
From creator, Tite Kubo, comes the story of a world where death lurks impalpable to an everyday human's eyes. Ichigo Kurosaki, along with his family, runs a local clinic. Ichigo has the unusual ability to see poltergeists but rather than react with surprise he merely sees it as an annoyance. Ichigo helps those when he cares but can't bring himself to care enough... until one fateful day. A small, mysterious woman appears on duty inside his room, a Soul Reaper known as Rukia. Soon enough Ichigo and Rukia get formal in the oddest of ways and in such an untimely matter the losses begin. The Kurosaki family is soon attacked. This leads Ichigo on his first step to accepting the roles and responsibility's a Soul Reaper must uphold.
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Bleach episode list

Season 1 Episode List

1x1 The Day I Became a Shinigami aired: Tuesday Oct 5, 2004
Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenage boy who can see ghosts, helps a young girl ghost when some skateboarders knock over a vase offering for her. The next day Ichigo sees the young girl being chased by a big monster called a Hollow. Ichigo goes to help the girl but when the girl is just about to be eaten, a female Soul Reaper, Rukia Kuchiki, appears and saves them. That night Rukia visits Ichigo's room and is surprised when she realizes she is visible to him. While they are conversing a Hollow appears and terorizes Ichigo's family and household. After receiving a terrible injury from the Hollow, Rukia makes a final attempt to save her life, as well as that of the Kurosaki family and transfers her powers to Ichigo so he can save his family.
1x2 A Shinigami's Work aired: Tuesday Oct 12, 2004
After the previous night's attack, Ichigo decides to check up on his family and finds that they do not remember anything that happened. In school, Ichigo meets the Soul Reaper from the night before, Rukia Kuchiki; she is posing as an exchange student until her powers return. Rukia tells Ichigo that he must take her place as a Soul Reaper for now. Later when attacking a Hollow, Ichigo recognizes the Hollow as Orihime Inoue's older brother.
1x3 The Older Brother's Wish, the Younger Sister's Wish aired: Tuesday Oct 19, 2004
Orihime and her friend Tasuki are being attacked by a Hollow who was once Orihime's brother. Ichigo shows up and begins fighting with him. Orihime's brother is also struggling to gain control. Orihime is almost killed but her soul remains attached to her chain. Finally Orihime's brother gains control long enough to say one last goodbye to his sister before Ichigo sends his soul off to the Soul Society.
1x4 Cursed Parakeet aired: Tuesday Oct 26, 2004
Ichigo's friend Chad finds a bird that is rumored to bring bad luck. Chad takes the bird in anyway because he has a soft spot for animals. Ichigo's sister Karin finds out that the bird is really the soul of a young boy whose mother was killed. The boy is now being hunted by a Hollow. Karin makes Ichigo promise that he will save the boy.
1x5 Beat the Invisible Enemy! aired: Tuesday Nov 2, 2004
Rukia and Chad are fighting the Hollow who was hunting the young boy's soul. Chad cannot see the Hollow but he can sense it and attacks it. Rukia can see the Hollow, but since she still has none of her Soul Reaper powers her attacks have no effect. A little while into the fight Ichigo appears and starts fighting the Hollow. When Ichigo defeats this Hollow it is sent to Hell and not the Soul Society because the soul slayer can only cleanse sins after death not ones during life.
1x6 Fight to the Death! Ichigo vs. Ichigo aired: Tuesday Nov 9, 2004
Rukia purchases a temporary soul at Urahara's store for Ichigo to use when she is not around and he needs to fight a Hollow. What Rukia does not realize is that what she purchased isn't a normal temporary soul; it is a modified soul with special powers created by the Soul Society. When this modified soul takes Ichigo's place it decides to have a little fun in Ichigo's body and refuses to give it back to Ichigo.
1x7 Greetings from a Stuffed Toy aired: Tuesday Nov 16, 2004
While Ichigo is fighting with the modified soul Rukia gets a message on her spirit phone about a nearby Hollow. Ichigo and the mod soul then defeat the Hollow together. Shortly after this happens Urahara removes the mod soul from Ichigo's body. Instead of getting the mod soul destroyed Ichigo places it in a stuffed animal and gives it the name Kon.
1x8 June 17, a Memory of Rain aired: Tuesday Nov 23, 2004
On the anniversary of his mother's death Ichigo and his family visit her grave. While he is there Ichigo remembers the day his mother died. Rukia is found by a Shinigami who asks her why she hasn't returned to the soul society. Ichigo accidentally tells him that he is her substitute Shinigami; which happens to be a felony. Meanwhile Ichigo's sisters are being attacked by a Hollow.
1x9 Unbeatable Enemy aired: Tuesday Nov 30, 2004
Ichigo finds out that the Hollow attacking his sisters is the same Hollow that killed his mother 5 years earlier. This Hollow is called the Grandfisher and has evaded the Shinigami for over 50 years. Because of the fact that this Hollow killed his mother to defend his pride Ichigo must fight it alone.
1x10 Assault on Trip at Sacred Ground! aired: Tuesday Dec 7, 2004
Don Kan'onji, the star of a show that specializes in spirit exorcism, comes to Ichigo's town to do a live show. Kan'onji thinks he is exorcising an earth bound spirit but instead he turns it in to a Hollow. Now he must rely on Ichigo help to defeat it.
1x11 The Legendary Quincy aired: Tuesday Dec 14, 2004
Rukia gets a message on her pager about a nearby Hollow. When Rukia and Ichigo arrive at the place the where Hollow was supposed to be they find out that it had already been defeated. This happens once again but this time shortly afterwards a man who calls himself a Qunicy confronts them. Rukia goes to the Urahara shop to learn more about what a Qunicy is. She learns that a Qunicy is a person that kills Hollows. But the way a Qunicy defeats a Hollow is different; they totally destroy a Hollow while a Shinigami only "cleanses" its soul.
1x12 A Gentle Right Arm aired: Tuesday Dec 21, 2004
Uuryu and Ichigo have a contest to see who can destroy the most Hollows after Uuryu releases his Hollow bait. Meanwhile Chad is being pursued by a Hollow because he has spiritual powers. He runs into Ichigo's sister Karen and must protect her and her friends from the Hollow with his powerful right arm.
1x13 Flower and Hollow aired: Tuesday Dec 28, 2004
Orihime and her friends are being attacked by a hollow who can shoot seeds that control people from its head. Orihime realizes that she has a spiritual power where she can control six small fairy like beings. She uses this power to defeat the hollow. Later Orihime and Chad are taken to Urahara Kisuke's store where they are told about Shinigami and Hollows. Meanwhile Uuryu is starting to believe that something larger is going on because his Hollow bait shouldn't have attracted so many Hollows.
1x14 Back to Back, a Fight to the Death! aired: Tuesday Jan 11, 2005
Rukia tells Ichigo why the Shinigami defeated the Quincy 200 years earlier. Ichigo confronts Uuryu with this knowledge while they are fighting the Hollows. This makes Uuryu remember how his Sensei died. While reminiscing Ichigo and Uuryu notice they are surrounded by Hollows and must work together to defeat them. While they are fighting Urahara and his friends show up and defeat the Hollows. Now Ichigo and Uuryu can concentrate on the Menos, a gigantic Hollow formed from hundreds of Hollows, which just appeared in the sky.
1x15 Kon's Great Plan aired: Tuesday Jan 18, 2005
Kon's on a mission. And this mission involves getting love from the ladies. Too bad for this stuffed lion, as everything he hopes for gets flipped upside down and around. Also, Urahara gets a strange visit from an even stranger black cat. One that knows him well enough to see through his faux attitude.
1x16 The Encounter, Renji Abarai! aired: Tuesday Jan 25, 2005
The feelings Rukia have been experiencing of late drive her to run away. But she doesn't get far, as two familiar Shinigami come forth to claim her. Lucky for her the Quincy, Ishida Uryuu, was about the night-covered streets. And lucky for her Ichigo arrives. But Rukia's luck can only take her so far.
1x17 Ichigo Dies! aired: Tuesday Feb 1, 2005
Ichigo continues his duel with Renji. He has underestimated this Shinigami one too many times. When overwhelmed he is driven into a corner. And as the killing blow is about to be met, the calm Byakuya steps in. Only problem is... he's too swift for you to notice before you're impaled.
1x18 Reclaim! The Power of the Shinigami aired: Tuesday Feb 8, 2005
With Rukia's leaving, everyone's memory seems to have vanished as well. Only those who will be key players later have been able to remember. Ichigo needs training and luckily with school out, Urahara Kisuke will put him through some hardships.
1x19 Ichigo Becomes a Hollow! aired: Tuesday Feb 15, 2005
Ichigo trains with Urahara. He is underground trapped in the hole with 72 hours left until his life chain will come to its end. Held by a binding spell, he waits while Jinta and Ururu tease him. When his chain is no more, he goes though the process of becoming a Hollow. In his mind Ichigo finds that he has to find the shinigami box or he will become a Hollow. After he finds the box he comes out of the hole a semi-hollow, semi-shinigami. He breaks the mask and Urahara moves on to the third lesson: defeat Urahara.
1x20 Ichimaru Gin's Shadow aired: Tuesday Feb 22, 2005
Ichigo finishes his training with Urahara and learns how to control his Soul Slayer. Seven days after his training is complete Ichigo, Orihime, Chad and Uuryu prepare to leave for the Soul Society with Yoruichi-san as their guide.

Season 2 Episode List

2x1 Enter! The World of the Shinigami aired: Tuesday Mar 1, 2005
Ichigo and the others enter the Soul Society after making it past the Capturing Thrust. Now they must find a way to enter the place where the shinigami live. One way to enter is to pass through the Gate of Pure Spirits. One problem though; Jidanbou, a man of Herculean strength, is guarding the entrance.
2x2 The Man Who Hates Shinigami aired: Tuesday Mar 8, 2005
After 3rd squad captain Ichimaru Gin prevents Ichigo and his friends from getting past the gate they must find another way in. In the meantime Orihime uses her powers to heal the injured Jidanbou and Chad meets up with the young boy he and Ichigo previously saved from a Hollow. Later Yoruichi suggests they find her old friend Shiba Kuukaku and ask her for help. Then Ganju, a strange man who rides a boar, shows up and picks a fight with Ichigo.
2x3 The Sentence of Rukia, Before the 14th Day aired: Tuesday Mar 15, 2005
Rukia is told there are 14 more days left until her execution and is moved into the Shrine of Penitence. Meanwhile Ichigo and the others enter the strange house of Shiba Kuukaku. After Yoruichi tells Kuukaku where they need to go she decides to help them. Kuukaku then calls on her younger brother to watch over them and when he enters the room Ichigo recognizes him as Ganju from the night before.
2x4 Assemble! The 13 Divisions aired: Tuesday Mar 22, 2005
Ichigo and gang learn that the only way to infiltrate soul society is to burst into the top of the barrier with a spirit powered cannonball. Meanwhile, in soul society, all the death god divisions prepare to assemble for some urgent news. Anyways, everyone in the group but Ichigo learns to concentrate their spirit power to create the spirit cannonball. But, Ichigo doesn't give up on trying.
2x5 Penetrate the Centre With an Enormous Bombshell? aired: Tuesday Mar 29, 2005
Ichigo finally learns to concentrate his spirit energy. They learn that Ganju will be going with them since he has to chant a spell to help them break into the barrier. He also reveals to them the secret about his brother. They then blast off towards the barrier and prepare for impact. But, it seems that they may be separated after the impact.
2x6 Formation! The Worst Tag aired: Tuesday Apr 5, 2005
When the group penetrates the barrier with the cannonball they end up being separated. Ichigo and Ganju end up together. When they land they are confronted by two Shinigami. Ganju runs away but Ichigo decided to stay and fight.
2x7 Release the Death Blow! aired: Tuesday Apr 12, 2005
The battle between Ikkaku and Ichigo soon comes to an end. Meanwhile, Ishida and Inoue are chased by more than a handful of deathgods and Ganju still has to handle Yumichika.
2x8 Orihime is Being Targeted aired: Tuesday Apr 19, 2005
As Ichigo tries to find Ganju to try to help him, he gets found by a few death gods who starts to chase him. Ganju is still facing off against Yumichika. Meanwhile, Ishida and Inoue come across a deathgod of their own. The deathgod decides to fight Inoue but Ishida decides that he's not gonna let that happen.
2x9 The Awakening Lion aired: Tuesday Sep 20, 2005
With the popularity of his show going down Don Kan'onji decides to reform the Karakura team. The first one he recruits is Kon. Then Ururu, Jinta and Yuzu end up joining them. After receiving some abuse from the others Kon runs away and ends up being captured by a Hollow.
2x10 Renji's Confrontation aired: Tuesday May 3, 2005
After finding out that Ichigo wants to save Rukia, Hanatarou decides to help them out. Meanwhile, the other deathgods gets informed of all the casualties they've had so far. They soon get close to the Shrine of Penitence and they get confronted by Abarai Renji, who then starts a fight with Ichigo.
2x11 The Resolution to Kill aired: Tuesday May 10, 2005
Ichigo's battle between Renji gets serious, but Ichigo will never give up on his journey to rescue Rukia. Ichigo starts to remember his training with Urahara. His training with Urahara helps him find out ways of finding weaknesses for certain attacks. His training also reveals the resolve that he should have that would help him beat Renji.
2x12 Stars and the Stray aired: Tuesday May 17, 2005
After the confrontation with Ichigo, Renji is left seriously injured and unable to fight. In a sort of "life-flashing-before-his-eyes" way, Renji reminisces his past in Rukongai, training as a Shinigami, but most importantly the factors that lead to Renji and Rukia's strange but somehow still close relationship. This sentimental episode features Renji and Rukia. (A little bit of Ichigo is thrown in to 'ground' the episode in the present.)
2x13 Miracle! The Mysterious New Hero aired: Tuesday May 24, 2005
Ichigo's two sisters find a cat and decide to adopt him and call him Raku. Both of them meet the celebrity Kan'onji who is searching for a sidekick (Karakura red). On their way they meet Urahara's two assistants who want to be Kan'onji's sidekicks as well. They then discover that Raku died a long time ago in an accident related to Ichigo's younger sister, Yuzu, and that now Raku is hunted by hollows. After fighting the hollows and almost losing to them, Raku shows his true form - a great lion, or as called by Kan'onji - "Karakura Lion Jet". After defeating the hollows, Raku disappears and accepts his death.
2x14 Tragedy of Dawn aired: Tuesday May 31, 2005
Aftermath of the battle between Renji and Ichigo!
2x15 Assassination of Aizen! The Darkness Which Approaches aired: Tuesday Jun 7, 2005
Captain Aizen is found dead by his vice captain Hinamori-kun. Filled with anger and sadness, and based on something she heard earlier, Hinamori accuses captain Ichimaru of killling her captain, and attacks him. Ichimaru's vice captain defends him. The fight is stopped when Hinamori and the other vice captain are taken to detention. Meanwhile, Ichigo is feeling much better thanks to Hanataro who cured him with his powers. After that Ichigo and his friends go to the tower to save Rukia, but unknowingly someone with great power is waiting to destroy them.
2x16 Kenpachi Zaraki Approaches! aired: Tuesday Jun 14, 2005
As Ichigo, Ganju, and Hanatarou makes their way up the stairs, towards the Shrine of Penitence, they feel an immense amount of spirit force near them. Also, Hinamori, who was locked up, receives a note written by Captain Aizen, which reveals a stunning secret. Meanwhile, Ichigo, Ganju, and Hanatarou try to run away from this spirit force but it seems that they can't break away from it. 11th Squad Captain, Zaraki Kenpachi, then reveals himself. Ichigo realizes that Zaraki is the one that was placing that huge spirit force on them. Ichigo tells Ganju and Hanatarou to go ahead and save Rukia while he deals with Zaraki.
2x17 Reason of the Fist aired: Tuesday Jun 21, 2005
While Chad continues his search for the place where Rukia is held at, he encounters the 8th squad captain, Kyouraku Shunsui, who tells him where his power of the fist is coming from, and that if he will continue any farther it will take his life. Chad then remembers the reason he came to the Soul Society and the promise he made to his grandfather about his power. He also remembers the day he met Ichigo and what they promised to each other.
2x18 Desperation! The Broken Zangetsu aired: Tuesday Jun 28, 2005
During his fight with Zaraki Kenpachi, Ichigo senses that Chad's life is fading away, and tries to end the battle quickly to be able to help his friends. After trying to fight Zaraki eqaully, in the end Ichigo loses the fight and with his soul slayer, Zangetsu ,brokened, things dont look promising to Ichigo, but apparently not everything is hopeless as in the end of the episode Zangetsu appears in front of Ichigo.
2x19 The Man of Immortality aired: Tuesday Jul 5, 2005
After being defeated by Zaraki Kenpachi and with his sword broken, Zangetsu takes Ichigo into his Inner world, where Ichigo must win Zangetsu back from his inner devil. After fighting him Ichigo then understands that just like Zaraki, he as well was only counting on himself and was using Zangetsu only as a tool without relying on Zangetsu's power. He asks Zangetsu for a second chance, and gets it. He then returns to Soul society to fight Zaraki again, this time with Zangetsu as his ally, but just as things look promising to Ichigo, Zaraki starts fighting him with full power. Ichigo then lends Zangetsu's power for the last blow, which will decide everything.
2x20 The Shinigami Whom Ganju Met aired: Tuesday Jul 12, 2005
The match between Zaraki and Ichigo comes to an end. Meanwhile, Ganju and Hanatarou arrive at the Shrine of Penitence and meet Rukia. Although, it seems that Ganju and Rukia have met before but, that's not their only problem.
2x21 Reunion, Ichigo and Rukia aired: Tuesday Jul 19, 2005
When Byayaku comes to Rukia's cell, he finds out that she is being rescued. In an attempt to kill them, Ichigo comes flying in and saving the day. Will he succeed?

Season 3 Episode List

3x1 Yoruichi, Master of Speed, Dances! aired: Tuesday Jul 26, 2005
Yoruichi escapes with Ichigo, but Byayka doesn't want that to happen. Meanwhile, the other two in the group, Orihime and Uuyru, befalls another story.
3x2 The Despicable Shinigami aired: Tuesday Aug 2, 2005
Orihime and Ishida find themselves against a captain who knows Ishida's race inside out! Are they in a pickle now?
3x3 Ishida, Limits of Power! aired: Tuesday Aug 9, 2005
In conclusion to the battle between a captian and a quincy, Ishida must unleash a power that threatens to lose all of his quincy powers!
3x4 Overcome the Limits! aired: Tuesday Aug 16, 2005
Ishida is down, but Ichigo and Zangetsu are fighting for Ichigo to unleash his Bankai!
3x5 Authentic Records! School of Shinigami aired: Tuesday Aug 23, 2005
There is flashback with Abarai Renji, Hinamori Momo, and Izuru Kira training for there first years as Shinigami. As the training ends for these three, the entire class is attacked by big hollow. It takes out two of the 6th year Shinigami trainiees and leaves Hisagi Syuuhei by himself. Renji, Momo, and Kira go to save him. They run until they are all four are pinned down, by a lot of huge hollows. As the hollow is about to strike Vice Captian Ichimaru Gin and Captain Aizen Sousuke save them.
3x6 The Avengers aired: Tuesday Aug 30, 2005
After Hinamori escapes the cell she was held at, she is headed towards 10th Division Captain - Hitsugaya Toushirou. It is then revealed that in the letter Aizen left her before he was found dead, he told her that the true intention behind the execution of Rukia is to get the power of the execution blade, which originally has the power of a million soul slayers, but during the execution itself the blade is as 10 times more powerful than the original state. In the letter it also says the name of the one behind the whole plot: 10th Division Captain - Hitsugaya Toushirou. Hitsugaya, who doesn't understand how could Aizen write such things about him, defends against Hinamori, and then goes after Ichimaru, who watched the whole thing. Meanwhile, Ichigo completes day one of his training and is getting prepared for the 2nd day.
3x7 Hitsugaya Roars! aired: Tuesday Sep 6, 2005
The battle between Hitsugaya and Ichimaru Gin begins. After a short sword battle, Hitsugaya releases his soul slayer, and charges at Ichimaru with full power. Ichimaru then fires his Soul Slayer, Shinsou, at Hitsugaya and then at Hinamori. Hitsugaya's vice-captain appears and saves Hinamori. She asks Ichimaru to stop fighting and he vanishes. Meanwhile, the captains, vice-captains and Rukia find out that Rukia's execution was moved again and will take place in 29 hours. Ichigo starts his 2nd day of training when Renji breaks into the training area and tells that Rukia's execution will be at noon tomorrow, and starts training to achieve Ban Kai himself. Rukia then remembers the day Kaien was killed.
3x8 Rukia's Nightmare aired: Tuesday Sep 13, 2005
Rukia remembers that painful night where she has to kill Vice Captain Shiba Kaien of the 13th division.
3x10 Morning of the Sentence aired: Tuesday Sep 27, 2005
Zaraki Kenpachi, captain of the 11th squad, is running though the Soul Society with Orihime and Yachiru on his back. They come crashing through the ceiling of the prison cell that holds Ishida, Chad and Ganju and free them. After getting lost agian in the Soul Society, Zaraki runs into Captain Tousen and Captain Komamura and their vice capitains. Tousen asks Zaraki why he is helping the ryoka and instead of answering him, Zaraki challenges them to a fight. Meanwhile back in the cavern, Renji finishes his training and asks Yoruichi if Ichigo can achieve Ban Kai in time.
3x11 Renji, Oath of the Soul! Death Match with Byakuya aired: Tuesday Oct 4, 2005
Abarai Renji runs toward the site of Rukia execution hoping to save her. He is stopped by Kuchiki Byakuya, his captain and Rukia's brother. Byakuya refuses to let him pass and attacks. During the fight Renji releases his Ban-Kai; but can it be enough to defeat Byakuya?
3x12 Ichimaru Gin's Temptation, Resolution of Destruction aired: Tuesday Oct 4, 2005
Zaraki Kenpachi is still fighting with Tousen and Komamura. Tousen asks Komamura to step aside; he will fight Zaraki by himself. Tousen immediately initiates his Ban-Kai surrounding himself and Zaraki in a gianatic black sphere where only Tousen has use of his senses. Can Zaraki win this fight even though he cannot rely on his senses?
3x13 An Accomplished Oath! Get Back Rukia! aired: Tuesday Oct 18, 2005
The excution of Kuchiki Rukia is starting to happen. As other captains are preparing to for the excution and Ichigo is still in his Ban-Kai training; Will Rukia be saved?
3x14 The Strongest Shinigami! Ultimate Confrontation Between Teac aired: Tuesday Oct 25, 2005
While fighting with Ichigo, Captain Kuchiki Byakuya asks him why he wants to save Rukia. Ichigo responses by asking Byakuya why he doesn't want to save her. Later, after running away from the execution area, Ukitake Jyuushiro, 13th division captain, and Kyouraku Shinsui, 8th division captain, prepare to face off against the Commander of the Gotei 13, Yamamoto Genryuusai. Upset because the others have turned against him, Yamamoto releases his Soul Slayer and begins his attack.
3x15 Supersonic Battle! Determine the Goddess of Chivalry aired: Tuesday Nov 1, 2005
Yoruichi fights with her former student, second division captain, Soi Fong.
3x16 One Thousand Cherry Blossoms, Crushed! Zangetsu Thrusts Thro aired: Tuesday Nov 8, 2005
While they are still fighting Soi Fong asks Yoruichi how she is still so powerful. This invokes a flashback showing how Soi Fong and Yoruichi first met and became close friends. Then, in the flashback, Yoruichi disappeared without telling Soi Fong anything, leaving her feeling betrayed. Meanwhile, the battle between Ichigo and Captain Kuchiki Byakuya of the 6th division continues. While fighting, Ichigo uses a new technique with his soul slayer called: Getsuga Tenshou.
3x17 Unseal! The Black Blade, the Miraculous Power aired: Tuesday Nov 15, 2005
The fight between Ichigo and Kuchiki Byakuya continues.
3x18 Conclusion of the Death Match! White Pride and Black Desire aired: Tuesday Nov 22, 2005
The conclusion of the fight between Ichigo and Byakuya. Ichigo first appears to be at a disadvantage until his Hollow mask takes over and gives him the edge against Byakuya.
3x19 Truth of Despair, the Dagger That Has Been Brandished aired: Tuesday Dec 6, 2005
After finding everyone dead in the Central 46 Chambers, Hitsugaya realizes that all of the most recent orders have been fake. Then, later he finds out who is the real mastermind behind the recent events in the Soul Society.
3x20 Aizen Stands Out! His Terrifying Ambition aired: Tuesday Dec 13, 2005
Unohana Retsu, Captain of the 4th division, and her vice captain Kotetsu Isane tell the others in the Soul Society what they had just learned about Aizen. Upon hearing the message, Ichigo realizes that Aizen wants to kill Rukia. Can he save her?
3x21 Congress Together! The Strongest Shinigami Organization aired: Tuesday Dec 20, 2005
Aizen gets the Hougyoku out of Rukia. Can the soul society stop Aizen, Gin, and Tousen? Or will they make a clean get away?
3x22 Rukia's Resolution, Ichigo's Feelings aired: Tuesday Jan 10, 2006
After a recap of the Soul Society Arc, the aftermath of Aizen's departure is shown.

Season 4 Episode List

4x1 New School Term, Renji Has Come to the Material World?! aired: Tuesday Jan 17, 2006
Renji comes to the Material world in his gigai. Also Orihime's brother returns or is it really him? The new villians appear, but who are they targeting?
4x2 Creeping Terror, the Second Victim aired: Tuesday Jan 24, 2006
Commander Yamamoto gathers the other captains and tells them about what is being done to find Aizen. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Ichigo and the others are looking for clues to find Orihime. They recieve a phone call from a girl; she wants them to play a game and if they win she says she will return Orihime to them.
4x3 Break Through! The Trap Hidden in the Labyrinth aired: Tuesday Jan 31, 2006
Ichigo, Ishida and Renji continue to play Rinrin's game. This time Rinrin wants them to play hide and seek in the museum.
4x4 Death Game! The Missing Classmate aired: Tuesday Feb 7, 2006
After they arrive at school; Rinrin tells Ichigo and the others about the next game. One of them is an imposter and they must find out who it is before noon or everyone in their school will disappear.
4x5 True Identity of the Devil, the Secret Which is Revealed aired: Tuesday Feb 14, 2006
RinRin, Cloud, Nova are on their final game. Orihime, Ishida, Renji, Kon and Ichigo make there attempt to save Chad. It turns out that Urahara has been the one behind it all, but then they find out there new enemies they must beat.
4x6 Baunt! The Soul Hunters aired: Tuesday Feb 14, 2006
RinRin senses the presence of a Baunt, who are the new villains, and tells Ichigo about it . He arrives on the scene and starts to fight with the female Baunt. Later, someone he doesn't expect comes to help him.
4x7 Return of Rukia! The Substitute Team Revival aired: Tuesday Feb 21, 2006
Rukia and Ichigo continue to fight with the female Bounto, Yoshino, unitl a male Bounto, Ryou,shows up and takes her away. Ichigo, Rukia, Chad and Orihime then go to Ichigo's room to discuss the Bounto and what they know so far, which isn't alot. The next day at school; RinRin senses the presence of a Bounto and Ichigo and the others go after it.
4x8 The Moment of Collision!! An Evil Hand Draws Near to the Qui aired: Tuesday Mar 7, 2006
While still fighting with Ryou, Ishida decided to trade himself for the life of an innocent woman. Suddenly, Yoshino appears and saves Ishida, taking him with her. Why did she help Ishida and what are her motives?
4x9 Water Attack! Escape from the Shutdown Hospital aired: Tuesday Mar 14, 2006
Ichigo and company keep an eye on Ishida at the hospital. When Ishida is attacked by two Bount who can control water, Ichigo and company try to break out of the closed hosiptal.
4x10 Gathering at the Place of Destiny! The Man Who Makes His Mov aired: Tuesday Mar 28, 2006
After escaping the hospital Ichigo and the others see that it is raining outside. Unfortunately this means they must continue fighting Hou and Ban, the two Bounts who control water.
4x11 Memories of an Eternally Living Clan aired: Tuesday Mar 28, 2006
Yoshino tells Ishida of her past with Jin, the leader of the Bount. Meanwhile Yachiru identifies one of the Bount as Ichinose, a former member of the 11th division.
4x12 Earth-Shattering Event at 11th Division! The Shinigami that aired: Tuesday Apr 4, 2006
Yoshino and Ishida are captured by a Bount named Koga and brought back to the Bount mansion. After the mod souls sense Ishida's spritual energy, Ichigo and the others go to the mansion to try and resue him.
4x13 Crashing Force! Friido vs. Zangetsu aired: Tuesday Apr 4, 2006
While at the mansion Ichigo fights against Ryou and his doll Friido. Meanwhile Rukia and the mod souls run into trouble when they meet up with Ichinose, a former member of the 11th division.
4x14 Vanishing Grudge! The Shinigami that Kenpachi Cut Down aired: Tuesday Apr 11, 2006
Ichigo seems to be having trouble fighting Ichinose when Jin steps in and offers for Ichigo join them since he likes his spirit. Then Ichinose remembers when Zaraki defeated his captain and how he met Jin.
4x15 Shocking Revelations for the Gotei 13 Divisions!! The Truth aired: Tuesday May 2, 2006
Mayuri shows some of the other captains the data he found on the Bount including data on a battle long ago between the Quincy and the Bount. Yoruichi tells Ichigo and the others about this information and they talk about it. While they are talking, Ganju shows up sensing Ichigo's depression about Jin. He and Renji then take Ichigo down to Urahara's underground training area to try and help Ichigo regain his confidence.
4x16 Yoshino's Decision of Death aired: Tuesday May 9, 2006
After leaving Urahara's place, Yoshino heads over to the remains of Bount mansion to confront Jin. While there Jin's explains that Yoshino doesn't know of her own importance to the Bount. Yoshino doesn't want anything to do with Jin's plan and decides to attack Jin, not caring whether she survives or not.
4x17 Assault from a Formidable Enemy! A Tiny Final Line of Defens aired: Tuesday May 16, 2006
Ririn and Claude think that Ichigo isn't taking the Bount threat seriously so they dress up in special suits created by Urahara that look like the new Bount dolls and stage a fake attack. When Ichigo and Rukia's attacks become too much for them they try to remove the suits but they won't come off. What will happen now?
4x18 Hitsugaya Moves! The Attacked City aired: Tuesday May 23, 2006
The Bount's new dolls have begun to attack living humans. When a team of shinigami from the covert ops can't seem to handle these dolls, Hitsugaya and a small group of others are sent down to the living world to help out. Meanwhile, Ichigo and the others still can't sense the Bount's whereabouts.
4x19 Ichigo vs. Daruku! The Appearance of the Faded Darkness aired: Tuesday May 30, 2006
While wearing Urahara's new Bount sensor Ichigo is drawn to a construction site where his friend Keigo is having his soul sucked out by a few of the new Bount dolls. Ichigo stops the dolls and saves Keigo. Then Koga and his doll, Daruku, show up and start to fight with Ichigo.
4x20 Grey Shadow, the Secret of the Doll aired: Tuesday Jun 6, 2006
While Ichigo is lying on the ground unable to move, Koga is reminded of the time Jin had him care for a young Bount named Cain. Meanwhile Rukia, Orihime and Cloud continue fighting against the female Bount, Yoshi.
4x21 Breaking Up of the Substitute Team? The Betrayal of Rukia aired: Tuesday Jun 13, 2006
The battle between Koga and Ichigo continues. Kira comes in and aids Ichigo in his battle aganist Koga and Daruku. Kira takes on Daruku while Ichigo tries to finish off Koga but can't. Koga then rethinks something and leaves. Yoshi conitunes her battle with Rukia, Orihime and Claude, until Mabashi comes in and starts to attack. He attacks Yoshi, and she runs just leaving him aganist Rukia, Orihime and Claude. How will they win this battle?
4x22 Battle of Tears! Rukia vs. Orihime aired: Tuesday Jun 13, 2006
The battle between Rukia and Orihime conitunes on. As Orihime struggles to attack Rukia, who is under the control of Mabashi's doll Rizu. There only seems to be one choice: kill Rukia. Shūhei Hisagi shows up to aid Orihime. How will Orihime, Claude and Shūhei Hisagi save Rukia and defeat Mabashi.
4x23 Rangiku Dances! Cut Down the Invisible Enemy aired: Tuesday Jun 20, 2006
Rangiku enters the real world and appears in front of Chad, Nova and Ururu. Soon enough they start fighting against the older Bount, Sawatari, and his doll Baura, who looks like a huge fish. Things become difficult when they realize that Baura has control over dimensions and can swallow an opponent whole sending them into another dimension.
4x24 Byakuya Assembles! The Gotei 13 Divisions Make Their Move aired: Tuesday Jul 4, 2006
Beginning where they left off in episode 86, Chad, Nova, and vice-captain of the 11th division, Matsumoto Rangiku, have one more plan to save Ururu from Baura. The plan works, but the second after, the Bounto decides he's had enough and vanishes. Meanwhile, in Soul Society, while third seat of the 10th division, Madarame Ikakku, is on watch, an invisible man invades Sereitei.
4x25 Annihilation of the Vice-Captains!? Trap in the Underground aired: Tuesday Jul 11, 2006
Ichigo and the gang regroup at Urahara's place. In the Soul Society Yamamoto tells Byakuya that his believes they have a traitor in their midst. Meanwhile Rangiku, Hisagi and Kira meet up with Yumichika in front of the Bount hideout. They enter the cave and run into some trouble when Ugaki and his doll Geselle set some traps for them.
4x26 Rematch?! Ishida vs. Nemu aired: Tuesday Jul 18, 2006
Nemu, the 12th division vice captain, appears in front of Ishida and begins to attack him. After confirming her believe that Ishida lost his powers she asks him if he desires power. Meanwhile Ichigo and the others enter the Bount cave and start to fight against Ugaki's doll Geselle.
4x27 Abarai Renji, Soul of Bankai! aired: Tuesday Jul 25, 2006
Ichigo and Renji continue through the Bountou's cave. As they see Yumichika, they try to save him. But Ugaki and his doll Geselle, attack. Ugaki shows his true doll's form, and starts to attack. Renji decides to fight alone, because of him seeing Yumichika suffering. He releases his ban-kai, and Ugaki starts to attack chickenly. Ugaki is told to hurry it up, because something is happening to Ishida.He tries to do his final attack, but Renji does a new move and hurts Geselle. Geselle freaks out and starts attacking randomly. Geselle turns on Ugaki and kills him, and both die. After all that is finished, Ichigo finds the Bountous. Jin wants to test his new powers as the other Bountou and Ichinose prepare the gate. Jin tells Ichigo their plan and why they want to go to the Soul Society.
4x28 Shinigami and Quincy! The Reviving Power! aired: Tuesday Aug 1, 2006
After knowing Kariya's real evil plan, Ichigo finally achieves Bankai in the real world. He and Kariya start fighting, but they are interrupted by Ishida's surprising entrance - along side with the gang (Chad, Inoue, and Rukia). Later on, it becomes clear why Kariya kidnapped Ishida at the beginning. Ishida does something surprising causing the Bountos to pass the portals to Soul Society, but he explains why. The episode ends with everyone deciding to follow the Bountos to Soul Society and defeat them there.

Season 5 Episode List

5x1 Enter the World of the Shinigami, Again aired: Tuesday Aug 8, 2006
Ichigo and the others go through the Soul Society trying to find the Bount who are causing the shinigami captains some trouble. Later Rukia meets an oppenent she recognizes well.
5x2 Assault of the Bounts! Chaos in the Gotei 13 Divisions aired: Tuesday Aug 15, 2006
Rukia battles a Bount, but without her Zanpaktou it wont be an easy battle.
5x3 Hitsugaya's Resolution! The Moment of Conflict Approaches aired: Tuesday Aug 22, 2006
Some of the Captains and Vice Captains check out what happened near the Shine of Repent. They figure out it was well placed bombs. As Jin goes to Kusajishi (79th) district to look for some people to over take the Soul Society.Koga and Ichinose help Jin battle people. Meanwhile, back at the Kuchiki mansion, they are healing up Rukia from the last fight. Ichigo, Ririn, Orihime and Claude are there. They ask for Byakuya's help, he refuses, telling them to go home. They head towards the Shiba's house, and Kuukaku hears news for Ganju friends. She makes them leave on boars, they get lost. Also Jin and his gang sense a spiritual pressure, and Jin goes out to investigate it because of its strength. He and Byakuya met and exchange words.
5x4 Byakuya Takes the Field! Dance of the Wind-Splitting Cherry aired: Tuesday Sep 5, 2006
Kariya starts to fight with Byakuya after running into him in the forest. During the fight it seems as if they are evenly matched. Meanwhile Koga recruits more men to the Bount's cause and Orihime, Chad and Ganju learn of the Bount's plan.
5x5 Ichigo - Byakuya - Kariya, Battle of the Three Extremes! aired: Tuesday Sep 12, 2006
Ichigo, Byakuya and Kariya contiune there battle. As they battle they are interupted by by Ran'tao. Koga comes and saves Kariya. Byakuya leaves to hunt him down. Ishida finds the battle ground, and then Ran'tao takes Ichigo and Ishida to explain about the Bount.
5x6 Hitsugaya Moves Out! Cut Down the Enemy in the Forest aired: Tuesday Sep 19, 2006
The battle with the Bount heats up as Hitsugaya attacks.
5x7 Clash! Zaraki Kenpachi vs. Ichinose Maki aired: Wednesday Oct 4, 2006
Just as the fight between Ichinose and the gang (including Ichigo and Captain Hitsugaya) begins, they are suddenly interrupted by someone very powerful. Ichinose finally fights his ultimate battle against Zaraki Kenpachi with all the power he's got, but after being struck with few reality checks, he's stuck with death.
5x8 Shinigami vs. Shinigami! The Uncontrollable Power aired: Wednesday Oct 11, 2006
The episode starts with Jidanbou (the gate's guard) being defeated and the rebels along with the bountos opening the gate of soul society. The bountos get rid of the rebels. Later, Ichigo and the gang follow. Though injured, Jidanbou opens the gate so the gang could pass through, Inoue stays behind to heal him. Kariya tells Mabashi and Yoshi to create a diversion in Soul Society and confuse the captains so he could start working on his plan. A meeting for the captains is held, and Hitsugaya is releaved from his position for the moment. Mabashi starts creating the diversion, and attacks squads, then he attacks Soi Fon.
5x9 Soi Fong Dies? The Last of the Secret Mobile Corps aired: Wednesday Oct 18, 2006
In this episode, Mabashi uses his doll to control the shinigamis and make them attack others. Captain Unahana tries to heal them but discovers that the only way to save those shinigamis is by capturing the puppet master (who is Mabashi). Mabashi poisons Soi Fong who weakens, and then leaves her to die. Mabashi comes back to torture Soi Fong more before she dies, but Soi Fong has a big surprise for him that ends his life. the episode ends with the old man from the bounto, with Baura as his doll, and Mayuri Sama meeting each other and getting ready to fight.
5x10 Mayuri's Bankai! Sawatari* Clash of the Demon aired: Wednesday Oct 25, 2006
Mayuri battles Sawatari and his doll Baura. Mayuri tries to tempt Sawatari to become a test subject. So Mayuri can get all the information on the Bount. Sawatari refuses and he is seems to have the edge over Mayuri, but Mayuri find the upper hand. Using his bankai, the battle between two gaint demons continues.
5x11 The Last Quincy! The Exploding Power aired: Wednesday Nov 8, 2006
Jin breaks into the bureacy of technology while Ishida begins his battle with the Bounto. Why did Jin break in? And who will win the battle between a Quincy and a Bounto?
5x12 Ishida, Exceeding the Limits to Attack! aired: Wednesday Nov 15, 2006
Ishida's battle with Yoshi contiunes and he is still struggling, but Ishida finds one thing that helps him in his battle by accident. Elsewhere in the Soul Society, the 1st, 4th, 7th and 8th division captains have a meeting to discuss how to beat Kariya. They also learn they have less then a day left.Well Koga and Kariya finally get back together and Koga starts to question Kariya plans. Kariya attacks Koga and thanks him for serving him all this years. Ukitake, finds something about Ran'Tao's work and Shunsui is now helping him looking up the information. Now Koga healed himself and is going to head somewhere, to hopefully stop Kirya.
5x13 10th Division's Death Struggle! The Release of Hyourinmaru aired: Wednesday Nov 22, 2006
Hitsugaya and Matsumoto, with the help of the 10th division, are pursuing Koga. Koga easily defeats several 10th division units before finally meeting and fighting captain Hitsugaya. Hitsugaya quickly overpowers Koga's doll, Daruku, freezing and shattering her. Koga then reveals an axe which he tells Hitsugaya is Daruku's core. Koga, now armed with Daruku's core, then proceeds to fight Hitsugaya. Soon, Koga's body appears to be unable to support the large amount of spirit power he's been absorbing throughout the fight. Koga manages to launch a final attack on Hitsugaya, and Hitsugaya slashes him in the stomach. Koga, dying, then briefly reveals his motives, "a future without war", and then falls to the ground, where he gets buried in ice left over from the preceding battle.
5x14 Kariya! Countdown to the Detonation aired: Wednesday Nov 29, 2006
Hitsugaya starts to rest up at his division base after his battle with Koga. He finds Ichigo and crew trying to heal up Ishida. The 10th division has a party to sooth things out. As Nanao tells Yamamoto about more about Jokaisho and Ran'tao. Then we learn more about Ran'tao past. As Ran'tao tries to stop Kariya from destorying he attacks with his wind power.
5x15 Life and Revenge! Ishida, the Ultimate Choice aired: Wednesday Dec 6, 2006
Kariya explains the background of his past as a Bounto and how the Shinigami betrayed and slaughtered all of his companions. As Kariya begins to attack Ran Tao, Ishida jumps and fights instead. After some really cool fight scenes, it becomes apparent that Ishida's battle accessory has reached its limit. Ran Tao manages to hold Kariya still long enough for Ishida to fire off a powerful. Ishida holds back and Kariya lives. Ran Tao's reiatsu goes out of control and Ishida absorbs all her spirit particles and fires them off in one shot toward the sky. This causes his accessory to break and Ishida once again loses his powers. Luckily Ran Tao survives and Ichigo arrives just in time to save the day.
5x16 The Swung-Down Edge! The Moment of Ruin aired: Wednesday Dec 13, 2006
As Ishida's power fail him, Kariya is about to finish him and Ran'tao off. Ichigo saves them and goes bankai and battles Kariya, they both release powerful attacks.As Ishida is taking Ran'tao away they run into Orihime, Chad and the Mod Souls. Hitsugaya and Matsumoto check up and Ran'tao tells them more about Jokaisho, that there is 10 more and the seal are rusty and it is going to take a lot of kidou to reseal them. Basically all captains and high ranked officers in the Gotei 13 are told to seal them right away.As this happens, Ichinose's finally works his way to where Ichigo and Kariya is battling and ask about Koga and the other Bount as he attacks Ichigo. Ichinose tries to talk Kariya, in his true goal that he really wanted. To fix the Soul Society so it would be a better place or he would kill him. Kariya doesn't care and attacks Ichinose. Kariya releases his doll Messer and the true battle starts.
5x17 The Wailing Bount! The Last Clash aired: Wednesday Dec 20, 2006
Ichigo and Kariya battles contiunes and ends. As the other shinigami's try to seal the other Jokaisho's. Ichigo's friends, including Byakuya show up at different times, but try not to cut into Ichigo's fight. Can Ichigo save the Soul Society or will Kariya's plans actually go through.
5x18 Ichigo and Rukia, Thoughts in the Revolving Sky aired: Thursday Jan 4, 2007
The aftermath of the Bount arc. Renji, Rukia and Ichigo started to think about Kariya and his goals, and how it somehow related to theirs lifes.

Season 6 Episode List

6x1 Reopening of the Substitute Business! The Terrifying Transfe aired: Wednesday Jan 10, 2007
Ichigo returns to the real world and is back in school. He meets up with his high buddies. His shinigami badge goes off and he runs out to slay a Hollow, along with Inoue and Chad. They talk about Ishida's lost powers and if he can get it back. As they run off a mysterious stranger appearances above Ichigo.Kon starts ranting how he wants out of his plushie form, and the badge goes off so Kon gets Ichigo's body. Meanwhile Ichigo slays the Hollow and meets Hirako Shinji a Visored. They talk about a hollow mask and a zanpakotou.Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city, Kon is attacked by the Grand Fisher, who's appearance has changed. As Ishida is attacked by Menos type hollow and trying to battle it, when some one helps Ishida. Who is it and why is he helping Ishida?
6x2 Shock! The Father's True Character aired: Wednesday Jan 17, 2007
Uryu Ishida and Kon are in trouble, being chased by Menos typed powered Hollows. They get help from someone they would have never expected to help them. Uryu is surprised that his helper was able to finish off the Menos type Hollow, in 3 hits.Kon is surprised who defends him, from the attack of the Grand Fisher who is now an Arrancar.
6x3 The Commencement of War, the Vizards and the Arrancars aired: Wednesday Jan 24, 2007
Isshin and Urahara talk about an upcoming war, where the Vizards, Arrancars, Soul Society, and the Earth will be in a battle that is upcoming. They all take off, because Ichigo is coming there way. Hirako is still trying to talk Ichigo into joining the group called Vizards, and isn't doing a good job, so Sarugaki Hiyori comes to make Hirako do his job, as Chad and Orihime follow him.
6x4 Prelude to the Apocalypse, the Arrancar Offensive! aired: Wednesday Jan 31, 2007
Life goes on for Ichigo, but he is way depressed over the Vizard thing and his Hollow taking over him. After hearing his Hollow saying he is going to take over him, Karin comes in and says she knows about Ichigo being a Shinigami. As she is telling this, two mysteriously strong spiritual powers shake the whole town, making Ichigo, Chad, and Orihime go check it out. It turns out to be two Arrancar's attacking, named Ulquiorra and Yami. Yami sucks out a lot of souls, in the town. Orihime and Chad get there first and Chad tries to fight Yami. Chad doesn't even put up a fight, and is injured really bad by one blow from Yami. Orihime heals him, and tries to fight Yami, and she is about to be killed by Yami when Ichigo shows up.
6x5 Reunion, Ichigo and Rukia aired: Wednesday Feb 7, 2007
Ichigo runs into trouble battle Yammi, and Ulquiorra watches the battle. Urahara and Yourichi come to aid, Ichigo and his friends, and they get the upper hand, when Ulquiorra decides to leave, because his mission for Aizen is done. Meanwhile, well everyone is healing. Ichigo gets really depressed because he couldn't save his friends from injuries. Well a surprise group comes to help him, from the Soul Society. They are there for battle the new threat, Arrancars.
6x6 Mission! The Shinigamis Who Came aired: Wednesday Feb 14, 2007
Rukia helps Ichigo over comes, his depression, from not being able to help his friends and getting beat up by the Arrancars. Afterwards the Shinigami group that came down to Earth for help the upcoming battle, tells Ichigo what kind of Menos they are battling.
6x7 The Evil Eye, Aizen Again aired: Wednesday Feb 21, 2007
Ulquiorra shows his report to Aizen and his fellow Arrancar by crushing his left eye. When Grimmjow questions why his didn't kill Ichigo, Uriquiorra explains Aizen's concerns about Ichigo's power. Later, Matsumoto talks to Orihime about why she has been so depressed recently.
6x8 Rukia's Battle Begins! The Freezing White Blade aired: Wednesday Feb 28, 2007
After the Arrancar arrive Ichigo finds Chad being overpowered and asks him to step back. After Rukia learns what he said, she asks him to do the same thing and shows him her true power. Meanwhile Keigo makes a deal with Ikkaku; After Ikkaku saves him from the Arrancar Keigo will provide him with a place to stay.
6x9 Ikkaku's Bankai! The Power that Breaks Everything aired: Wednesday Mar 7, 2007
Ikkaku continues his fight with the Arrancar. The Arrancar is forced to unshealth his Zanpakutou after Ikkaku hears his boast about having steel skin. Keigo asks why Yumichika doesn't help, and learns that Ikkaku is having fun fighting. Ikkaku is able to switch hands between scabbard and sword, surprising the Arrancar who thinks he uses simple tactics. Arrancar releases his Zanpukutou, Volcanica, and reveals his name, Edorad Leones (Arrancar Thirteen). Meanwhile, Grimmjow easily cripples Rukia, leaving only Ichigo. Edorad explains that the Arrancar's zanpakutou is the opposite of the Shinigami's and allows the Arrancar to reach their true forms. Ikkaku is blown off with a single strike of Volcanica. Yumichika calls Soul Society and requests special freezes around each Shinigami to protect nearby souls, in addition to preparations for Ikkaku's military funeral. Meanwhile, Ikkaku releases his shikai but is still smashed to the ground by Edorad. Edorad is about to finish of Ikkaku when the Shinigami releases his Bankai, Ryuumon Houzukimaru (Dragon's Crest, Demon Light). Ikkaku's Bankai is a strength type that gets stronger as it cuts or gets cut, shown by the dragon that turns red in his center blade.
6x10 Team Zaraki's Secret Story! The Lucky Men aired: Wednesday Mar 21, 2007
Ikkaku thinks back to the day, when he first met Zaraki Kenpachi and lost a sword battle with him. He wanted Zaraki to kill him, but Zaraki let him live so they could fight again another day. He hunts for Zaraki and finds out he is now a captain of the Soul Society.He and Yumichika, go there and join his squad. Ikkaku then starts training Renji who was just moved from the Aizen's division for fighting too much. Renji after the events of the Aizen's betrayal tries to talk Ikkaku in to becoming a captain, but Ikkaku tells him his resolve. The ending part of the Edorad and Ikkaku battles ends as both fall from the sky. But Edorad has more damage.
6x11 Hitsugaya Scatters! The Broken Hyourinmaru aired: Wednesday Mar 28, 2007
Hitsugaya, Renji, and Matsumoto contiune there battle and are struggling due to the limiters placed on them. Ririn, Cloud, Nova and Ururu try to help Renji, but are beaten down. Ururu gets II-Forte to release, due to her attacks.Shawlong explains how the Arrancar number system works. And how he thinks HItsugaya's bankai works. As this is happening Ichigo is not even denting Grimmjaw and is forced to use Bankai. Meanwhile Hitsugaya is having much problems with his opponent who is now in released form. Before things get really bad however, Matsumoto reciveves a call they seem to have been waiting for. The good news: no more limit on their power. The ending scene shows all three of them releasing massive amounts of reiatsu.
6x12 Clash! The Protector vs. the Bearer aired: Wednesday Apr 11, 2007
Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, and Renji beat the person they are battling with no problem. Basically killing them in one blow. Meanwhile Keigo, brings Ikkaku and Yumichika back to his home where his sister has been waiting for him to bring back that juice he went to get. His sister Mizuho gladly expects, because of Ikkaku bold head. Meanwhile Ichigo is still struggling to even hurt Grimmjow. Grimmjow starts beating the living heck out of Ichigo. Ichigo releases his black getsuga tenshô, but is afraid his hollow will take over. Tôsen comes and takes Grimmjow back to Hueco Mundo.
6x13 Vizard! The Power of the Awakened aired: Wednesday Apr 18, 2007
The episode begins in Hueco Mundo with Kaname having brought Grimmjow before Aizen due to his disobedience, and Gin's first appearance in awhile. Also, after the outcome of the battles with the Numeros classed Arrancar, each character reflects on the grim situation. Chad asks Urahara to train him so he can become more powerful, and Ichigo seeks out the Vizard who give him an ultimatum.
6x14 Ichigo, Complete Hollowification?! aired: Wednesday Apr 25, 2007
Ichigo and Hiyori face off, but Ichigo has a bit of trouble holding his own. Hiyori urges him to use his Bankai, but he refuses for the fear of the presence of his inner hollow taking over. Hiyori succeeds in drawing it out eventually, however, and Ichigo passes their test of strength to join the Vizard. The Vizard have Ichigo train endurance before teaching him how to subdue his inner hollow, but after acknowledging Ichigo's already advanced shinigami abilities Shinji takes the training into the next phase. The episode ends with Ichigo in his subconscious world facing off against his inner hollow.
6x15 Clash! The Black Bankai and the White Bankai aired: Wednesday May 2, 2007
Ichigo continues his inner struggle with his inner Hollow. As the battle continues he sees illusions of past foes defeated who impart him advice to renew his fighting spirit. Also, the Vizard begin taking turns battling against Ichigo's outer body, which has almost been completely taken over by his Hollow.
6x16 Urgent Report! Aizen's Terrifying Plan aired: Wednesday May 9, 2007
Ichigo finally regains his resolve to fight after a little blunt truth from Kenpachi, while Ichigo's outer body has been completely taken over by his Hollow and now battles Love. Before he is able to execute a cero blast, a high-level Hollow ability, Ichigo regains control after having won the fight against his inner Hollow. As the episode ends Aizen's true target is discovered to be the King's Key, a duplicate of which can be made only by extracting 100,000 souls from the spirit-enriched Karakura Town.
6x17 Uryuu vs. Ryuuken! Clash of the Parent-Child Quincys aired: Wednesday May 16, 2007
Hitsugaya speaks with Hinamori through the big-screen TV, who apologizes for falsely believing he could have assassinated Captain Aizen. Ichigo endurance trains his Hollow form with Hiyori, and Orihime finds the Vizard hideout and recaps him on Aizen's plans. Uryū's strength begins to waver and he does not know how much longer he can hold out against his father's relentless attacks, believing he might kill him with his next few. In desperation Uryū uses his last silver tube to try and seal his father's movements and end the training session.
6x18 Urahara's Decision, Orihime's Thoughts aired: Wednesday May 30, 2007
Urahara tells Orihime that he doesn't want her fighting in the upcoming war against Aizen, as her abilities are not built for the frontlines and they will have the fourth squad when it comes to first-aid relief. Hiyori brings Orihime back to the hideout at Hachi's behest, and he revives Tsubaki for her and also echoes Urahara's decision because he believes she has not the resolve to fight.
6x19 The Nightmare Arrancar! Team Hitsugaya Moves Out aired: Wednesday Jun 6, 2007
Matsumoto investigates a strange tune, only to find a young male plus being attacked by an Arrancar. After Ikkaku easily dispatches the Hollow they interrogate the child regarding the Arrancar that attacked him. As they are about to perform a soul burial, he insists he has something to finish before leaving the real world. The boy is granted a reprieve thanks to Matsumoto, and as he sneaks out at night with her Zanpakuto the Arrancar that they thought to be slain reappears before both the boy and Matsumoto.
6x20 The Swooping Descent of the Dark Emissary! The Propagation o aired: Wednesday Jun 13, 2007
The mysterious Arrancar has the ability to duplicate itself, and the team must find the original copy which sends messages to its duplicates in order to destroy it. They know it must somehow be connected to the strange tune. Shouta finds his sister, but she runs away back to the park without warning.
6x21 The Invisible Enemy! Hitsugaya's Merciless Decision aired: Wednesday Jun 20, 2007
Hitsugaya finds a discovery that helps them in the battle aganist the Arrancar they are battling that it can shapeshift into other souls. And they find out Yui is a clone of the Arrancar. Hitsugaya and group are trying to protect Shōta and figure out a plan to beat the Arrancar.
6x22 Rangiku's Tears, the Sorrowful Parting of Brother and Sister aired: Wednesday Jun 27, 2007
Matsumoto tries to get to Shōta as Yui tries to get him absorbed. Yui regains some control just as the psuedo-Arrancar who has been hiding in the shadows for all this time, makes an appearance, ambushing them with more clones and absorbing Yui. Will Matsumoto be able to hold off the Arrancar and protect Shōta long enough for Hitsugaya and the others to arrive and put an end to this monster?

Season 7 Episode List

7x1 Hitsugaya, Karin and Soccer Ball aired: Wednesday Jul 4, 2007
Karin is really upset about Ichigo leaving and accidentally kicks her ball into the street. Hitsugaya stops it from going in the street and Karin goes to her friends to their soccer field. Middle schoolers are using the field and refuse to let them on so they challenge them to a soccer game. While they're walking back, Karin sees Hitsugaya again and asks for his help.
7x2 Ikkaku's Hot-Blooded Kendo Tale aired: Wednesday Jul 11, 2007
Keigo's sister is the president of student council and challenges another school's Kendo team to a match. She asks Ikkaku to help her team win because the other school ambushed and injured all of the good team members. He accepts and trains all of the inexperienced freshman to be ready to fight the match. Most of the freshman are injured during training and Ikkaku has to ask the shinigami for help.
7x3 The Beautiful Patissier, Yumichika! aired: Wednesday Jul 18, 2007
Hanatarō of 4th Squad and Rin of the Technological Development Bureau are sent to the real world on a investigation of the Arrancar. They meet a cake chef who requests their help to fulfill his last wish. Things become complicated however, when a Menos Grande appears to crash the party.
7x4 Kon is Deceived! Rangiku on the Lookout.. aired: Wednesday Jul 25, 2007
A girl is drowning in a river near Rangiku and Kon. Rangiku removes Kon from his regular stuffed animal and throws him into the stuffed animal of the little girl drowning. Kon saves the girl and Rangiku leaves without him. Kon is stuck with the little girl and has to play with her. The little girl explains to him that her parents are no longer together and that her mother works a lot. Kon feels sorry for her and takes her to her old home. Once they arrive a hollow attacks and Kon has to face it in order to protect the little girl
7x5 Civil War in Hueco Mondo! Ulquiorra's Death aired: Wednesday Aug 8, 2007
An Arrancar named Patros is sick of serving Aizen, because he is a shinigami. He takes the Hougyoku and plans on using it to become King himself. Ulquiorra catches him, but Patros has friends and defeats Ulquiorra very easily. Patros goes to the real world and is in a hurry to find Urahara, to see how the Hougyoku works. He asks his friends to hold off Hitsugaya's gang, and they do. Meanwhile, Patros gets to Urahara's shop and begins battling Renji, because Urahara is away.
7x6 The Malicious Battle, Aizen's Trap aired: Wednesday Aug 22, 2007
Patros is still battling Renji, while in Hueco mundo Aizen returns to the where the Hougyoku was. Renji activates his bankai and Ririn, Kuroudo and Noba join the fight. But will that be enough to fight against Patros? Meanwhile, Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, Yumichika and Ikkaku are still fighting against the other two arrancars. Who will win and what will Aizen say about the Hougyoku?
7x7 Hueco Mondo Moves Again! Hitsugaya vs. Yammy aired: Wednesday Aug 29, 2007
Everyone is training to achieve stronger power for the upcoming Winter War. Rukia & Orihime are training there powers, Matsumoto & Yumichika are training for bankai, Renji is training to make Chad stronger and Ichigo is training his Vizard powers. In the midst of all this training, a group of Espada power level Arrancars attack the real world. They are Yammy, Luppi, Wonderwice and Grimmjow, which is run by Ulquiorra. They start there attack on Hitsugaya's group. Meanwhile, Rukia and Orihime try to get to real world. And Ichigo goes looking for Grimmjow. And Urahara goes to the battlefield.
7x8 Ichigo vs. Grimmjow, the 11-second Battle aired: Wednesday Sep 5, 2007
Ichigo continues his battle with Grimmjow, with his hollow mask, that is only going to last about 11 seconds. He has the upper hand too, until his mask breaks. Meanwhile, Hitsugaya is fighting Yammy, well Luppi is fighting Yumichika. Luppi gets bored and wants to fight all four and releases, beats Hitsugaya and fights Ikkaku, Matsumoto, and Yumichika at once, as things start to look bad Urahara comes in and saves them. Ulquiorra appears before Orihime and tells him that they she needs to come with him right now or her friends will be killed.
7x9 Ulquiorra's Scheme, the Moment When the Sun Sets aired: Wednesday Sep 12, 2007
After saving Rangiku from death, Urahara commences his fight with Yammy. Luppi continues his battle with the others and Hitsugaya manages to come and help them up. Meanwhile, Ichigo is struggling to fight Grimmjow after losing his mask. Rukia shows up to help but they are no match. All seems lost when help in the form of Hirako appears to help. The conclusion to the battle with the Espada begins!
7x10 Goodbye..., Kurosaki aired: Wednesday Sep 19, 2007
As the Soul Reapers recover from the battle with the Espada and Ichigo lies bandaged and asleep in bed, Orihime has to finish preparations to leave with Ulquiorra. She has 12 hours to get ready and she can only say goodbye to one person. She walks around town as she tries to decide who will be that one person she sees before she leaves them all behind.
7x11 Strict Order! The Forbidden Rescue of Inoue Orihime aired: Wednesday Sep 26, 2007
Ichigo wakes up and finds his hand healed. Realizing it was Orihime he is joined by Hitsugaya who tells him that something urgent has happened. Ichigo finds that Orihime has either been kidnapped or killed by an Arrancar. He says no because his hand was healed. Commander Yamamoto says that it means that she joined of her own will and is a traitor. He calls back Hitsugaya's group to Soul Society to prepare for the battle. Now alone, Ichigo must know find a way to get to Hueco Mundo by himself.
7x12 Grimmjow's Revival aired: Wednesday Oct 3, 2007
With Urahara's help the gateway is opened and Ichigo begins his journey to Hueco Mundo with Chad and Uryuu. Unbeknownst to Ichigo, they were followed by someone who Ichigo thought had been dealt with. In Hueco Mundo, Orihime is given tasks to demonstrate her power. If she is not able to complete them, then surviving among the Arrancar will not be a very easy task.
7x13 Ishida Chad, the Quickening of a New Power aired: Wednesday Oct 17, 2007
Ichigo. Uryuu and Chad arrive in Hueco Mundo to find themselves in strange building. They are able to survive and avoid most of the traps but they must then find a way out of the building and deal with the guards who are there to get rid of any trespassers who dare to enter. Finally, Chad and Uryuu's new powers will be tested in a real situation.
7x14 The Espada Gathers! Aizen's Royal Assembly aired: Wednesday Oct 24, 2007
Chad and Uryuu finish off their opponents and escape into the barren desert of Hueco Mundo. Aizen gathers the Espada together and informs them of the situation. Meanwhile, Ichigo and the others must survive the desert of Hueco Mundo and make it to Aizen's castle in one piece.
7x15 The Name is Nel! The Appearance of the Strange Arrancar aired: Wednesday Oct 31, 2007
Ichigo and the others intervene to save a little girl from 3 Hollows only to find that she is really an Arrancar named Nell. After a short episode, they are interrupted by the appearance of a Guardian who blocks their path to the castle. The guardian seems invulnerable to all their attacks until they get a helping hand from some friends
7x16 The Forest of Menos! The Search for the Missing Rukia aired: Wednesday Nov 7, 2007
Lunuganga catches Ichigo and the others by surprise and sucks them underground. They awake to find themselves surrounded by Hollow with Rukia missing. Suddenly, they are joined by a whole group of Menos Grande. Meanwhile, Rukia wakes up and has similar encounters with Hollows. She escapes only to find a couple of Menos herself. A strange figure with a mask appears to save her. Just who is this unknown person who wields a zanpakutou?
7x17 Ashido, the Shinigami Who Came from the Past aired: Wednesday Nov 14, 2007
Nell and her group are captured by a group of Adjuchas and Ichigo sets out to find her with the others. Meanwhile, Rukia sets out to find her friends with Ashido's help. They are confronted by Adjuchas and Gillian along the way and forced to battle. Ashido's past is eventually revealed as they travel and Rukia learns about the story behind his mask.
7x18 Through the Crumbling Forest, a Million Menos aired: Wednesday Nov 21, 2007
Ichigo, Renji, Uryuu and Chad catch up to the Adjuchas and rescue Nell and her siblings. A battle ensues between their group and the Menos who are led by another Adjuchas. Meanwhile, as Rukia and Ashido head toward Ichigo, their way is blocked by the leader of the Adjuchas, appointed by Aizen himself as a guardian of the Forest. Ashido and the Adjuchas begin fighting and Rukia is able to give a helping hand. Now she must reunite with Ichigo and try to escape the underground Forest.
7x19 Oath! Back Here Alive Again aired: Wednesday Nov 28, 2007
Ichigo and the others break into Las Noches successfully. However, they immediately are thrown off course when Nell falls into an old abandoned tunnel and forces the others to go in after her. When they get out, they are then forced to split and each go down separate hallways. Meanwhile, Orihime is taken to see Aizen.
7x20 The Raging Storm! Encounter With the Dancing Arrancar aired: Wednesday Dec 5, 2007
Ichigo continues his battle with Dordonii. And is struggling with Dordonii attacks.

Season 8 Episode List

8x1 Ichigo Strikes Back! This is My Bankai aired: Wednesday Dec 12, 2007
Ichigo is pushed to the limit and releases his bankai to protect Nel. Also by the urging of the arrancar he takes on his hollow form. Is it enough to beat such a strong opponent?
8x2 The Devilish Research! Szayel Aporro's Plan aired: Wednesday Dec 19, 2007
The Espada Szayel Aporro sends out the execution unit named "Exequias" to go after Ichigo who should be injured from his battle with Dordonii. Aizen questions him on why he did it and Szayel apologizes saying he wanted to make sure they killed him. Aizen forgives Szayel but also sees through his plot to to further his research. Meanwhile, Uryuu tries to figure out how to beat his opponent, Cirucci Thunderwitch.
8x3 Rukia and Kaien, the Sorrowful Reunion aired: Wednesday Dec 26, 2007
Rukia talks with Aaroniero Arruruerie, but his faces resembles Kaien Shiba. Aaroniero tells his story how he is Kaien and how he got there after Rukia killed him. Aaroniero then ask Rukia if she would offer her life for the man she killed, Rukia was going to accept it, but refused until she rescued Inoue. Aaroniero, then offers a chance of forgiveness if she kills her friends and brings them to him. Rukia realizing that this Kaien, doesn't seem to be the real one, attacks, him, but is at a disadvantage because Aaroniero trained her and knew her shikais.
8x4 Rukia Retaliates! Release the Desperate Kidou aired: Wednesday Jan 9, 2008
Rukia and her battle with Aaroniero continue. Rukia is still struggling with Aaroniero, and finally gets the upper hand when she releases a double kido reviling Aaroniero's true face.
8x5 Ishida & Pesshe, the United Attack of Friendship aired: Wednesday Jan 16, 2008
Ishida and Pesshe continue there battle with Cirucci, and gain the upper hand when Pesshe uses his infinite slick, making Cirucci release.
8x6 Ishida's Trump Card, Seele Schneider aired: Wednesday Jan 23, 2008
Ishida continues his fight with Cirucci and reveals a secret weapon, Seele Schneider. Meanwhile, Chad continues his battle and reveals one of his own secrets.
8x7 Right Arm of the Giant, Left Arm of the Devil aired: Wednesday Jan 30, 2008
Chad struggles with his battle with Gantenbainne Mosqueda, until his Right arm takes it true form. Chad starts to gain the advantage and speed and starts to beat Gantenbainne Mosqueda, until he releases and Chad gets his newly powered up left arm and beats Gantenbainne Mosqueda in one hit. Until Nnoitra appears.
8x8 Sado Yasutora Dies! Orihime's Tears aired: Wednesday Feb 6, 2008
Chad realizes Noitora's fearsome strength too late and he falls. The others sense it including Orihime but they are all powerless to do anything about it. Meanwhile, the 8th Espada, Szayel Aporro Grantz appears before Renji and Dondochakka.
8x9 Testament - Your Heart is Right Here... aired: Wednesday Feb 13, 2008
Rukia continues her fight with the 9th Espada, Aaroniero Arruruerie. She still has mixed feelings about fighting him and she is struck by his trident. As she lies on the tip of his weapon, barely conscious, she goes through a series of flashbacks of her time with Kaien. Her memories revive her with only enough time for one final desperate attack.
8x10 The Cruel Arrancar, Ulquiorra's Provocation aired: Wednesday Feb 20, 2008
Everyone on the Arrancar side, sees Rukia's and Aaroniero's death. Meanwhile, Renji continues his fight with Szayel Aporro, who was Ilfort's brother, and Szayel is easily winning, since he made that room to block Renji's bankai. Ichigo senses Rukia spiritual power drop and Ulquiorra comes in when he noticed. Ulquiorra is trying to provocative Ichigo into fighting him, and gets what he wants when he tells Ichigo that he forced Orihime into Hueco Mundo.
8x11 Syazel Aporro Laughs, the Net Trapping Renji is Complete aired: Wednesday Feb 27, 2008
Renji continues his battle with Szayel Aporro while Ichigo faces off against Ulquiorra. Not knowing Ulquiorra's rank and strength, Ichigo wastes no time and he quickly goes into his Hollow form to battle. Ulquiorra reveals a deadly secret which shocks Ichigo and the tables turn. Can Ichigo defeat Ulquiorra and save Orihime?
8x12 Shinigami and Quincy, the Battle with Madness aired: Wednesday Mar 5, 2008
Loly and Menoly continue to mistreat Orihime and Loly is about to finish her off when the wall shatters and who should enter but Grimmjow. Meanwhile, Uryuu takes up the battle against the Fraccion of Szayel when his initial strike has no effect whatsoever on the Espada. Renji might be able to lend a helping hand but can the two hope to defeat Szayel when he can predict their every move?
8x13 Ishida's Strategy, the 20-second Offense and Defense aired: Wednesday Mar 12, 2008
Uryuu and Renji continue fighting against Szayel and with Renji's help, Uryuu pulls out a secret weapon to use against Szayel. The attack seems to be a success at first but Szayel has his own secret technique. Meanwhile, Grimmjow appears before Nel with Orihime in tow. What does Grimmjow have planned? Will Ulquiorra have something to say about it?
8x14 The Murderous Intent Boils! The Joyful Grimmjow aired: Wednesday Mar 19, 2008
Uryuu and Renji recover from their battle with Szayel Aporro while Orihime continues to heal Ichigo's wounds. Ulquiorra appears and questions Grimmjow about his intentions. They get into a fight but Grimmjow manages to seal Ulquiorra in another dimension. Now free to fight the fully restored Ichigo, the two draw their swords attack. Using a massive blast, Grimmjow forces Ichigo to pull out his Hollow mask and the battle begins for real.
8x15 Desperate Effort vs. Desperate Effort! The Hollowized Ichigo aired: Wednesday Apr 9, 2008
Ichigo pulls out his Hollow mask and Grimmjow releases his sword, Pantera. With both in their most powerful forms, the battle begins in earnest again. The fight is intense with both sides exchanging strong blows. As Ichigo's mask breaks apart bit by bit, Nel urges a frightened Orihime to cheer for Ichigo since he is doing it for her.
8x16 The Moment of Conclusion, the End of Grimmjow aired: Wednesday Apr 16, 2008
Grimmjow's past and his ascension to Adjuchas, along with his meeting of Shawlong and the others is revealed, as the battle with Ichigo continues. Grimmjow pulls out his final strongest technique, Desgarrón and he prepares to end the fight. Ichigo is not willing to give in either and they clash as the battle finally ends.

Season 9 Episode List

9x1 The New Captain Appears! His Name is Shusuke Amagai aired: Wednesday Apr 23, 2008
A new captain is signed on to take over command of the 3rd Squad. The new captain is named Shuusuke Amagai. With him he brings one of his former subordinates a man named Kifune who he appoints as 3rd Seat. Though Kira tries to ease the tension, the 3rd Squad members do not trust him and feel that they do not need a captain. How can Kira get them to trust the newcomers?
9x2 New Development, the Dangerous Transfer Student Appears! aired: Wednesday May 7, 2008
While fighting Hollows, Ichigo meets a strange young girl who is then whisked away by her two shinigami attendants. While Rukia searches for any record of the two shinigami, Kon notices some people moving in to the house next to the Kurosaki's. After going out to meet their new neighbors, Rukia and Ichigo discover their are none other then the odd trio from before.
9x3 Desperate Struggle Under the Moonlit Night, the Mysterious A aired: Wednesday May 14, 2008
Lurichiyo`s group is attacked in the middle of the night by an assasin and it`s up to Ichigo to defeat him. After the death of the assasin everyone is told that Lurichiyo is the heir to one of The Four Noble Houses. That is why Komui, the one that is trying to take over Lurichiyo`s clan, is sending his best assasin`s after them.
9x4 Kenryu, the Profusion of Blooming Crimson Flowers aired: Wednesday May 21, 2008
Ichigo is trying to teach Lurichiyo about the real world. During dinner at Ichigo`s house Lurichiyo get`s angry at Kenryuu and Enryuu for always hiding things from her. After running away from them she meets with Orihime and are attacked by another assassin.
9x5 Kibune Goes to War! The Violent Wind That Rages aired: Wednesday May 28, 2008
3rd Squad`s Captain Amagai Suusuke wants to start a training exercise with all the 13 Squads. Vice-captain Kira and 3rd seat Kifune fall in a pit were there are a lot of Hollows and Kifune shows his true colors to Kira when Kifune tries to kill a Hollow along with a fellow Death god. Lurichiyo comes back to Soul Society alone.
9x6 The Appearance of the Great Evil! The Darkness in the House aired: Wednesday Jun 4, 2008
Kenryuu and Enryuu discover that Lurichiyo has gone missing and go to Soul Society along with Ichigo and Rukia to find her. While at a tea party Lurichiyo is attacked again by an assasin and Ichigo saves her.
9x7 Break the Mirror's Boundary! Ichigo's Captivity! aired: Wednesday Jun 11, 2008
Nukui Hanza and his assasins atack Ichigo and his gang. Nukui Hanza manages to capture Ichigo in his Zanpakutou`s power but underestimates his reiatsu and has to retreat when Yoruichi makes an appearance.
9x8 The Revenging Assassin, Ichigo is Targeted aired: Wednesday Jun 18, 2008
Nukiu Hanza and his friends are back and stronger than ever! And this time the real battle begins with Nukiu declaring he will have Ichigo's head!
9x9 Mystery! The Sword-Consuming Assassin aired: Wednesday Jun 25, 2008
Refusing to give up Rurichiyo, Rukia uses her special ability to encase her new opponent Douko Jinnai in ice, but he easily breaks free.
9x10 The Reversal of Rukia, the Rampaging Blade aired: Wednesday Jun 25, 2008
Rukia, Ishida & Chad start to figure out the powers of who they are fighting, and start to win. Meanwhile Ichigo continues his battles with Hanza.
9x11 The Nightmare Which is Shown, Ichigo's Inside the Mirror aired: Wednesday Jul 2, 2008
Ichigo is trapped in Saiga's illusion what Hanza wants him to see. Hanza wants Ichigo to dream, his biggest regret, and that was not protecting his mom. Ichigo finally manages to break free and continues his battle with Hanza. Can Ichigo beat Hanza, using Saiga at full power?
9x12 Confrontation?! Amagai vs. Gotei 13 aired: Wednesday Jul 9, 2008
In a meeting with all of the captains, Amagai tries to make the case that the divisions lack coordination between themselves and proposes holding joint exercises. That's not a bright idea for everyone though.
9x13 The Princess' Decision, the Sorrowful Blade aired: Wednesday Jul 16, 2008
Princess Lorichiyo decided to go back home and go ahead with her wedding. Ichigo, Kenryuu, Enryuu and Rukia know she will be in danger and decide to follow her. But by doing this will their actions put themselves in danger?
9x14 The 2nd Division Sorties! Ichigo is Surrounded aired: Wednesday Jul 23, 2008
Ichigo and Rukia try to stop Lurichiyo's wedding but are stopped by Captain SoiFon and her squad.
9x15 Amagai's True Strength, Zanpakutō is Released! aired: Wednesday Jul 30, 2008
Ichigo, Rukia, and Shuu are currently hiding out in the sewers while planning their next move, and Ichigo suspects that Rurichiyo is somewhere on the Kasumiooji estate. He is intercepted by 3rd division's new captain, Amagai.
9x16 The Darkness Which Moves! Kibune's True Colors aired: Wednesday Aug 6, 2008
Now that Amagai has joined Ichigo, word quickly spreads among the Shinigami ranks, and Genryuusai decides that the new captain might have violated the law.
9x17 Kira and Kibune, Offense and Defense of the 3rd Division aired: Wednesday Aug 20, 2008
The squads manage to put aside their fighting and set up specified territories to patrol, but Ichigo, Amagai, Rukia and Shuu proceed through unassigned territory and, making contact with members of the third division, head for the third division stadium, Lurichiyo's last known location. Izuru begins fighting Kibune. Although Izuru initially gains the advantage by increasing Reppu's weight with Wabisuke's special ability, Kibune manages to make it fly even while heavier, and reveals that he too has a bakkutou. He reveals his past, where his belief that weak comrades could be sacrificed caused him to be largely ostracized in the Gotei 13, and eventually assigned to an expeditionary force due to his being unable to be placed anywhere else. He reveals that he sought power in order to gain respect. With his bakkutou's strength, he knocks Izuru down and prepares to finish him off.
9x18 Ice and Flame! Fierce Fight of Amagai vs. Hitsugaya aired: Wednesday Aug 27, 2008
Kira finishes his fight against Kifune and gains the Bakkuto as proof. Meanwhile Ichigo, Rukia and Amagai are faced with Hitsugaya`s squad. While the captains fight against each other Rukia has to deal with Matsumoto so that Ichigo can go search for Lurichiyo. After Renji presents the evidence of treason to Captain-Commander Yamamato he orders the 13 Protection Squads to break into the Kasumi-Ooji mansion.
9x19 Sortie Orders! Suppress the House of Kasumiōji aired: Wednesday Sep 3, 2008
Yamamoto with the proof he needs to attack the Kasumiōji. Kumoi starts to panic and releases all the ninja armed with bakkōtō to fight off the Shinigami invasion. He also holds Rurichiyo hostage and is finally cornered by Ichigo and Rukia and some one comes in and stops him.
9x20 Ichigo Rages! The Assassin's Secret aired: Wednesday Sep 10, 2008
Amagai starts to attack Yamamoto, and we find out his reasons why he planned his attack. Amagai finally seals Yamamoto's power and starts to attack him and Ichigo and Rukia come to stop him. Ichigo mad at Amagai, because of what he did to Rurichiyo, starts to charge his power up to attack Amagai.
9x21 Duel! Amagai vs. Ichigo aired: Wednesday Sep 17, 2008
Ichigo and Amagai finally face off. With Amagai's bakkutou sealing his shinigami reiatsu, Ichigo is forced to use his Vaizard's mask and hollow powers.
9x22 The Fallen Shinigami's Pride aired: Tuesday Oct 7, 2008
The battle with Ichigo and Amagai comes to a close. Amagai finds out the shocking truth of his father's death.

Season 10 Episode List

10x1 Hueco Mundo Chapter, Restart! aired: Tuesday Oct 14, 2008
After a recap of Ichigo's battles with Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, Ichigo takes Orihime and Nel and prepares to leave but an injured Grimmjow refuses to accept defeat. Ichigo tells him that it is over but their conversation is interrupted by the intervention of an unexpected enemy. Meanwhile, Uryuu and Renji find themselves in another bad situation.
10x2 Szayel Aporro's Theater aired: Tuesday Oct 21, 2008
Renji and Uryuu find themselves back in the same room as before with Szayel Aporro waiting for them. He transforms and attacks with strange techniques that catch the group by surprise. Meanwhile, Ichigo struggles to hold his own against the 5th Espada Noitora. The injuries from his previous battle weigh him down but his opponent is relentless. Noitora reveals a startling secret about Nel's past.
10x3 Nel's Secret, a Big-Breasted Beauty Joins the Battle!? aired: Tuesday Oct 28, 2008
The fight between Nnoitra and Ichigo gets more desperate as Nnoitra is about to crush Nel's head. Ichigo saves her, but Nnoitra brutally throws Ichigo out of the way each time he attempts to stop him. Nnoitra's moves get more aggressive until he begins to break Ichigo's arm. The intensity of Nel's emotions unleash an unintentional transformation to her original adult form. Nel then reveals that she has the rank of the former 3rd Espada- Neliel tu Oderschvank-, and begins to overpower Nnoitra. Nnoitra, however, is not easily defeated, even surviving Nel's powerful Cero Doble technique, and reveals that while Neliel once outranked him, the Espada have grown more powerful in her absence.
10x4 The Irresistable, Puppet Show of Terror aired: Tuesday Nov 4, 2008
Uryu and Renji struggle against their clones. Szayel reveals a second ability: he is able to create voodoo dolls of an opponent by wrapping them in his wings. He succeeds with Uryu and Renji, and shows that by using them, he can cause pain to the targets and damage their internal organs. Meanwhile, Nnoitra is still losing to Neliel, but they hesitate before they can deal each other fatal blows, and Nnoitra notes that he has despised Neliel even before her departure.
10x5 Neliel's Past aired: Tuesday Nov 11, 2008
Neliel's past is revealed through her fight with Nnoitra. Meanwhile, Pesche and Dondochakka mounts an offensive against Szayel after seeing Renji struggling against the Espada. Pesche thinks back to the time when Nnoitra attacked Neliel for power which ultimately ended with breaking Neliel's mask through the guidance of Szayel. She is dumped by Nnoitra, along with Pesche and Dondochakka back out of Aizen's palace. Neliel obtains amnesia as her broken mask renders her into a child. To the present, Nnoitra taunts Neliel in regards to their past. Neliel then releases her Zanpakuto, shouting "Declare...!".
10x6 The Ultimate Union! Pesche's Seriousness aired: Tuesday Nov 18, 2008
Neliel finishes calling out her sword, Gamuza, and transforms into a white centaur. Before finishing her opponent, she suddenly transforms back to her child form. Meanwhile, Pesche Guatiche and Dondochakka Bilstin fight Szayel, using their Bawabawa. Pesche takes out his sword, Ultima, as he lands a strike on Szayel. As the fights go on, Dondochakka takes out his club to help out. Pesche and Dondochakka use their ultimate attack, "cero sincrecito", a combination of Dondochakka and Pesche's cero. Szyael manages to render their attack ineffective, and prepares to finish them off. Meanwhile, the Exequias prepare to kill Gantenbaine and Chad, and Zommari prepares to kill Rukia. Nnoitra sends Tesla to finish off Ichigo, and he releases his zanpakuto, turning into a large minotaur. Before Tesla can do so, 11th Divison Captain Kenpachi Zaraki stops him.
10x7 Joining the Battle! The Strongest Shinigami Army Appears aired: Tuesday Nov 25, 2008
Kenpachi kills Tesla in one blow and tells Ichigo to stay out of his fight. He informs Ichigo that Urahara was tasked with making the Garganta into Hueco Mundo stable enough for the captains to enter, and that three others came with him. Retsu Unohana arrives with Isane Kotetsu, and persuades the Exequias to leave before healing Gantenbaine and Chad. Mayuri Kurotsuchi arrives and, despite Szayel creating a doll replica of him, remains confident that he can win. Byakuya arrives to save Rukia, and while Zommari nearly kills him with Gemelos Sonido, he manages to save himself with a technique that Yoruichi taught him.
10x8 Byakuya's Bankai, the Quiet Anger aired: Tuesday Dec 2, 2008
Zommari, upset over Byakuya refusing to consider him an equal opponent, releases his zanpakuto, Brujeria, causing him to grow eyes all over his body that can control anything. He attempts to hinder Byakuya by controlling his left leg and arm, but Byakuya, realizing what is going on, severs the tendons and renders them useless. Hanatarou arrives and tries to get Rukia to safety, but Zommari uses his ability to control Rukia, who severely wounds Hanatarou, and demands that Byakuya surrender under the threat of making Rukia kill herself. Byakuya immobilizes Rukia with kido, and uses his bankai to attack Zommari, who is unable to control the countless blades to save himself.
10x9 The Two Scientists, Mayuri's Trap aired: Tuesday Dec 9, 2008
Zommari survives Byakuya's attack but Byakuya, having already discovered how to counter his ability to control others, quickly dispatches him. Mayuri initially seems unable to fight back against Szayel destroying his organs, but reveals that he has made himself immune to Szayel's ability by replacing all the organs in his body after learning about the ability from bacteria he implanted in Uryu. He then activates his bankai, poisoning Szayel despite his efforts to make an antidote, then has it swallow Szayel.
10x10 The Resurrecting Szayel Aporro aired: Tuesday Dec 16, 2008
Rukia regains consciousness, but is told to rest and regain her strength for the battles ahead. Kenpachi's battle with Nnoitra continues, and Orihime heals Nel at Ichigo's request. Despite managing to have his bankai swallow Szyael, Mayuri inadvertently poisons Uryu and Renji, and Szyael seizes the opportunity to resurrect himself by absorbing Nemu's spiritual particles through his Gabriel technique. However, in the process, he ingests a “super-human” drug from inside Nemu that increases his reflexes to the point where his body cannot keep up, immobilizing him. Mayuri then stabs him through the hand before stabbing him in the heart.
10x11 The Hardest Body!? Cut Down Nnoitra aired: Tuesday Dec 23, 2008
Szayel, his senses heightened as a result of the drug, feels Mayuri's zanpakuto piercing through his hand and heart for what seems like countless lifetimes before he dies. After restoring Nemu to full health, Mayuri orders her to clear away the rubble that concealed Szayel's laboratory. Afterwards, Mayuri heals the reluctant Uryu's injuries. Elsewhere, Kenpachi has difficulty cutting through Nnoitra's hierro, but believes that Nnoitra can be injured. Kenpachi manages to stab Nnoitra through his eyepatch, but Nnoitra counter-attacks, injuring Kenpachi, and reveals that he had stabbed him through his hollow hole. Kenpachi, unfazed, merely grins.
10x12 Nnoitra Released! Multiplying Arms aired: Tuesday Jan 6, 2009
Kenpachi manages to wound Nnoitra with the slash, and finds the right amount of force he needs to put into his blows in order to cut his opponent. He continues to attack Nnoitra, and after Nnoitra accidentally tears off his eyepatch while trying to attack him, the limits on his power are removed, and he delivers a devastating slash to Nnoitra. Nnoitra then releases his zanpakuto, Santa Teresa, giving him an extra pair of arms and regenerative abilities. Nnoitra attacks Kenpachi and severely wounds him, but Kenpachi manages to cut off the arm. Nnoitra regenerates the arm and continues on the assault, growing yet another pair of arms and stabbing Kenpachi with one of his new arms.
10x13 Fierce Fighting Conclusion! Who's the Strongest? aired: Tuesday Jan 13, 2009
Kenpachi continues fighting Nnoitra, and although he is able to keep up with his attacks, he realizes that he is in danger of dying. He then resorts to using kendo, and severely injures Nnoitra with a two-handed strike. Kenpachi attempts to leave, but Nnoitra insists that he finish their battle. Nnoitra recalls his time with Neliel, in which Neliel would frequently save him from his attempts to die in battle, and claims that he is angered by any display of pity from his opponent. He charges Kenpachi, who kills him.
10x14 Karakura Town Gathers! Aizen Versus Shinigami aired: Tuesday Jan 20, 2009
After Kenpachi defeats Nnoitra, he demands Orihime heal him. Before Orihime reaches him, the Espada Stark arrives and takes her away to a tower where Sōsuke Aizen greets her. He informs her that he, Gin Ichimaru, and Kaname Tōsen are preparing to destroy Karakura Town. Aizen orders Tōsen to contact all of the Soul Reaper captains, Ichigo, and his friends with kidō, and reveals that he brought Orihime to Hueco Mundo to lure and trap them. As he travels through a garganta portal to Karakura Town, however, Aizen is confronted by Commander-General Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai, the leader of the Gotei 13, with five other captains. Aizen summons the Espada Stark, Barragan, and Halibel and orders Espada Ulquiorra Schiffer to protect Las Noches.
10x15 Ichigo's Seppuku Persuasion Strategy aired: Tuesday Jan 27, 2009
Back in the real world, Ichigo is in school when he happens upon Lurichiyo from the Kasumioji clan again, who it turns out has come back to the real world because she is angered that Kenryuu, her retainer, would not allow her to play soccer when she has other important duties to attend to. This leads to an outburst between Lurichiyo and Kenryuu, and the latter intends to end his life to make Lurichiyo "happy." After some persuasion from Ichigo and his friends, they manage to put on an act to fool Lurichiyo into forgiving him, but she ends up seeing through it. This leads to another argument about soccer and culminates in Lurichiyo challenging Kenryuu to a soccer game to see who is right once and for all.
10x16 Thump! A Kemari Tournament Filled with Hollows aired: Tuesday Feb 3, 2009
The soccer game officially kicks off, with the referees being the proprietors from the Urahara Shop, Jinta and Ururu, with Urahara himself overseeing the proceedings, including setting up a gigantic barrier around the play field to designate the assigned area, which apparently is not legal in Soul Society's eyes. The two teams, each with varying characters, ranging from gigais to Kon, the modsoul, attempt to keep the ball away from each other using different and comical means. The action culminates in Ikkaku Madarame joining in the game, while actually sparring with Ichigo instead, under the impression that the latter was doing some intensive training, and a hollow which appears on the field, drawn by everyone's spiritual pressure. With the help of Ichigo, Chad and Uryu, the hollow is quickly dispatched and the game is over because the ball was dropped by Lurichiyo's team. Before she can lament about going back to her world, Shuu from the Kasumioji clan enters the human world via a Senkai Gate and shows Lurichiyo that her idea about a soccer tournament in Soul Society wasn't such a bad idea in the eyes of the commoners after all. Satisfied with this, Lurichiyo, Kenryuu and Enryuu all return to Soul Society.

Season 11 Episode List

11x1 The Past Chapter Begins! The Truth from 110 Years Ago aired: Tuesday Feb 10, 2009
This episode takes place in Soul Society 110 years ago. Most of the Captains have gathered to celebrate the promotion of the 12th Squad Captain to the Royal Guard, known as Zero Squad. Meanwhile, Yoruichi (currently the Captain of Second Squad) has recommended her Third Officer, Urahara Kisuke for the now vacant position. However, Soi Fon is not happy about this and follows Urahara in an attempt to prove he is unworthy of the position. Yoruichi hears of this and mistakenly thinks that Soi Fon has a crush on Urahara. Because of this Yoruichi arranges for her to attend the Captain's Qualification Exam to watch him in action. Although Urahara, is delayed in getting to the exam because of having to capture a group of deserters he makes it in time and manages to pass. As such Urahara Kisuke is appointed as the new Captain of the 12th squad, although vice-captain Aizen Sousuke is less than pleased.
11x2 12th Division's New Captain, Urahara Kisuke aired: Tuesday Feb 17, 2009
Urahara Kisuke has now become Captain of 12th squad but his new Vice-Captain Hiyori Sarugaki refuses to accept him. He even goes so far as to let her win in a duel against him to try and gain her confidence. However, after a pep talk from Shinji he decides to just be himself and stop worrying about it.
11x3 Aizen And The Boy Genius aired: Tuesday Feb 24, 2009
Urahara and Hiyori head to the Maggot's Nest prison, which houses former members of the 13 Protection Squad's deemed dangerous to Soul Society. Once they arrive Urahara goes to see the most dangerous inmate, Kurotsuchi Mayuri. He asks Mayuri to join his new organization the Technological Research Bureau as his Lieutenant. Meanwhile, Byakuya meets with his grandfather and Yoruichi whilst Ukitake tries to persuade Shiba Kaien to become his vice-captain. Also Aizen meets Ichimaru Gin for the first time.
11x4 Muguruma 9th Division, Moves Out aired: Tuesday Mar 3, 2009
This episode is set nine years after the previous one. The 9th squad are sent to investigate after people begin to vanish from Rukongai. Whilst out on patrol Captain Kensei Mugurumathey saves a young boy from a hollow, his name is Shuhei Hisagi. He then discovers that 10 of his own men have also vanished and calls for the Technological Research Bureau to help in the investigation. As such Hiyori is dispatched.
11x5 Hiyori Dies? The Beginning of Tragedy aired: Tuesday Mar 10, 2009
An emergency is declared following the attack on the 9th Squad. Captains Shinji Hirako, Love Aikawa and Roujuurou Ootoribashi are dispatched to investigate along with vice-captain Lisa Yadomaru and Hachigen Ushoda from the Kidou Corps. When they arrive they discover Hiyori fighting with a 'hollowfied' Kensei and soon a 'hollowfied' Mashiro also appears. Meanwhile, Urahara and Tessai Tsukabishi (Captain of the Kidou Corps) disregard their orders and also head out to investigate.
11x6 Betrayal! Aizen's Secret Maneuvers aired: Tuesday Mar 17, 2009
Shinji's group manages to restrain Kensei using a powerful Kidou spell but then Hiyori also undergoes 'hollowfication'. They are then attacked by Tousen and as the rest of the group undergo 'hollowfication' Shinji battles against Aizen and is almost killed when Urahara and Tsukabishi arrive to save him.
11x7 Rescue Hirako! Aizen vs. Urahara aired: Tuesday Mar 24, 2009
Urahara confronts Aizen about his hollowfication research but ultimately Tsukabishi is unable to capture him. Meanwhile, after being transported back to the 12th Squad headquarters Urahara decides to use Hougyoku to save Shinji and the others. Urahara and Tsukabishi are then arrested by Central 46 and blamed for the hollowfication experiments. However, before their sentences can be carried out Yoruichi appears and helps them escape to the real world.

Season 12 Episode List

12x1 The Soul Burial Detective, Karakuraizer is Born aired: Tuesday Mar 31, 2009
Going back to the time when Ichigo, Uryu, and Chad left the real world for Hueco Mundo with Kisuke's help, the main focus is now directed to the events that took place in Karakura town during the previous arc. Kisuke feels that Karakura town needs protection against hollows now that Ichigo left. In one night, he came up with the idea to create a fun way to protect the town, which was to force Kon into a team of hollow fighting super heroes called "Soul Burial Detective, Karakura Riser". Once Kon gets used to his new hero suit, he meets the rest of the team which includes Don Kanonji, Tatsuki, Chizuru, Keigo, and Ururu. After a successful fight with hollows, the team encounters a woman who appears to be an arrancar.
12x2 Karakuraizer's Last Day aired: Tuesday Apr 7, 2009
This is a continuation of the previous episode. The team assembled in the previous episode are to infiltrate a gate that the Arrancar are using to travel between Hueco Mundo and the world of the living. At the "Hollow Fortress" numerous Hollows attacked the team. Don Kanonji and Ururu stayed behind to take care of the hollow and the others went inside the "Hollow Fortress". When they got inside the fortress, they met one of the many arrancar from Hueco Mundo. Chizuru used her "Hyper Erotic Powers" to distract the arrancar, and Tatsuki, Keigo, and Kurumatani take care of the Hollows inside. Kon travels to the center of the fortess, where he meets a hollow and kills it with his "Riser Beam", exploding and destroying the heart of the fortress, and the fortess itself. In the end, Urahara erects a barrier around Karakura town.
12x3 Defend Karakura Town! Entire Appearance of the Shinigami aired: Tuesday Apr 14, 2009
Aizen begins his invasion of Krakura Town only to be confronted by the Captains and vice-captains of the 13 Protection Squads. In order to even the odds the Captain-Commander imprisons Aizen, Gin and Tousen in a fortress of fire and the group prepares to take on the Espada. Meanwhile, back in Los Noches, Ichigo rushes to save Orihime from Ulquiorra only to be attacked by the Exequias. He is then saved by the sudden appearance of Renji, Chad and Rukia.
12x4 Elite! The Four Shinigami aired: Tuesday Apr 21, 2009
Ichigo arrives in the 5th Tower to save Orihime and confronts Ulquiorra, who tells him that because Aizen has not ordered Orihime killed, he shall not do it unless ordered to. But because Ichigo is a threat to Hueco Mundo that must be destroyed, he will kill him. As a result, Ulquiorra finally unsheathes his sword and they begin their battle. Meanwhile, back at the fake Karakura, Barragan takes command since his boss is locked inside Yamamoto's fire prison, ordering both Halibel and Stark to not underestimate him. His first plan of action is to destroy the four pillars protecting Karakura, and he sends out four giant hollows to do the job, failing to realize that the Gotei 13 would not just leave those pillars completely unprotected on purpose. Ikkaku, Yumichika, Kira and Hisagi each take one pillar, and after defeating the hollows with ease, are matched up against four of Barragan's six Fraccion. Each is introduced to the other and the battle for Karakura begins.
12x5 Beautiful Little Devil Charlotte aired: Tuesday Apr 28, 2009
In the fire prison that Yamamoto's zanpakuto created, Gin notices that Kira is pretty upset. Tosen asks him what is wrong, and if he misses Kira, because he used to be his captain. Gin states that he doesn't, he's just glad that Kira is doing well. At his fight, Kira manages to draw blood against his opponent, Avirama Redder, who proceeds to release his zanpakuto, Aguila. Meanwhile, Yumichika and his opponent, Charlotte Cuulhorne, the sadistic, erotic, strange, feminine arrancar, continue their fight, but eventually it turns out to be more of a "beauty contest" than an actual fight, because of the fact that the two spar for the sake of making the other look disgraced because of the other's ugliness. Charlotte uses an array of attacks, summoned up by a ridiculously long name each time. When Yumichika manages to cut some of Charlotte's hair off, that pushes him over the edge and releases his sword, "Reina de Rosas" which means "Queen of the Roses". Now on equal strength with Yumichika, the two fight more seriously, until Charlotte traps Yumichika in a prison of black thorns, which will completely encase him and his reiatsu, cutting him off from the world. But since he is in a spot where no one will know, Yumichika reveals a secret attack of his zanpakuto he doesn't want anyone to know about, and with it, he defeats Charlotte.
12x6 Kira, the Battle Within Despair aired: Tuesday May 5, 2009
Yumichika reveals that he uses a "nickname" for his zanpakuto to avoid revealing its kido-based abilities so that he can fit in with the 11th Division, and Cuulhorne is impressed by his resolve to avoid revealing its true nature to others even if he would die. The other fights continue elsewhere, and Findol reveals to Hisagi that he can chip off his mask to regulate his power level. Izuru fights Avirama, whose Resurrecion turns him into a bird and enables him to attack Izuru with heavy steel feathers. Izuru uses Wabisuke to make Avirama's wings too heavy to fly, and reveals that it represents the 3rd Division's belief that war is full of despair. He then decapitates Avirama as he begs for his life, noting afterward that he does not want to be forgiven.
12x7 Hisagi's Shikai! The Name is... aired: Tuesday May 12, 2009
When Hisagi faces off against Findor Carias, his opponent proves to be much stronger than he first thought. As such Hisagi is forced to release his Shikai, Kazeshini in order to defeat him.
12x8 Ikkaku Falls! The Shinigami's Crisis aired: Tuesday May 19, 2009
As a result of the pillar being destroyed, the real Karakura town starts to return, but Seventh Division lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba manages to stop it while his captain Saijin Komamura face Poww. Poww knocks Komamura aside with a single punch in his unreleased state, and releasing his zanpakuto, vastly increases his size and tries to finish off Ikkaku and Iba. Komamura, however, manages to overpower and defeat him easily with his bankai. Iba reprimands Ikkaku for failing to protect the pillar as a result of his desire to avoid revealing his own strength, and tells him that if he wishes to fight, he must carry out his orders even at the cost of his own life. Barragan grows visibly angry as a result of four of his Fraccions' defeat.
12x9 The Full Showdown! Shinigami vs. Espada aired: Tuesday May 26, 2009
Barragan's two remaining fraccion, Ggio Vega and Nirgge Parduoc, offer to deal with the other Shinigami themselves, and end up facing against second division captain Soifon and second division lieutenant Marechiyo Oomaeda. While tenth division captain Toshiro Hitsugaya begins fighting Harribel, lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto begins fighting her fraccion, who are able to defend themselves against her zanpakuto's ability by using ceros. Eighth and thirteenth division captains Kyoraku and Ukitake face Stark, but are unwilling to fight against his fraccion, Lilinette. While Oomaeda struggles against Nirgge, Soifon is able to pin Ggio to the wall and releases her zanpakuto.
12x10 The Most Evil Tag!? Soi Fon & Ōmaeda aired: Tuesday Jun 2, 2009
Ggio manages to free himself and fights back against Soi Fon, chiding her for not finishing him off when she had the chance. He releases his zanpakuto and continues fighting her, seeming to be of equal or greater skill. Oomaeda continues fighting Nirgge, and while it appears that Nirgge can keep up with his speed even in his slower release state, Oomaeda reveals that he had only pretended to be slow, and manages to outmaneuver Nirgge and bash him in the head with his zanpakuto. Despite this, Nirgge gets up again, only to die when Ggio accidentally knocks Soi Fon at his head.
12x11 A Miraculous Body! Ggio Releases aired: Tuesday Jun 9, 2009
Soifon continues fighting Ggio, and is pinned down. Nirgge gets up and tries attacking Omaeda again, but he defeats him and tries to help Soifon. Ggio is about to shoot Omaeda with a Cero but Soifon breaks free and knocks Omaeda away before Ggio can kill him, revealing that she had hoped to study an arrancar's resurrecion form before facing the Espada. Ggio then responds by turning into his "Tigre Estoque El Sable" form to grow stronger, but Soifon kills him easily with her zanpakutō's ability. She then explains her zanpakutō second ability before she and Omaeda go to face Barragan.
12x12 3 vs. 1 Battle! Rangiku's Crisis aired: Tuesday Jun 16, 2009
Rangiku struggles against Harribel's Fraccion until fifth division lieutenant Momo Hinamori arrives and, using kido and her zanpakuto's abilities, manages to severely injure the enemy. In response, the three Fraccion release their zanpakutos, rip off their left arms and combine them to form a strange hybrid creature named Allon. Elsewhere, Ukitake refuses to fight Lilynette because she appears to be a child, while Kyoraku and Stark fight against each other despite being unwilling to release their zanpakutos.
12x13 All Vice-Captains Annihilated! The Terrifying Demonic Beast aired: Tuesday Jun 23, 2009
Ukitake overpowers Lilynette, being able to repel her attacks almost effortlessly, and tells her he has no desire to fight her. Allon attacks Rangiku and Hinamori, defeating each of them in one hit, but Hisagi and Izuru arrive to help. While Izuru starts to heal Rangiku and Hinamori, Hisagi tries to fight Allon, but is easily defeated, and Iba is blown away with a cero when he tries to attack it. As Allon closes in on Izuru, Yamamoto arrives to fight it.
12x14 Fierce Fighting Concludes? Towards a New Battle! aired: Tuesday Jun 30, 2009
Allon goes into a rage upon seeing the wound Yamamoto inflicted, and immediately regenerates it. He enlarges his right arm into a gigantic size and tries to punch Yamamoto, demolishing several buildings in the process. But Yamamoto blocks the attack easily, releases Ryūjin Jakka and cuts Allon in half. When it seems over, one half of Allon attacks once again and Yamamoto finishes him off by incinerating him. Mila Rose, Sun-Sun and Apache attack Yamamoto in unison but are burnt to crisp before the might of Ryūjin Jakka. Meanwhile, Hitsugaya continues his heated battle with Harribel. Harribel releases a torrent of energy from her weapon and reveals herself as Tercera Espada. Shunsui and Starrk watch the pair's battle. Shunsui guesses Barragan must be the Primera Espada, but Starrk corrects him and reveals his "1" tattooed to the back of his left hand. The three most powerful Espada unleash pillars of energy, readying themselves to fight at top strength. Meanwhile Rukia, Renji and Sado dispatch the last of the Exequias and Rukia faces down Rudobone, the Exequias' leader. Ulquiorra tells Ichigo that it is useless to resist but Ichigo swears to keep fighting for the sake of everyone. The episode ends with Ulquiorra firing a cero and Ichigo slamming his blade against it, fading to white.
12x15 Wonderful Error aired: Tuesday Jul 7, 2009
In the real world, much of the main class is attending their first day at Karakura High School. Ichigo and Chad met and befriend Keigo Asano and Mizuiro Kojima while saving Keigo from some thugs. Orihime meets Chizuru, who tries to woo her only to be kicked in retaliation by Tatsuki Arisawa. In Soul Society, the lieutenants meet and decide to promote Renji to Lieutenant of the 6th Division and send Rukia to Karakura Town. Renji discusses his promotion with his friends, but decides to make it a surprise for when Rukia gets back. Rukia, after speaking with her captain and third seats, heads to Karakura town, at the same time as the first episode begins.
12x16 Summer! Sea! Swimsuit Festival!! aired: Tuesday Jul 14, 2009
The Soul Reapers decide to take a vacation to the ocean in the real world because captain Byakuya Kuchiki destroyed the pool the Shinigami Women's Association covertly built in his mansion. The Women's association shop for swimsuits and then head for the beach where everyone meets up. After attending Ukitake's weak body from the heat, they form groups to produce works of art on the beach for a competition. Watermelon-like monsters attack and most of the Shinigami are helpless against them without their zanpakuto until Yoruichi Shihōin and Soi Fon defeat them. It is then revealed that Retsu Unohana arranged the event with Byakuya and Ukitake as a game of splitting watermelons, and several more arrived as the episode ends.
12x17 Cry of the Soul? The Rug Shinigami is Born! aired: Tuesday Jul 21, 2009
Ikkaku Madarame and Yumichika Ayasegawa travel to Karakura Town on a assignment to catch a hollow that had attacked a convoy in Soul Society. The two travel to Ichigo's house planning to stay there until there assignment is complete. Ichigo however, turns them down and takes them to Keigo's. Keigo's sister, Mizuho is all over Ikkaku until Yumichika glues a wig to his head. Mizuho kicks them out and then leaves with Keigo to get juice. While out the two are attacked by the hollow from Soul Society. The hollow is defeated The episode ends with Ikkaku carrying Mizuho home and then leaving on good terms in the morning.

Season 13 Episode List

13x1 The Materialization of Zanpakutō aired: Tuesday Jul 28, 2009
A mysterious man informs a group of strange beings that it is the time to strike. Ichigo Kurosaki wakes up in Zangetsu's dimension and receives a warning of what is about to happen. Meanwhile in Seireitei, the captains and lieutenants of Gotei 13 begin to feel their zanpakutō's detachment from them, but do not understand what it means. At night, a group of ryoka attempts to enter Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai's abode. Yamamoto and Sasakibe confront the intruders but what they see leaves them in shock. Later, the captains and lieutenants are ordered by Yamamoto to gather at Soukyoku Hill. Upon arriving there, they are met by the mysterious man, who calls himself Muramasa. Sajin Komamura attacks the intruder with Tenken but instead of hitting Muramasa, Tenken attacks Komamura. Reappearing as a human form, Tenken strikes down Komamura. The rest of the Soul Reapers prepare to attack but find themselves unable to release their zanpakutōs. Their zanpakutōs take on human form and stand beside Muramasa, who tells the Soul Reapers that their zanpakutōs have renounced them and declares war.
13x2 Byakuya, Disappearing with the Cherry Blossoms aired: Tuesday Aug 4, 2009
Ichigo finds Rukia injured in the world of the living, and that she is being attacked by a strange woman, who uses rukia's abilties. It is revealed to be that this woman is Rukia's Zapakuto, Sode no Shirayuki. Ichigo successfully forces the renegade zapakuto into submission, and Sode no Shirayuki retreats back to soul society. Ichigo brings Rukia to the Urahara shop, where she reveals that the Shinigami's zanpakuto's have attacked their masters, and reveals that Byakuya was seemingly defeated fighting by his own zanpakuto, Senbonzakura. The remaining shinigami of the gotei 13 squads regroup to the 4th Division headquarters while they try to re-establish their defenses, and learn more about the zanpakuto rebellion. and Urahara observes that only the Zapakuto in Soul Soceity are affected and that those in the real world are unaffected, and decides to try to capture one of the materialized zanpakuto in an attempt to learn more about their new enemy. In the middle of the night, Rukia leaves for Soul Society, apparently in search of Byakuya. Ichigo and Yoruichi leave for soul society in an attempt to go after Rukia and save soul society.
13x3 Sode no Shirayuki vs. Rukia! Confused Heart aired: Tuesday Aug 11, 2009
Rukia rushes back to the 6th Division HQ and is reunited with Renji. However, Byakuya's status remains unknown after the night of the zanpakutōs' attack. Ichigo and Yoriuchi arrive in Soul Society and split up to search for clues. Rukia returns to Byakuya's compound and finds Sode no Shirayuki attacking and freezing the shinigami there. She tries to reason with her zanpakutō but Shirayuki demands her freedom. After a fierce battle, Rukia loses to Shirayuki and is about to be frozen to death when Ichigo arrives to rescue her. However, he too is defeated by Shirayuki. Rukia attempts to get Sode no Shirayuki back to her by telling the zanpakutō how important she is to her. Using her kidō powers to restrain Sode no Shirayuki and herself, Rukia attempts to sacrifice themselves both in order to convince Shirayuki one could not live without the other. The resulting explosion injures Rukia severely. Sode no Shirayuki has a change of heart and attempts to reach out to her master, but Muramasa arrives and holds her back. Muramasa introduces himself to Ichigo and states that he is a zanpakutō.
13x4 Zangetsu Becomes an Enemy aired: Tuesday Aug 18, 2009
Muramasa sends Sode no Shirayuki away, and Ichigo asks why he wanted the zanpakutō to gain independence over the shinigami. Although he does not give the reason, Muramasa replies that zanpakutōs can seperate themselves away regardless of being the soul of a shinigami, and he is a good example of one. Ichigo cannot accept this view and attacks him. Muramasa uses illusions to overwhelm Ichigo and pins him to the ground, where he proceeds to drag Zangetsu out of him. Once Zangetsu manifests, he immediately attacks Ichigo. Meanwhile, Mayuri begins experimenting on himself in order to research the zanpakutōs' manifestation. After Zangetsu seemingly defeats Ichigo, Ichigo transforms into his hollow form and strikes back. After a while, he transforms into his stronger form and easily beats down Zangetsu. Muramasa tries a sneak attack but Ichigo immediately regenerates and attacks him. Before the hollow form can do anything else, Ichigo manages to return to his shinigami form and falls unconscious at Muramasa's feet.
13x5 Renji Surprised?! The Two Zabimarus aired: Tuesday Aug 25, 2009
Rukia is found by the 4th Division and sent to recover from her injuries. Hisagi and his men patrol Seireitei and are attacked by the sadistic Kazeshini. Renji searches the ruins for any clues of the missing Byakuya, who was last seen hit by Senbonzakura's attack. He instead encounters Zabimaru in its baboon and snake humanoid form. Both entities of Zabimaru have no intention of returning to their original owner and attacks Renji. Ichigo wakes up in Zangetsu's dimension but the old man is missing. He sees Muramasa and attacks him, but the man immediately incapacitates him and summons his hollow form out as a separate entity. Muramasa has begun to take an interest in the hollow form and uses his powers to freeze it in place. Thinking that it has been subdued, Muramasa approaches it but the hollow form merely tricks him with its act and lashes out straight at him.
13x6 Clash! Hisagi vs. Kazeshin aired: Tuesday Sep 1, 2009
Kyoraku and Ukitake discuss the possibility that defeating the zanpakutō spirits will destroy the zanpakutō themselves. Renji continues fighting with Zabimaru, who taunts him for his weakness. Hisagi fights with Kazeshini, and, disgusted by his desire to take life, plans on killing him even if he loses his zanpakutō. Ichigo's inner hollow fights with Muramasa inside his mind until Muramasa uses his powers to restrain him. Ichigo then steps up to fight, stating that the hollow is a part of him, too. Ichigo manages to force Muramasa outside of his mind and continues the fight with him there. When Zabimaru threatens to kill Rukia, Renji regains his resolve, and manages to activate Zabimaru's shikai.
13x7 Release! The New Getsuga Tenshō aired: Tuesday Sep 8, 2009
Hisagi is wounded in a surprise attack by Kazeshini, but Izuru intervenes to help him, and using kido, binds Kazehini long enough for the two of them to escape. Renji's fight with Zabimaru continues, and Zabimaru takes the advantage when they are able to activate bankai while Renji, no longer able to control them, cannot. Renji considers his own weaknesses, and tricks Zabimaru into taking his sword, then breaks it with a Red Flame Cannon kido spell and uses Higa Zekkou to defeat Zabimaru by firing the broken shards at them. Ichigo fights Zangetsu, and struggles when Zangetsu activates Bankai. He uses a new Getsuga Tenshou working together with his inner hollow to defeat Zangetsu, and forces Muramasa to retreat. Zangetsu reveals that Muramasa is using a technique to awaken the zanpakutos' instincts and by doing so, he can control them.
13x8 Soi Fon, Surrounding the Zanpakutō aired: Tuesday Sep 15, 2009
Ichigo reports his findings of Muramasa's abilities to Ukitake, Shunsui and Unohana. In order to find out about Muramasa's effects on zanpakutō, Ichigo and Ikkaku patrol Seiretei to seek out the entities. Meanwhile, someone breaks into a compound and knocks out the Soul Reapers guarding the area. Ōmaeda and his men stumble on the unconscious guards and investigate, only to encounter his zanpakutō spirit, Gegetsuburi and Hozukimaru. Ōmaeda and Gegetsuburi are just about to fight when Ichigo and Ikkaku interrupt. Ōmaeda is knocked out of the fight, leaving Ichigo to battle Gegetsuburi, while Ikkaku fights Hozukimaru. Ichigo defeats Gegetsuburi but Ikkaku is wounded by Hozukimaru's bankai. Just as he attempts to continue the battle, Ukitake, Shunsui, Soi Fon and her Stealth Corps arrive to surround Hozukimaru, but he uses his bankai to get away. However, they manage to obtain Gegetsuburi. Ichigo goes after Hozukimaru, but the entity escapes when Senbonzakura's petals block Ichigo's route. Ichigo discovers that the attack was from Byakuya, who disappears.
13x9 Friendship? Hatred? Haineko & Tobiume aired: Tuesday Sep 22, 2009
Ichigo continues searching for Byakuya, and encounters the spirits of Tobiume and Haineko, who are looking for Hyourinmaru. Momo and Rangiku arrive to fight their zanpakutos while Ichigo continues the search. Momo uses a kido spell to knock Tobiume into Haineko, causing the two to begin arguing. Ichigo encounters Hyourinmaru, who cannot remember his name or that of his master. He attempts to freeze Ichigo and leave, but Toshiro confronts him. Elsewhere, Muramasa kills a large number of hollows, including several Menos Grandes.
13x10 The Awakening Hyōrinmaru! Hitsugaya's Fierce Fight aired: Tuesday Sep 29, 2009
Ichigo is still trapped in the ice prison Hyorinmaru imprisoned him in as Toshiro and Hyorinmaru confront each other. Meanwhile, Momo and Rangiku fight their zanpakutos in the woods and finally manage to overpower them with kido spells. As Hyorinmaru and Toshiro begin to fight, Toushiro tries to seal him but is shocked as Hyorinmaru effortlessly dissolves the seal into fragments of ice. As their fight continues, Hyorinmaru's tremendous power turns the whole of Soul Society's sky black.
13x11 Byakuya's Betrayal aired: Tuesday Oct 6, 2009
Mayuri experiments on Gegetsuburi, and discovers that the zanpakuto only return to their owners' control if they are defeated by their owners. Momo and Rangiku send their zanpakutos back to the 4th division barracks, but the cart carrying them is attacked by an unknown assailant. Ichigo meets with Momo and Rangiku, then reaches Muramasa, who is having difficult using his abilities in his current body. Ichigo fights Senbonzakura, and gains the upper hand before Byakuya arrives. Byakuya reveals that he has joined Muramasa as part of following his internal desire to protect his pride, then attacks Ichigo.
13x12 For the Sake of Pride! Byakuya vs. Renji aired: Tuesday Oct 13, 2009
The shinigami discuss Byakuya's betrayal, and the discovery that if a zanpakuto is killed by anyone other than its owner, it will be unusable. Byakuya returns to the zanpakutos' hideout, and proves his loyalty by defeating and seemingly killing Sode no Shirayuki, leaving Rukia unable to use her zanpakuto. Rukia and Renji investigate Byakuya's office, but Byakuya arrives with Senbonzakura, tossing Rukia the broken remains of her zanpakuto. Zabimaru arrives to help Renji fight Byakuya and Senbonzakura, but they are overpowered and several zanpakuto, including Tenken, Houzukimaru, Wabisuke, Rurio Kujaku and Gonryomaru, arrive. The Second Division surrounds the zanpakuto, the zanpakutos' owners come out to fight them, and Ichigo confronts Byakuya.
13x13 Shinigami and Zanpakuto, Total Sortie aired: Tuesday Oct 20, 2009
Ichigo goes to confront Byakuya, but Senbonzakura intercepts him, and he and Ichigo fight each other with their bankais. Renji and Zabimaru move to prevent Byakuya from leaving. Izuru begins fighting Kazeshini, suspecting that its personality is based off of Hisagi's suppressed negative impulses. Soifon fights Gonryomaru and Tenken at once, but is surprised by a smoke attack. Yumichika faces Ruri-iro Kujaku, and the two exchange insults. Ikkaku fights Houzukimaru, and although Houzukimaru unleashes his bankai, Ikkaku is able to break it by repeatedly attacking, and manages to withstand its final attack and claim victory. Fourth division lieutenant Isane Kotetsu and seventh division lieutenant Tetsuzaimon Iba go to assist the wounded at the scene of the battle when Ashisogi Jizo appears.
13x14 One-to-One Fight! Ichigo vs. Senbonzakura aired: Tuesday Oct 27, 2009
Soifon fights Tengen and Gonryomaru, making some progress, but then her zanpakuto, Suzumebachi appears and attacks her. Ruriiro Kujaku gains the advantage over Yumichika, and begins to use its special ability on him. Iba and Isane attempt to retreat from Ashisogi Jizo, but Tobiume and Haineko arrive and Ashisogi Jizo paralyzes Isane's legs. Rangiku and Momo then return to help them against their opponents. Izuru manages to capture Kazeshini by tricking him into thinking he could still use his zanpakuto in order to unsettle him, but is soon attacked by his own zanpakuto, Wabisuke. Byakuya manages to defeat Renji and Zabimaru. Ichigo is desperately fighting Senbonzakura when Kenpachi arrives.
13x15 The long awaited... Kenpachi appears! aired: Tuesday Nov 3, 2009
Isane and Iba come face to face with Ashisogi Jizou, Tobiume and Haineko. It is then up to Hinamori and Matsumoto to help them out. Soi Fon continues her fight against Gonryoumaru and Tengen but things quickly become more complicated when Suzumebachi joins the fray. Ayasegawa is also having a hard time in his fight against Ruri'iro Kujaku. Meanwhile, Ichigo and Senbonzakura are both going all out to end their own fight.
13x16 Pursue Byakuya! The Confused Gotei Divisions aired: Tuesday Nov 10, 2009
Ichigo continues fighting Senbonzakura while Kenpachi fights Byakuya, but Ashisogi Jizo appears and using its bankai, spraying poison gas over the battlefield, enabling Senbonzakura and Byakuya to escape. Yachiru chases Ashisogi Jizo and he gets captured by Zaraki. Mayuri blows up Ashisogi Jizo, causing it to return sealed form and break. Soifon has difficulty hitting the small Suzumebachi, but manages to defeat her, and Yoruichi congratulates her. Unohana arrives to treat the victims of Ashisogi Jizo's poisoning, including Momo, Isane, Rangiku and Iba. Yoruichi meets with Ichigo and the captains, and reveals that she knows Yamamoto's location. Yamamoto is then shown as a prisoner of the zanpakuto, with Sogyo no Kotowari, Katen Kyokotsu, and Minazuki encasing him in a barrier.
13x17 Special Mission! Rescue Captain-Commander Yamamoto! aired: Tuesday Nov 17, 2009
The Captains begin planning on how they're going to rescue Yamamoto, knowing that they're going to run into high class zanpakuto. Meanwhile Kazeshini comes back to the hideout and faints from exhaustion. Kenpachi, Ukitake, and Kyoraku head into the cave while Yoruichi and Ichigo head in another way. In the cave, Ukitake and Kyoraku meet their materialized zanpakuto. In the meantime, Ichigo and Yoruichi encounter Haineko and Tobiume, and both are defeated by Yoruichi. Ichigo heads on, and is lead into Kazeshini by Minazuki. Kazeshini is easily defeated, breaking, as Ichigo moves on to find the Captain-Commander.
13x18 Deceived Shinigami! The World Collapse Crisis aired: Tuesday Nov 24, 2009
Whilst trying to rescue Captain-Commander Yamamoto Kyouraku faces off against Katen Kyoukotsu, Ukitake takes on Sougyo No Kotowari, Kenpachi fights against Gonryoumaru and Tengen and Yoruichi is left to deal with Haineko and Tobiume. However, it soon becomes clear that the Zanpakutou are simply trying to delay their opponents as long as possible. Meanwhile, Ichigo is once again forced to fight Muramasa.
13x19 Dragon of Ice and Dragon of Flame! The Strongest Showdown! aired: Tuesday Dec 1, 2009
Ichigo and the others are trapped in the fires of Ryūjin Jakka, he and the others try to free themselves from the flames of Ryūjin Jakka, on the other side, Byakuya, Senbonzakura and Muramasa head to Karakura town to destroy it and reclaim Muramasa's owner, Kouga. Muramasa stumbles upon Inoue and blacks out. After waking up and asking Inoue who she is, Ishida and Chad arrive to take out Muramasa. Ichigo tries to escape for the final time but is almost defeated, Hitsuyuaga jumps in with Hyorinmaru and saves them, they activate Bankai together and get Ichigo out of the flames.
13x20 Senbonzakura's Bankai! Offense and Defense of the Living Wor aired: Tuesday Dec 8, 2009
While Yamamoto, Kyouraku, Hitsugaya and Ukitake deal with Ryuujin Jakka, Kenpachi is finally enjoying his fight against Gonryoumaru and Yoruichi shows Haineko and Tobiume why she is known as the Goddess of Flash. Meanwhile, Senbonzakura and Rukia arrive to join the fight between Muramasa, Ishida, Sado and Orihime.
13x21 That Man, For the Sake of the Kuchiki aired: Tuesday Dec 15, 2009
In a flashback several centuries ago, it is revealed that Kouga was part of the Kuchiki Clan as Ginrei Kuchiki's son-in-law, and was overconfident in the abilities of his zanpakuto. He helped put down a rebellion of Soul Reapers, but some grew suspicious of his power, and had him attacked. He cut down his attackers, but was framed for killing his own allies by a group of jealous high-ranking Soul Reapers. He was imprisoned as a result, but escaped with Muramasa's help. In the present, Kouga awakens, repelling Ichigo and Rukia, then suddenly stabs Muramasa.
13x22 Dark History! The Worst Shinigami is Born aired: Tuesday Dec 22, 2009
The 3 elites are gloating over their success when Kōga and Muramasa appear. Kōga kills them, and Ginrei is informed. Muramasa talks to Kōga to try and help him over his anger, but they are found by Ginrei. He inform Kōga the likely sentence for killing the Elites is execution, and Kōga goes insane. Muramasa tries to possess Ginrei's Zanpakutō, but phases through Ginrei. Kōga removes his hairpiece, and departs. He then goes on a killing spree. Muramasa tries to reason with him but fails, lamenting that he can't hear Kōga anymore. Yamamoto is informed of what's going on, and Ginrei tells them how to resist Muramasa's power, and Yamamoto volunteers to help. Kōga rants at Muramasa and threatens him. He meets Ginrei and Yamamoto for a showdown. He tries to use Muramasa on them, but he won't release. They use this opportunity to arm with the spears used to seal Kōga's coffin. These immobilise his limbs, allowing Yamamoto to use Kidō to imprison him. Back in the present, Kōga thinks Muramasa betrayed him, but Muramasa claims he never heard him. Kōga removes his blade from Muramasa, and tries to kill him, but Byakuya blocks the blow and challenges him.
13x23 Byakuya, the Truth Behind His Betrayal aired: Tuesday Jan 5, 2010
Kōga Kuchiki sees Byakuya Kuchiki's scarf and hairpiece and, having never met Byakuya before, concludes that he is from the Kuchiki clan, which Byakuya confirms. Kōga enquires if Ginrei Kuchiki is still alive, which Bykuya refuses to answer. Ichigo and Rukia ask how Byakuya knows about Kōga, but Senbonzakura appears and tells them to just watch. Byakuya had defeated Senbonzakura right at the start of the rebellion and, on hearing Senbonzakura's summation, immediately recognised Kōga's abilities, having been told of him by Ginrei. They decided to work as double agents to find Kōga. Byakuya states he will kill Kōga for disgracing the Kuchiki family. Muramasa offers to help Kōga, but Kōga breaks his Zanpakutō, saying he'll just get in the way. Muramasa, in a rage, summons the Menos he'd been keeping inside himself. Ichigo destroys several, saying he and Rukia would fight the Menos while Byakuya fights Kōga. Neither can outmatch the other in terms of swordsmanship, so Kōga switches to using Kidō, again with neither able to gain an advantage, until Kōga uses a large scale ice spell which seemingly freezes Byakuya, though Senbonzakura releases him. Kōga catches him with an immobilizing spell similar to Muramasa's, but Senbonzakura cuts the threads. Byakuya sems to have won, but Kōga starts using illusions to confuse him, and begins to land some hits. Kōga states that he sends his Reiatsu into his enemy to manipulate their senses, and that Ginrei and Yamamoto were immune due to closing their hearts. Byakuya says he didn't close his, because now he can kill Kōga, instead of sealing him. Koga attacks with the sealing spears and more kidō to immobilize him agin, and tries to finish the fight, only for Senbonzakura to block the attack and free him. Byakuya activates Senkei, and the two continue to battle, with Byakuya gaining the upper hand. Byakuya decides to finish the battle, and as a mark of respect attacks with Shukei.
13x24 Muramasa's True Identity Revealed aired: Tuesday Jan 12, 2010
After Kouga's defeat, Muramasa becomes unstable, as he had absorbed hollows in order to sustain himself without a master. Many hollows spill forth from his body, and he transforms into a form similar to an Arrancar. Orihime tries to reach out to him to save him from his sorrow, but he attacks the group. Ichigo manages to slash through Muramasa, but he becomes even more unstable and becomes a larger dome-shaped mass, engulfing him in the process. The formerly rebellious Zanpakuto return with their owners to help Ichigo and his friends in the battle.
13x25 Byakuya and Renji, the 6th Division Returns aired: Tuesday Jan 19, 2010
The Shinigami and their newly deprogrammed Zanpakuto arrive to join the fight against Muramasa. However, they first have to defeat the seemingly endless number of Menos that have also appeared. Things are further complicated by the squabbling between the Shinigami and their Zanpakuto and the animosity towards Byakuya.
13x26 Final Chapter: Zanpakutō Unknown Tales aired: Tuesday Jan 26, 2010
As the dome grows unstable and the Soul Reapers fight the Gillians outside, Ichigo fights Muramasa inside his inner realm, which is collapsing from the grudges of the hollows he consumed to sustain himself. Ichigo questions Muramasa's devotion to Kouga in spite of his apparent motives for freeing the zanpakutos, and insists that he should know what a true bond between a Soul Reaper and a zanpakuto is. Ichigo defeats Muramasa, causing the two to leave his inner world. Muramasa dies after realizing the error of his ways and Byakuya thanks Ichigo.
13x27 Byakuya's Anger! The Kuchiki Family Collapses aired: Tuesday Feb 2, 2010
While Byakuya allows his squad to hold a sakura viewing party at his mansion, two strange attackers arrive, but one of them is quickly defeated by Sode no Shirayuki and Senbonzakura, who have since rematerialized, while the other escapes. Captain Kurotsuchi refers to these attackers as "Sword Fiends", which are zanpakuto who have killed their masters. Rukia and Sode no Shirayuki try lure out the other by having a drinking party, but fail. Soon Rukia and Sode no Shirayuki find the sword fiend attacking and defeat him together, capturing him and turning him in for study. Captains Ukitake and Kyoraku become concerned at this development, noting that the Seireitei is still being rebuilt.
13x28 A New Enemy! The True Nature of the Beast Swords aired: Tuesday Feb 9, 2010
In the real world, Ichigo encounters a sword fiend, and he and Hitsugaya fight it, but it retreats. Ukitake and Kyoraku infer that there are at least as many sword fiends as the number of Soul Reapers lost in the war, and plan on stabilizing them to return them to sword form, despite Mayuri's lack of interest. The sword fiend is attacked by a hollow, but manages to absorb it. It overpowers Rangiku when she tries fighting it, but Ichigo comes to fight it, disarming it. The hollow-fused sword fiend fires a Cero at Ichigo, but Hitsugaya manages to destroy it, noting that the sword fiends are more dangerous than he thought.
13x29 Stray Snake, Tortured Monkey aired: Tuesday Feb 16, 2010
Renji and Zabimaru come to the real world following a sword fiend. Chimpette and Snakey split up to search. They find the sword fiend quickly but he escapes. Snakey follows him and is covinced that being free is better. Snakey has trouble doing anything since most people can't see him. Karin is the only person who can see him and ends up taking him home. Renji and Chimpette are wiating in the park and Chimpette is feeling lonley because Snakey isn't there. Ichigo returns home and finds Snakey. After Snakey finds out that Ichigo is a subsititue soul reaper he runs away only to encounter the sword fiend. Snakey begins to fight him and almost wins until the sword fiend caputres Karin who was follwing Snakey. Right as Snakey is about to die Chimpette and Reji return to save him and defeat the sword fiend. Ichigo takes Karin home convincing her it was all a dream, even though she knew it wasn't. Having resolved his differences Snakey, Chimpette, and Renji return to Soul Society.
13x30 Terror! The Monster That Lurks Underground aired: Tuesday Feb 23, 2010
Nanao, Ikkaku and Yamada are all sent to investigate Soul Society's underground waterways following a string of thefts from the 4th Squad's barracks. Despite numerous booby traps the trio soon find the culprit. However, they also find a very dangerous Beast Sword as well.
13x31 Conclusion?! Hisagi vs. Kazeshini aired: Tuesday Mar 2, 2010
Kazeshini, despite being free of Muramasa's control, attacks Hisagi when he, Ikkaku, Izuru Kira and Tetsuzaimon Iba go on a mission to fight Sword Fiends in the Rukon District. After killing a Sword Fiend, Kazeshini finds a dying man who begs him to take care of his child. Kazeshini is frequently annoyed by the child's behavior, but often shows concern for it, and abandons a chance to attack Hisagi when he hears it crying. After defeating another Sword Fiend that is attacking a woman who came for the child, he leaves the child with the woman and goes to confront Hisagi. Kazeshini faces Hisagi in one last fight, but is distracted by the child crying, and is defeated and turned into a normal zanpakuto.
13x32 The Person with the Unknown Ability! Orihime is Targeted aired: Tuesday Mar 9, 2010
While Ichigo, Rukia and Urahara investigate a Sword Fiend attacking students, a girl named Kyoko Haida, who has the ability to predict the future and know things she would otherwise not, transfers to Karakura High School. Orihime tries to become friends with her, but learns that her best friend, Mai, rejected her after learning of her ability. A Sword Fiend merges with Kyoko and tries to take over her body, but Ichigo, Rukia and Orihime confront it. Orihime uses her healing powers to separate the Sword Fiend from Kyoko, and Ichigo manages to defeat it with Getsuga Tensho. Afterward, Orihime and Kyoko become friends, with Orihime accepting Kyoko's abilities.
13x33 Haineko Cries! The Tragic Sword Beast aired: Tuesday Mar 16, 2010
While on a mission with Rangiku to fight sword fiends, Haineko encounters one named Narunosuke, whose master was a coward, and who went with the others in order to become stronger. Haineko becomes friends with Narunosuke, sneaking him food and medicine despite Rangiku and the other Soul Reapers' belief that the sword fiends inevitably lose control of themselves and Narunosuke's gradual loss of control. Rangiku arrives to deal with Narunosuke and Haineko tries to stop her, but when Narunosuke loses control of himself, Haineko is ultimately forced to kill him.
13x34 Imprisonment?! Senbonzakura & Zabimaru aired: Tuesday Mar 23, 2010
Whilst trying to deliver a recently defeated Beast Sword to the 12th Squad's Barracks Senbonzakura and Zabimaru accidentally get trapped inside. The Zanpakuto then manage to upset Ashisogi Jizou, uncover some of Mayuri's unethical surveillance and destroy the 12th Squad's building.
13x35 Battle of the Females? Nanao vs. Katen Kyōkotsu aired: Tuesday Mar 30, 2010
Nanao decides to bond with Kyōraku's zanpakutō, Katen Kyokotsu. While the older one sips sake with Kyōraku, Nanao and the younger Katen Kyokotsu become friends under the flowers of the garden.Nanao wants to find out what affects the younger Katen Kyokotsu when she sees her playing around with a Sword Fiends life
13x36 Evolution?! The Wonder of the Final Sword Beast aired: Tuesday Apr 6, 2010
As all the Shinigamis' Zanpakuto are struggling fighting a Sword Fiend we flash back a day before to the events that lead to this battle. Kazeshini is battling with a Sword Fiend who has been corned by 9th division, as they get separated Kazeshini is about to give the fatal blow the Sword Fiend turns back to a regular sword. Later on when Kazeshini, Zabimaru, Hōzukimaru and Fuji Kujaku (Ruriiro Kujaku) gather together they discuss how they found "that Sword Fiend". They discuss how the Sword Fiend from early turn back because he had lost so much reiatsu. We learn how the Zanpakuto only so much reiatsu that they receive, when the gained their physical forms and once they lose all that reiatsu they turn back to swords. "That Sword Fiend" apparently can steal other Zanpakutos reiatsu and that he has surpassed his masters strength. The Shinigamis' Zanpakuto then decided to take care of "that Sword Fiend" so as not to put their masters at risk.

Season 14 Episode List

14x1 Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra aired: Tuesday Apr 13, 2010
This episode recaps the story of the Karakura arc and concludes with Ichigo and Ulquiorra about to renew their fight.
14x2 Connected Hearts! The Left Fist Prepared for Death! aired: Tuesday Apr 20, 2010
Ichigo and Ulquiorra's final battle properly gets underway with the two of them being more or less evenly matched. Ichigo is able to read his opponent's movements better than he could when they first fought, and manages to wound Ulquiorra, if even slightly. Ichigo surmises that it's either he is becoming more like a Hollow or his opponent is becoming more human, which angers Ulquiorra. Meanwhile, Chad and Renji fight a gigantic Hollow-Arrancar hybrid in the desert of Las Noches, eventually claiming victory after discovering its weakness. Back in the Tower, Orihime manages to protect Ichigo from a near-lethal attack from Ulquiorra.
14x3 Hatred and Jealousy, Orihime's Dilemma aired: Tuesday Apr 27, 2010
After getting saved by Orihime in his fight against Ulquiorra, Ichigo realises that he needs to up his game if he is to have any chance of defeating the number four Espada. With Ichigo distracted Loly and Menoly take the opportunity to finish Orihime off but things take an unexpected turn when Yammy decides to intervene.
14x4 Ichigo and Uryū, Bonded Back to Back aired: Tuesday May 4, 2010
Ichigo is unable to release his full power in his battle with Ulquiorra for fear of injuring Orihime. However, once Ishida returns from his battle with Yammy in order to protect Orihime, Ichigo finally goes all out. Unfortunately for him so does Ulquiorra. Meanwhile, things are beginning to look desperate for Rukia in her fight against Rudobone and his seemingly endless army of soldiers. It is then up to Chad and Renji to step in and save her.
14x5 Beginning of Despair... Ichigo, the Unreachable Blade aired: Tuesday May 11, 2010
Ichigo tries to fend off Ulquiorra's attacks with mixed results. However he declares he will never give up even if the arrancar is stronger than he is. Ulquiorra responds by transforming into a second release, Resurrección Segunda Etapa, that he claims Aizen and his fellow Espada do not know about. Ichigo attempts to defend himself and get in an attack, but Ulquiorra is too fast and powerful for him. Eventually, when Orihime and Ishida reach the surface, they discover that Ichigo has already been weakened and captured by Ulquiorra. The Espada tells Orihime to watch how he will extinguish her last hope by killing Ichigo. With that, he punches a hole through Ichigo's chest by using his cero.
14x6 Ichigo Dies! Orihime, the Cry of Sorrow! aired: Tuesday May 18, 2010
With Ichigo apparently dead from Ulquiorra's last attack, Ishida steps up to continue the fight in his place. Unfortunately things do not go any better for the young Quincy than they did for Ichigo. However, Ichigo is so desperate to save his friends that even death is no obstacle and he risks transforming into a dangerous but powerful new form in order to defeat Ulquiorra.
14x7 Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra, Conclusion! aired: Tuesday May 25, 2010
Rukia, Renji and Chad continue their fight against Rudobone. However, no sooner do they finish him off than a very angry Yammy appears. Meanwhile, Ichigo's fight against Ulquiorra finally comes to an end, albeit one that none of them expected.
14x8 Fury of the Shark! Halibel Releases aired: Tuesday Jun 1, 2010
Yammy becomes enraged at Ulquiorra's death and releases his zanpakuto, Ira. He grows to a colossal size and his rank increases from 10 to 0, explaining that the Espada ranks go from 0 to 9. Rukia, Sado and Renji go all out on him, but he successfully blocks all their attacks. Meanwhile, in the fake Karakura, Tia Harribel continues her fight with Toshiro Hitsugaya. As the captains struggle against the Espada, Harribel releases her sword, Tiburon, and slices Hitsugaya's body in two. As she attempts to move toward the Captain-Commander Yamamoto, Hitsugaya reappears and reveals it was merely an ice illusion.
14x9 Hitsugaya, the Suicidal Frozen Heavens Hundred Flowers Funer aired: Tuesday Jun 8, 2010
Captain Hitsugaya and Harribel use an array of water and ice-type attacks. Since Captain Hitsugaya can turn any water into ice, and Harribel can turn any ice into water, both of their attacks neutralize each other out. But, both of them has a plan to turn the battleground into water, and finish off the opponent in a single blow. As Hitsugaya tries to keep up with Harribel and protect the injured lieutenants (Matsumoto, Hinamori, Hisagi, Iba), he is injured severely from Harribel's Cascada and a Cero. But, when Harribel comments on Hitsugaya not being able to fight at full strength, Hitsugaya stands up and extols at Hyorinmaru being the strongest of all snow and ice zanpakuto, which gives the wielder the control of the heavens. He is then about to unleash his strongest attack Hyoten Hyakkaso.
14x10 The Approaching Breath of Death, the King Who Rules Over Dea aired: Tuesday Jun 15, 2010
Hitsugaya shows Halibel the true power of Hyourinmaru but in releasing his ultimate technique he risks the lives of his comrades. Meanwhile, Soi Fon and Oomaeda take on Barragan but Oomaeda proves more of a liability than an asset and even Soi Fon appears to be no match for Barragan's unique ability.
14x11 One Hit Kill, Soi Fon, Bankai! aired: Tuesday Jun 22, 2010
The battle between the Soul Reapers and the Espada becomes more and more tense. Soi Fon and Omaeda find themselves in a bad situation against Barragan's Respira. They can't even counterattack Respira because they can't get anywhere near it. Then, Soi Fon goes off somewhere, leaving Omaeda to fight Barragan alone. Omaeda attacks with Gegetsuburi, but Barragan destroys it easily with Respira. Just when Omaeda is backed into a corner, Soi Fon arrives, having released her Bankai…
14x12 Climax! Kyōraku vs. Starrk! aired: Tuesday Jun 29, 2010
Kyouraku's battle against Stark finally begins as Stark reveals the secret of his bond with Lilinette and releases his Resurrección form. As such Kyouraku is forced to start taking things more seriously and he even goes so far as to release his Shikai. However, even that may not be enough to defeat the number one Espada and in the end Ukitake steps in to help him out.
14x13 The Nightmare Returns... Revival of the Espada aired: Tuesday Jul 6, 2010
Kyoraku allows Ukitake to join him in fighting Starrk. Starrk fights Ukitake for a bit and notices his shikai's technique which absorbs his cero's and shoot it back out again. Just then, a huge garganta opens up and reveals Wonderweiss and another gigantic hollow next to him. Wonderweiss then comes to each Esapada's aid by stabbing Ukitake in the chest while Starrk shoots Kyoraku with a cero making both Kyoraku and Ukitake faint to the ground. Wonderweiss then uses one of his loud screams which shatters the ice that Harribel was trapped in and she escapes unharmed. Wonderweiss then blows of the smoke remaining after Soifon's bankai missile out of Barragan making him resume his place. Just when all the Shinigami's begin to panic, the Vizards make an unsuspecting arrival right in front of Aizen, Gin and Tosen. It then goes to a little flashback of how the Vizards became Vizards and what Aizen did to them many years ago.
14x14 Hirako and Aizen...the Reunion of Fate! aired: Tuesday Jul 13, 2010
Hirako and the other Vizards arrive at the fake Karakura town to assist with the fights. When Head Captain Yamamoto notices the Vizards it goes into a flash back from 101 years ago. This shows how Aizen performed hollowfication on all of the Vizards. After this it shows how Urahara was banished to the World of the Living, and that all the subjects that Aizen performed hollowfication on were to be treated as regular hollows. Back in the fake Karakura town Kirako asks if the other Vizards want to meet anyone before they continue. Lisa quickly rushes off to see Kyōraku. Hirako states that he is going to see Yamamoto. He explains to him that he is not their ally, but that he is Aizen's enemy. After that he he states that he is also an ally of Ichigo. Wonderweiss Margera starts shouting very loud which causes Fūrā to open up and then releases a lot of Menos, but the Vizards quickly defeat them. Hirako confronts Aizen and hopes to finish it. However Tōsen stops the attack before it strikes. Hirako and Tōsen then begin to fight. Tōsen is about to strike Hirako but is stopped by Komamora. Harribel breaks out of the ice that Hitsugaya enslaved her in and goes for the strike, but Lisa stops the attack in time. Hiyori also comes to help. Mashiro goes and attacks Fūrā and she quickly defeats it and Love and Rōjūrō confront Starrk. Komamora starts speaking with Tōsen which is quickly interupted by Hisagi who wants to join Komamora in defeating him.
14x15 Hisagi and Tōsen: The Moment of Parting aired: Tuesday Jul 20, 2010
Hisagi joins Komamura to battle Tosen in hopes of bringing his former captain back to his senses. Meanwhile the other Soul Reapers form an uneasy alliance with the Visoreds: Lisa, Hiyori, and Hitsugaya take on Halibel. Love and Rose take on Stark. Hachi, Omaeda, and Soi Fon take on Barragan. The battle against the Espada resumes!
14x16 Crown of Lies, Barragan's Grudge aired: Tuesday Jul 27, 2010
Barragan survives the Soi Fon's bankai although half his face has been destroyed. In anger he fires out his Respira attack until he rots away Hachigen's hand. However, Hachigen removes his hand via kido and places it in Barragan's body, causing him to rot away. Barragan shouts how he will kill Aizen, and in a flashback it is revealed he was once the self-proclaimed ruler of Hueco Mundo until dethroned by Aizen. In his final moments, Barragan tosses his axe at Aizen but it disintegrates and Barragan dies. Stark shows distress at his death and vows to avenge him.
14x17 Power of the Soul! Los Lobos, Attack! aired: Tuesday Aug 3, 2010
Stark shows no sign of getting serious in his battle against Love and Rose. Running out of patience, Lilinette begins to mindlessly fire at the two Visoreds without Stark's permission. But her attacks prove to be ineffective against the two, and she is gradually cornered by the pair's fine team play. Finally, Love hits Stark with his Zanpakuto attack, and the Espada is thrown into a sea of flames.
14x18 Stark, the Lone Battle aired: Tuesday Aug 10, 2010
Stark splits his own soul and shapes it into packs of wolves and launches them against Love and Rose. Preparing to deliver the finishing blow, Stark is caught off guard by Shunsui, who suddenly appears out of Stark's shadow. Despite his best efforts to dodge the attacks, Stark is gradually weakened. Just then the wolves, headed by Lilinette, swarm over Shunsui. He brushes them off, and the wolves disappear. Stark calls out for Lilinette but hears no reply.
14x19 Chain of Sacrifice, Halibel's Past aired: Tuesday Aug 17, 2010
Las Noches. Long ago, Apache, at the time still an Adjucha-class Hollow, was hunted by other Hollows when Halibel saved her life. Apache soon joins Halibel's group consisting of Sun-Sun and Mila Rose. As they spend more time together, Apache notices Halibel does not devour the enemies she defeats. When questioned, Halibel responds that she does not wish to become stronger by sacrificing others.
14x20 The Hundred-Year Grudge! Hiyori's Revenge aired: Tuesday Aug 24, 2010
With the Espada gone, the Visoreds are now able to confront Aizen. Having been unwilling test subjects in Aizen's past experiment, the Visoreds make no effort to hide their hatred toward the man who destroyed their lives. Hiyori, unable hold in her anger, is the first to attack Aizen with her blade. Meanwhile, Chad, Renji, and Rukia continue their fight against Yammy in Hueco Mundo.
14x21 Ichigo's Return! Protect Karakura Town aired: Tuesday Aug 31, 2010
Ichigo goes up against Yammy. Rukia notices that Ichigo is acting strange following his battle with Ulquiorra and shows her concern for him. Ichigo is also shaken up by the fact that his Hollowfication now feels different. But, unable to forgive Yammy for labeling Ulquiorra and Grimmjow as trash, Ichigo makes another attempt at his Hollowfication.
14x22 Side Story! Ichigo and the Magic Lamp aired: Tuesday Sep 7, 2010
Ichigo wakes up to find himself in the middle of a desert. Sitting next to a confused Ichigo are Uryu, Orihime, and Chad, all dressed in an Arabian style. Introducing themselves as “Urio,” “Ori Mei,” and “Chaido,” the three explain that they are in search of a treasure called the “Snow Crystal.”
14x23 The Final Trump Card! Ichigo, Towards the Decisive Battle aired: Tuesday Sep 14, 2010
Kenpachi overcomes Yammy's monstrous size and tough exterior to land a clean blow against the Espada. Meanwhile, Ichigo uses Garganta to return to the World of the Living. On the way, Captain Unohana explains to Ichigo about Aizen's power of “Complete Hypnosis.” She then reveals that Ichigo is the key to defeating Aizen.
14x24 Byakuya vs. Kenpachi?! The Melee Commences aired: Tuesday Sep 21, 2010
As he holds a dying Hiyori, an enraged Hirako readies himself to confront Aizen in battle. Meanwhile, Hisagi and Komamura battle Tosen in a desperate attempt to bring their former ally back to his senses. But Tosen, who believes he follows a just path, ignores their plea and attacks them.
14x25 For the Sake of Justice?! The Man Who Deserted the Shinigami aired: Tuesday Sep 28, 2010
Komamura performs his Bankai, Kokujo Tengen Myo-oh, to subdue Tosen. However, Tosen has already deduced the weakness of Komamura's Bankai from years of working closely together. Despite the damage received, Komamura refuses to give up on his former friend, throwing out the question of why Tosen chose to become a Soul Reaper in the first place.
14x26 Desperate Struggle with Aizen! Hirako, Shikai! aired: Tuesday Oct 5, 2010
Tosen is now able to see in his Ressureccion form. But Komamura states that in exchange for his vision, Tosen has now blinded his own heart. Unable to bring himself to kill the man he wanted to save, Komamura falls before Tosen's attack. Meanwhile, Hirako prepares to use his Shikai, Sakanade, against Aizen.
14x27 All Out War! Aizen vs. Shinigami aired: Tuesday Oct 12, 2010
Ichigo has returned to the World of the Living to battle Aizen. After an unsuccessful first attack, Ichigo Hollowfies to deliver his Getsugatensho against Aizen, but that too proves ineffective. Witnessing the immense power Aizen holds, Ichigo begins to lose his will to fight, when the Thirteen Court Guard Squads stand up to support him.
14x28 Blade of Hatred! Hitsugaya, Enraged! aired: Tuesday Oct 19, 2010
The Thirteen Court Guard Squads and Visoreds launch a full-scale attack against Aizen. But Aizen makes quick work of their combined efforts. Just when all hope is thought to be lost, Hirako uses his Zanpakuto's power to draw away Aizen's attention, giving way for Hitsugaya to deliver the killing blow.
14x29 The Sealed Genryūsai aired: Tuesday Oct 26, 2010
Head Captain Genryusai Yamamoto of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads steps in to battle Aizen. Genryusai's attempt to incinerate Aizen in a blazing inferno is thwarted by Wonderweiss, whose Ressureccion form extinguishes the flames. Wonderweiss is revealed to be a Mod Arrancar created by Aizen for the sole purpose of sealing away Genryusai's zanpakuto, Ryujinjakka.
14x30 It's All A Trap...Engineered Bonds! aired: Tuesday Nov 2, 2010
Ichigo succeeds in wounding Aizen with his Hollowfied Getsugatensho attack. But to his surprise, the Hogyoku instantly heals Aizen's wound. Aizen then reveals an even more shocking truth to Ichigo.
14x31 The Shocking Truth...The Mysterious Power Within Ichigo! aired: Tuesday Nov 9, 2010
Aizen continues to reveal the truth about the Ichigo's past battles crippling Ichigo's will power. Ichigo refuses to accept the truth and goes in for another strike but Aizen stops the attack effortlessly. As Aizen continues to stamp on Ichigo's ego a familiar face appears to help...
14x32 The Extending Blade?! Ichigo vs. Gin! aired: Tuesday Nov 16, 2010
As they cross blades, Gin asks Ichigo if he recalls their last encounter, to which Ichigo responds he does not remember Gin's “heart” being present back then. Ichigo's answer prompts Gin to display his Bankai and its incredible power. Meanwhile, Isshin notices a change occurring within Aizen.
14x33 Film! Festival! Shinigami Film Festival! aired: Tuesday Nov 23, 2010
To celebrate the release of Bleach Movie 4 the Shinigami of Soul Society decide to host their own film festival. Ichigo ends up having no choice but to help out.
14x34 Theatre Opening Commemoration! Hell Chapter・Prologue aired: Tuesday Nov 30, 2010

14x35 Urahara Appears! Stop Aizen! aired: Tuesday Dec 7, 2010
Kisuke Urahara steps onto the battlefield as Aizen, fused with the Hogyoku, begins his transformation. Urahara's Kido attack appears ineffective against Aizen, who claims he has complete control over the Hogyoku. But Urahara's true goal was to turn Aizen's own spirit energy against himself.
14x36 Ichigo Loses His Fighting Spirit!? Gin's Expectation! aired: Tuesday Dec 14, 2010
Ichigo finds himself cornered against Gin's Bankai. But to Ichigo's surprise, Gin advises him to run from this battle. Meanwhile, Urahara, Yoruichi, and Isshin fight Aizen in a three-on-one battle. But none of their attacks appear to work against Aizen.
14x37 The Final Getsuga Tenshō!? Ichigo's Training! aired: Tuesday Dec 21, 2010
Ichigo fights to learn the Final Getsuga Tensho technique... but first he must convince Zangetsu to teach it to him. Meanwhile, Aizen and Gin walk through the real Karakura Town.
14x38 Real World and Shinigami! The New Year Special! aired: Tuesday Jan 4, 2011
The Women's Soul Reaper Association is hosting a New Year's party in the Soul Society, when Hitsugaya and the other male Soul Reapers come crashing in. Meanwhile in the World of the Living, everyone is spending New Year's with their families. Orihime, who has no family, spends her time alone, when Rukia and Renji come by to say their New Year's greeting.
14x39 Gaiden Again! This Time's Enemy is a Monster? aired: Tuesday Jan 11, 2011
Two monster hunters arrive at an old castle where Franken Ichigo, Succubus Rukia, Vampire Uryu, Pumpkin Orihime, Mummy Renji, Witch Rangiku, and Wolfman Hitsugaya all live as lackluster monsters.
14x40 Delusion Roars! Hisagi, Towards the Hot Springs Inn! aired: Tuesday Jan 18, 2011
Shuhei Hisagi leads a busy life handling the duties of Squad 9 Lieutenant and Editor in Chief of the Seireitei Bulletin, as well as preparing picnic lunches for the Soul Reapers. One day, Hisagi and Rangiku are sent to investigate a string of disappearances in the Rukon district. But being alone together with Rangiku causes Hisagi's imagination to go wild, which worsens when Rangiku suggests spending the night at an inn.
14x41 For the Sake of Protecting! Ichigo vs. Tensa Zangetsu! aired: Tuesday Jan 25, 2011
Aizen and Gin close in on Tatsuki, when Don Kanonji comes to the rescue. A still-injured Rangiku also arrives to confront Gin. Meanwhile, seeking to learn the Final Getsugatensho, Ichigo battles Tensa Zangetsu and Hollow Ichigo, who have now merged into one being.
14x42 Emergency Situation! Aizen, New Evolution! aired: Tuesday Feb 1, 2011
Aizen continues his pursuit of Ichigo's friends. Fearing for their lives, Keigo attempts to attack Aizen using the Zanpakuto he stole from Kurumadani. Gin returns to Aizen after having personally dealt with Rangiku, and his appearance prompts Tatsuki and the others to prepare for the worst.
14x43 Goodbye...Rangiku aired: Tuesday Feb 8, 2011
Gin recalls his past and the fateful event that led him to become a Soul Reaper serving under Aizen. Meanwhile, Aizen's overwhelming Spiritual Pressure forces Tatsuki, Keigo and the others to fall helplessly to the ground, when Ichigo finally arrives after completing his training.
14x44 Fierce Fighting Conclusion! Release, the Final Getsuga Tensh aired: Tuesday Feb 15, 2011
Battle ensues between Aizen and Ichigo. His nineties-level Kido attack easily deflected, Aizen further evolves to best Ichigo. But Ichigo, now fully aware of why Tensa Zangetsu was reluctant to teach him the Final Getsugatensho, has come to possess amazing powers.
14x45 Ichigo's Resolution aired: Tuesday Feb 22, 2011
The battle in Karakura Town and the Soul Society has come to an end. Karakura Town is returned to the World of the Living using Mayuri's technology, and everyone prepares to return to their respective places. Ichigo is reunited with his friends who have returned from Hueco Mundo, when his condition suddenly changes.
14x46 The Soul Detective ・Karakuraizer Takes Off Again! aired: Tuesday Mar 1, 2011
Karakurizer is back! As Karakurizer, Kon tries to impress the ladies when a man named Michel appears. Strong, kind, handsome, and a true hero, Michel instantly gains popularity from the townspeople and the other Karakurizer. Can Karakurizer reclaim the title of No. 1 hero?! Go, Karakurizer!
14x47 Inauguration! The Brand New 2nd Division Captain! aired: Tuesday Mar 8, 2011
While slacking off on his duties, Omaeda falls from a cliff. Recovering from the fall, Omaeda finds a young boy named Ryuzaburo staring at him with admiration and learns that he has unintentionally saved the boy's life from a Hollow. When asked for his name, Omaeda lies and says he is the captain of Squad 2.
14x48 The Man Who Takes Command of the 11th Division! aired: Tuesday Mar 15, 2011
The episode starts off with Ichigo sparring with Renji and after that a man from squad 11 named Seizo gives the two tea, but everyone seems to disrespect him and Ichigo wonders why. It is later revealed that Seizo was once a strong warrior, but because he lost almost all of his spiritual energy to a hollow he became weak and no one after that respected him. After regaining his confidence in his skills he defeats a group of hollows alongside Ikkaku. The episode ends with Seizo leaving the Thirteen Court Guard Squads with all of Squad 11 including Ikkaku bowing down to him in respect.
14x49 Secret of a Beautiful Office Lady aired: Tuesday Mar 22, 2011
The episode begins with Kon yelling out the window about his imprisonment in Ichigo's room, just then a pretty a lady walks by and Kon tries to jump out to her as she asks for directions which Ichigo gives her. Ichigo's badge rings as a hollow appears and Ichigo rushes out in his Soul Reaper form. Kon is later seen taking a stroll on a bridge in Ichigo's body and spots the girl from before who was asking for directions as she is about to jump off the bridge. Kon runs to save her, but instead of saving the girl, he falls off the bridge himself. As the girl and Kon talk it is revealed that the girl can see Hollows and Soul Reapers and because of this her boyfriend Ken breaks up with her and also that the girl's name is Haruko. Ichigo finds Rukia and Rukia tells him that there has been a Hollow that has been sucking out the souls of humans. As Haruko leaves Kon and is by her self, she is attacked by that Hollow and Kon arrives just in time to save her. After the incident Haruko's boyfriend Ken arrives to apologize for what he did and it turns out that it wasn't Ken at all, but the hollow itself and is able to take over Haruko as well. Kon fights Haruko and manages to get the hollow out of her, but just then Kon's pill pops out of Ichigo's body and he is no longer in control of it. Before Kon in his pill is eaten, he is saved by Ichigo who kills the hollow. Haruko mistakens Ichigo as Kon and decides to take Ichigo as her boyfriend and leave Ken, but just then Rukia arrives and using her memory erasing spray, she erases the memory of Hakuro and Ken. The episode ends with Haruko and Ken holding hands and resuming their relationship knowing nothing of what happened.
14x50 Yachiru's Friend! The Shinigami of Justice Appears! aired: Tuesday Mar 29, 2011
Yachiru encounters an old friend she calls Mappy, and a new face, Mayu. Mappy, or Masayoshi starts to tell the two about how a hollow killed his wife. Mayu, having had her parents killed by a hollow starts to feel a bit close to Masayoshi. Later, after a talk with Kenpachi, Yachiru warns her not to get too close to Mappy. However, this was immediately after asking to travel with him. Later on, Masayoshi protects Mayu, and asks her to accompany him as she had previously asked. Then, Yachiru jumps between the two, and reveals that Kenpachi told her how a hollow possessed Masayoshi, as proven when his love for sweets and the memory of his wife's name were now gone. Masayoshi at first doesn't believe it, but Yachiru insists. He begins to transform into the hollow in his panicked state. Just then, a hollow shows up behind Mayu, and Masayoshi jumps in and kills it, however fatally wounding himself in the process. Masayoshi dies happily in Mayu's arms after having some konpeito candy from Yachiru, remarking how good it is.
14x51 Hitsugaya Toushirou's Day Off! aired: Tuesday Apr 5, 2011
Captain Hitsugaya takes leave from the 13 Gotei Squads to visit Grandma Haru, a friend of his in the real world. Grandma Haru is a lonely old woman who can see spirits because of which people find her strange and do not go near her. Before seeing her, he plays soccer for Karin Kurosaki's team and gets her involved in his visit. They both go to Grandma Haru's house and meet the spirit of a child named Yosuke. Yosuke is in Whole form, Karin reminds Toshirō that if he's left in the real world for too long, he will turn into a hollow. However, Toshirō hesitates from sending Yosuke to Soul Society after hearing that he and his parents died in an accident on the way to a skiing trip, and that he doesn't wish to leave till he sees snow for the first time. Toshirō makes his mind up to keep an eye on Yosuke till it snows in Karakura town. Toshirō soon wonders why Yosuke is showing no signs of becoming a hollow, suddenly, Grandma Haru collapses after which Yosuke begins to transform. It is revealed that Grandma Haru had been controlling his transformation with her own reiatsu, when she weakened, he went out of control. While Toshirō attempts to slay the hollow, he hesitates after thinking of Yosuke. Grandma Haru, who is being held in the hollow's hand restrains him with her riatsu giving Toshirō enough time to give the finishing blow. When the fight ends, Yosuke is shown again in his normal form laying on the grass with Toshirō, Karin and Grandma Haru by his side. It begins to snow in Karakura which allows Yosuke to leave happy. The episode is concluded with Toshirō seeing Karin off and Yuzu announcing a new arc starting next with the next episode.

Season 15 Episode List

15x1 Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc! Unusual Incident in Seireitei?! aired: Tuesday Apr 12, 2011
After Aizen's defeat, the shinigami are adjusting back to peaceful times. After cleansing and restoring the barriers where Karakura Town was temporarily swapped with Soul Society, Matsumoto and Nanao enter the Precipice World to return home, but are confronted by something along the way. Hitsugaya and Shunsui lose contact with their lieutenants, who have not returned. Meanwhile, Ichigo and Rukia go off to handle hollows, and Kon goes off to investigate a spiritual disturbance and finds a green-haired girl covered in rags. Hitsugaya and Shunsui report to Yamamoto regarding their lieutenants' disappearances, but Matsumoto and Nanao return at the same time. Both of them do not recall being away that long and just came back directly. The shinigami realize time in the Precipice World is out of sync with Soul Society, with Yamamoto ordering Kurotsuchi Mayuri to conduct a survey of the area with Kenpachi's team as security escort. Ichigo returns home and is furious with Kon, who has brought back the green-haired girl. Rukia is unable to detect the presence of the girl, who has no spirit energy nor a human's signature. While the survey in ongoing, Mayuri and Kenpachi's team are confronted by an intense light emerging from the walls of the Precipice World. Rukia is ordered to return to Soul Society along with Ichigo. They discuss with Urahara who advises Ichigo not to go to Soul Society in his present condition and mentions that Yoriuchi travelled there but has not returned. Ichigo goes anyway with Rukia through the Precipice World but are chased by the Kototsu. To save themselves, Ichigo goes bankai and carries Rukia all the way to Soul Society but due to the gradual loss of his powers, he drops out of bankai and falls to the ground. Ichigo encounters Hitsugaya and then Byakuya with both attacking him. Byakuya places Ichigo under confinement. Somewhere in Soul Society, a man walks through a lab filled with piles of gigai and addresses what seems to be Kira Izuru and Nanao.
15x2 Battle With Comrades! Renji vs. Rukia?! aired: Tuesday Apr 19, 2011
While Kon tries to keep the green-haired girl, whose name is Nozomi Kujo, a secret from Ichigo's family, Ichigo himself is placed under confinement in Seireitei. Rukia sneaks into jail and frees him. Jūshirō and Shunsui discuss Ichigo's arrest, as his substitute badge was found by Byakuya Kuchiki inside the Precipice World, leading the rest to believe Ichigo is responsible for the disappearances. However Jūshirō and Shunsui believe there's more to it. Rukia explains to Ichigo there is a time gap between the living world and Soul Society. Before she can explain more, Renji and Ikkaku confront them. Although Ichigo and Rukia try to convince them they are innocent, the two Soul Reapers attack them. While fighting them, Ichigo and Rukia realize that Renji and Ikkaku are somehow not themselves and exhibit ruthless behaviors. Yoriuchi arrives and seals Renji and Ikkaku's movements before escaping with Ichigo and Rukia. In her hideout, Yoriuchi explains to them that the Soul Reapers are being replaced secretly by Reigai, which houses the spiritual essence of Soul Reapers functioning like a gigai. The reigai contains near-perfect copies of memories, personalities and behaviors of the Soul Reapers. As reigai is used to test out the soul candies, it seems that someone in the 12th Division and the Department of Technology and Research is involved. Yoriuchi has no idea how many impostors are there hiding among the Gotei 13. Ichigo and Rukia sneak into the lab and discover Nozomi is a fugitive from Soul Society. The mysterious scientist along with the fake Kira and Nanao arrive in the living world to apprehend Nozomi, who evades capture. Kon follows her and both are eventually cornered by the scientist's group. However, Uryū Ishida arrives to help Kon and Nozomi.
15x3 Ichigo's Capture Net! aired: Tuesday Apr 26, 2011
Uryū Ishida shows up and confronts the mysterious scientist while Kon is unable to respond. Nozomi is left unconscious, captured by Kira and Nanao. Ishida is defeated by the scientist and his zanpakuto, Raiku. Ichigo, Rukia, and Yoruichi are trying to form a plan to escape Soul Society since they assume the Reigai blocked the Senkaimon. Yoruichi sacrifices herself and fights the captains and lieutenants to let Rukia and Ichigo escape. Orihime and Chad show up to save Ishida and Chad is also defeated when he is trying to give Orihime time to heal Ishida. Ichigo and Rukia arrive and Ichigo proceeds with fighting the scientist. He reveals his name is Kageroza Inaba, and easily deals with Ichigo in his weakening state. Just as he is about to kill Ichigo and Rukia, Renji appears and attacks Inaba with his zanpakuto. The other captains and lieutenants involved in the incident arrive to face Inaba, and Hitsugaya retrieves Nozomi after dealing a blow to fake Kira. The scientist then admits that he is behind the Reigai incident, and then claims once he has Nozomi, he will be able to conquer Soul Society and the World of the Living. Inaba escapes to Soul Society and meets with the Reigai. He deems them the Invading Army, and tasks them with retrieving Nozomi and eliminating the originals.
15x4 Gotei 13, Gathering in the Real World! aired: Tuesday May 3, 2011
At the Urahara Shop, Ichigo, Uryū, Sado are sitting at a table silently, as Orihime assesses the condition of Nozomi Kujō. She stirs in her sleep, much to Orihime's surprise, as Uryū informs her of her whereabouts. He reassures her, stating that they are in a safe location. As Nozomi attempts to get up, Orihime tells her not to over-exert herself, as Kon appears, asking if she is alright.
15x5 Showdown of Mutual Self, Ikkaku vs. Ikkaku! aired: Tuesday May 10, 2011
Shunsui Kyōraku meets up with fellow captain Jūshirō Ukitake, whereupon they discuss in private how the incident seems too planned out to be believable. Ukitake asks him what they should do next, to which he suggests that they go through the events from the start. He recalls Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto informing the other captains during a meeting of the return of Kenpachi Zaraki and Mayuri Kurotsuchi.
15x6 Clash! Rukia vs. Rukia! aired: Tuesday May 17, 2011
In Karakura Town, Nozomi Kujō wanders listlessly around the town, with Kon in close pursuit. He asks her where she is going, to which she states that she doesn't know. He berates her for walking around without knowing where to go, to which she throws a rock at Kon, pummeling him into a nearby tree. He shouts at her avidly, prompting Nozomi to say that she has a place to go to, but doesn't know the exact location.
15x7 Protect Ichigo! Nozomi's Determination aired: Tuesday May 24, 2011
Ichigo Kurosaki, Yasutora Sado and Orihime Inoue run throughout Karakura Town. Orihime confirms that she sensed the reiatsu of Rukia Kuchiki, as Ichigo heads out to assist them. However, she tells him to search for Nozomi Kujo, stating that she will go to the river. Ichigo agrees to this, prompting Sado to volunteer to stay by her side, as they split up. Meanwhile, Kon is still leading Nozomi to the mountain shrine, as she asks how long the journey will take.
15x8 Recapture Seireitei! aired: Tuesday May 31, 2011
Hitsugaya, Byakuya, Kenpachi, and Komamura, the four captains trapped in the living world, use Urahara's senkaimon to return to Soul Society. They fall into Inaba's trap in the Precipice World, where Komamura stays behind to counter the restrictive current. As the other three arrive, they go separate ways and Kenpachi encounters his false counterpart. He engages his clone in fierce combat, at first being defeated. However he regains the upper hand and destroys the Reigai after encouragement from Yachiru. Meanwhile, Fake Ukitake and Kyoraku continue battling Yammamoto, claiming that they have not lost their pride despite being Reigai. Also, Isane and Unohana confront Inaba at his headquarters. He explains how he made the fake soul reapers, and then Isane turns on Unohana, revealing herself to be an imposter. The Unohana Reigai then arrives and meets with the original.
15x9 For the Sake of the Believers! Byakuya vs. Hitsugaya! aired: Tuesday Jun 7, 2011
Unohana and her imposter engage in a kido conflict, with Unohana escaping. The Fake Kyoraku and Ukitake are unable to defeat the head captain, who criticizes their claim that they retain their pride. Fake Unohana arrives and heals their wounds, revealing their strategy to exhaust the head captain. Elsewhere in Seireitei, Byakuya is stopped by the Fake Hitsugaya, and the two unleash their bankais in a brief battle. Byakuya asks the imposter why someone would fight for Inaba, and Fake Histugaya claims that he want to protect some one, whom the original also want to protect but the original one does not have the power to do it,which he has. Byakuya criticizes his motives and eventually manages to defeat him, though narrowly escaping Hitsugaya's Hyoten Hyakasso. Back in the living world, Ichigo asks Urahara to send him to Soul Society. He is advised not to go due to his declining spirit energy. However, Nozomi steps up and reveals a type of healing kido that restores some of Ichigo's lost spiritual power. He then proceeds with heading to Soul Society, where Inaba meets with Nozomi's unconscious soul claiming she will return.
15x10 The Two Hinamori, Hitsugaya's Resolution aired: Tuesday Jun 14, 2011
Ichigo enters the Precipice World and heads toward Soul Society. Byakuya kills fake Hitsugaya and moves forward, where he encounters fake Byakuya. While in a bamboo forest, Kenpachi is attacked by Soi Fon and the Punishment Force. He easily defeats all of Soi Fon's forces. Ichigo reaches Soul Society where he encounters Inaba. Elsewhere Hitsugaya is confronted by fake Hinamori. Despite knowing she is an imposter, Hitsugaya cannot bring himself to kill her. The real Hinamori seems to appear and attacks her Reigai. After tricking Hitsugaya into saving one of them, they reveal that both of them are Reigai and cut him down. Yoruichi then appears and defeats both of the Reigai, saving Hitsugaya. Meanwhile, Soi Fon attacks Kenpachi, but Komamura interrupts and challenges fake Soi Fon. As Ichigo arrives in Soul Society, he is attacked by Inaba, who explains that Ichigo's lack of purity makes him an erasable anomaly. Inaba then uses his zanpakuto to trap Ichigo in the Precipice World.
15x11 Pride of the Kuchiki Family! Byakuya vs. Byakuya! aired: Tuesday Jun 21, 2011
Byakuya confronts his false counterpart, originally struggling until he releases his bankai. Meanwhile, Komammura is having difficulty dealing with fake Soi Fon, whose speed and abilities seem to outmatch his. In a desperate final attempt, both he and fake Soi Fon clash with their bankais, and the battle ends in a draw. Elsewhere, a frustrated Head Captain Yamammato releases a powerful wall of fire, seemingly engulfing the imposters that were challenging him. In the World of the Living, Ichigo's friends express concern when Urahara tells them he cannot detect Ichigo's spirit energy.
15x12 Defeat Kageroza! Shinigami, All-Out War! aired: Tuesday Jun 28, 2011
Hitsugaya and Kenpachi arrive at Inaba's base of operations. They engage him in combat, and Inaba reveals his Zanpakutō can record attacks in the Precipice World and fire them back at the opponent. As Inaba gains the upper hand, Yoruichi and the captains arrive, aside from the head captain and Mayuri. Inaba summons the remaining Reigai, and a brawl between the originals and the fakes ensues. At first the captains and Yoruichi are able to overpower Inaba and his forces. However when they lose the upper hand, fake Mayuri slashes Inaba, revealing he switched places with the imposter. Elsewhere, Ichigo is rescued in the Precipice World by a mysterious figure.
15x13 The Forbidden Research...Nozomi's Hidden Secret! aired: Tuesday Jul 5, 2011
Ichigo awakens at Urahara's shop, mystified as to how he was rescued. Urahara tells him that there are several ways to escape the restrictive current but none to escape the cleaner so it is unknown how Ichigo escaped. Elsewhere, Mayuri uses his zanpakuto to drug Inaba. Inaba then summons fake Isane and attacks her. At Urahara shop, Rukia then explains Project Spearhead to the rest of the group in which mod souls were used. Inaba then takes the soul candy from the Reigai and swallows it, resulting with Inaba being rejected from his body and the Reigai taking the effects of the drug. Inaba then ressurects most of the defeated Reigai, unleashing their true strength and revealing his backstory as the one who created mod souls. The episode ends with Nozomi admitting she was the first mod soul.
15x14 I Want to Live...! Nozomi's Zanpakutō aired: Tuesday Jul 12, 2011
Renji reports to the head captain and informs him that the captains involved in the brawl with Inaba have not been heard from. The head captain states that only the soul reapers in the Living World and Ichigo's group are prepared for battle. He then speculates several hollows may have gathered due to the spiritual disturbance. When Ichigo and Rukia leave Nozomi's company to deal with a hollow, she leaves the house and goes for a walk. Nozomi herself is then attacked by a hollow, and Kon arrives to defend her. After the hollow easily deals with them both, Nozomi's frustration releases a bout of spiritual pressure, and she regains her zanpakuto and soul reaper abilities, defeating the hollow.
15x15 For the Sake of Fighting! The Awakening Nozomi! aired: Tuesday Jul 19, 2011
After regaining her zanpakuto and reaper abilities, Nozomi decides that she wants to help defeat Kageroza, but is met with opposition from Ichigo and the other soul reapers since she cannot remember her zanpakuto's name or it's power. Ichigo, Chad, Ishida and Rukia decide to help Nozomi awaken her zanpakuto's dormant powers through the same rigorous training that Ichigo underwent to awaken his. Meanwhile, Kageroza orders the fakes of Byakuya, Hitsugaya, Zaraki, and Komamura to infiltrate the Living World. While traveling through the Precipice World, they fall into a trap set by Urahara and are separated when they finally do reach the Living World. To buy Nozomi more time to awaken her zanpakuto, Ikkaku and other soul reapers battle with the captains from the Invading Army. Yumichika tells Ichigo and the others that they won't awaken Nozomi's zanpakuto if both sides keep holding back. After Ichigo throws a Getsugatensho at Nozomi, she finally remembers her zanpakuto's name, Arazomeshigure, which seemingly swallows up all of Ichigo's zanpakuto's spiritual pressure.Ikkaku, who was fighting fake Zaraki, looks like he is about to be delivered the finishing blow when Nozomi arrives and seemingly obliterates fake Zaraki with her Arazomeshigure.
15x16 The Most Evil Reigai, Appears in the Real World! aired: Tuesday Jul 26, 2011
Hisagi and Kira take on fake Hitsugaya while Matsumoto and Iba fight fake Komamura. Renji and Rukia take over Omaeda's battle with fake Byakuya when he seemingly loses to him. While Yumichika is tending to Ikkaku and talking to Ichigo and Nozomi, fake Zaraki appears. Excited about Nozomi's power, he wants to fight her, but Yumichika tells her and Ichigo to stand back and tend to Ikkaku's wounds so that he can avenge his fallen comrade. Not satisfied with that, Nozomi goes around to the different battles to help, but all of the captains tell her to get out of the way and go to safety. Yumichika, Hisagi, and Kira are all taken down, and Renji and Rukia look like they are at their limit. Fake Zaraki challenges Ichigo and Nozomi, and fake Hitsugaya is eager to join in. However, Nozomi deals a considerable amount of damage to him in one shot. Fake Byakuya, realizing the power of her zanpakuto, tries to keep her from using it by binding her with his kido and is about to destroy her when Ishida saves her. Ishida, once seeing Nozomi absorb his Ginreikojaku, deduces that her zanpakuto can absorb anything with spiritual pressure. Having no other choice but to rely on her, the remaining soul reapers plus Chad and Ishida all direct their spiritual pressure at Nozomi, which she redirects at the Invading Army captains. Fake Byakuya survives the attack and is about to unleash his Bankai when the Head Captain suddenly appears and defeats him.
15x17 Destroy Nozomi?! Genryusai's Decision aired: Tuesday Aug 2, 2011
The Head Captain asks the remaining soul reapers if Nozomi is the one he heard about in the report. Rukia replies that she is, and that her name is Nozomi Kujo. Yamamoto responds by stating that her name is unimportant, as she is a Mod Soul. This upsets Nozomi, and angers Kon. He also states that they don't need help from a Mod Soul. Suddenly, Yamamoto senses a strong spiritual pressure emanating from the sky. From a crack within the sky, Fake Kyoraku, and Fake Ukitake appear. Ichigo tells Rukia, and Renji to stay back, as well as bring the other injured soul reapers (Uryu, Sado, Yumichika, Iba, Kira, Hisagi, and Matsumoto) to Orihime to be healed. Fake Kyoraku, and Fake Ukitake release their shikai, and Yamamoto does the same. Yamamoto tells Ichigo to stay back as well, stating they will only get in his way. Nozomi refuses, and attacks Fake Kyoraku and Fake Ukitake, but fails to land a strike. Ichigo spars with Fake Ukitake, and Nozomi with Fake Kyoraku. Meanwhile, Yamamoto was distracted and Fake Unohana activates several Bakudo seals, immobilizing him. Ichigo, noticing Nozomi's defeat at Fake Kyoraku's hands performs Bankai. Ichigo fires a Getsuga Tensho at the attackers, but Fake Ukitake uses his shikai to absorb, and redirect it at him, who barely manages to avoid it. Yamamoto destroys the seals with his reaitsu and the real Unohana uses a Bakudo on the Fake Unohana. The three fake captains all attack Yamamoto, but Kagerosa appears commanding them to stop. Kagerosa battles Yamamoto but the latter seems to have the upper hand. Nozomi offers to be a decoy for Ichigo and Yamamoto to prevent Kagerosa from copying their techniques. Nozomi attaks Kagerosa, but the latter avoids crossing swords with the former, as he is well aware of her abilities. However, Nozomi reveals that her sword has already absorbed energy from Yamamoto's zanpakutou. he avoids the attack from Nozomi, but Yamamoto attacks him with his flames. Kagerosa manages to nagate the flames with his zanpakuto's abilities, but it was only a diversion for Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho, which is used on Kagerosa. Ichigo collapses, and Nozomi tries to catch him, but Kagerosa is alive, and reveals that before the impact of Yamamoto's Ryujinjakka, he copied Nozomi's abilities and use her absorbing ability to absorb both the attack of Yamamoto's Ryujinjakka, and Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho. With Ichigo gone, Kagerosa uses the combined attack to finish off Yamamoto. However, Nozomi appears before the blast in an attempt to absorb the attack.
15x18 The Depleting Reiatsu! Ichigo, Death Struggle of the Soul! aired: Tuesday Aug 9, 2011
Nozomi's Zanpakuto breaks in the midst of trying to protect Genryusai from Kageroza's attack. As Ichigo and Kon try to save Nozomi from being taken away, Kageroza reveals to everyone that he and Nozomi were created by the same reishi of another shinigami. Inaba defeats everyone while Nozomi and Kon run away. Nozomi sadly binds Kon to a rock with kido and runs away without him. Ichigo is seen still conscious and struggling to catch up with Nozomi. Nozomi is found by Inaba, who falls due to a loose rock on a slope. Ichigo finally catches up and defeats Inaba with a Getsuga Tenshou, only to discover that it was a clone of Inaba created by his zanpakuto' special ability. Inaba knocks Ichigo out in one swipe and knocks Nozomi out and proceeds to leave the world of the living with her. Kon, still binded to a rock tries to follow them but is too late. He is seen crying Nozomi's name while Ichigo's shihakusho turns white.
15x19 Hiding in the Precipice World? Ichigo is Alone?! aired: Tuesday Aug 16, 2011
Following his defeat by Kageroza, Ichigo has lost his Shinigami powers. Still determined to save Nozomi, Ichigo and his friends gather at Urahara's shop to come up with a rescue plan. Urahara comes up with a risky plan that involves Ichigo being swallowed by the Kōtotsu to retrieve a sample of his shinigami powers, since he was swallowed before. The plan works and Ichigo gets out of the Kōtotsu. When he meets up with everyone, he states that he saw another him when he was inside the Kōtotsu, leading Urahara to conclude that Ichigo saved himself when he was first swallowed,since there is no time in the Kōtotsu.
15x20 Pursue Kageroza! Technological Development Department, Infil aired: Tuesday Aug 23, 2011
Inside the Precipice World, Rukia and the others act as decoys to draw away the Reigai's attention while Ichigo, Urahara, and Kon break into the Seireitei. As they search for Kageroza's laboratory, Urahara makes an attempt to restore Ichigo's lost Shinigami powers by creating a mod soul candy, but is discovered by the Reigai of Nemu and Nanao. At last minute before an explosion, Ichigo breaks the glass containing the candy and consumes it. However, as stated by Urahara, the candy was incomplete, making the balance between Ichigo's shinigami and hollow powers unbalanced. While escaping, the three are ambushed by the reigai captains, but are saved when Yoruichi and the originals appear, ready to fight.
15x21 The Developer of the Modified Souls aired: Tuesday Aug 30, 2011
The captains and lieutenants of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads thought to have fallen in battle return to fight the Reigai. Meanwhile, Ichigo's spirit energy and Hollow powers continue to grow unstable, forcing him to rest for the time being while Urahara and Kon continue there investigation on Inaba. Urahara and Kon later find out about Yushima Okouyo, the shinigami who created Inaba and Nozomi. When visiting Yushima's cell in the Maggot's Nest, they get attacked by the reigais of Soi Fon and Omaeda, but are later defeated by Urahara. The two visit Yushima's cell, only to find him unresponsive, leading Urahara to conclude that Yushima will never gain consciousness. Meanwhile, Ichigo's hollow side finally takes over and escapes the building he was in.
15x22 Kon's Thoughts, Nozomi's Thoughts aired: Tuesday Sep 6, 2011
Urahara deduces where Kageroza's other lab might be, and he and Kon head to that location, only to be halted by a reigai of Kisuke. As Urahara battles his reigai counterpart, Kon dashes down into the lab, where he promptly tries to awaken Nozomi inside her capsule. She does awaken and at first insists that Kon escape, but after seeing his persistence, and his devotion of trying to save her, whom he considers a friend, she tries to help Kon restore Ichigo's Spritual Pressue. Before Ichigo's soul capsule can be created however, reigai Nemu appears and stops the transfer. Immediately afterward, the fusion process is complete. Hollow Ichigo defeats the members of Squad 8 and is about to destroy the reigai of Ise when the fused Yushima appears before him.
15x23 Protect Ichigo! The Bonds of Friendship aired: Tuesday Sep 13, 2011
Yushima shows no interest in fighting Hollow Ichigo, and tries to walk away. But the mindless Hollow continues to pursue him, leading them both to clash on Sokyoku Hill, while the Captains and their reigai counterparts are finally joined by their lieutenants, who help them in the battle. Uryu, Renji, Rukia, Chad and Orihime arrive on Sokyoku Hill and try to stop Yushima, but the combined powers of Nozomi and Kageroza prove to be too much for them. Yushima reveals the true nature of his zanpakuto and defeats everyone, but before he can finish them off, Hollow Ichigo jumps in front of Rukia to take an attack that was meant for her.
15x24 Reigai vs. Original, The Fierce Fighting for Gambled Pride! aired: Tuesday Sep 20, 2011
Yushima's Zanpakuto stabs Hollow Ichigo, and within his own consciousness he can see Nozomi inside Yushima's as well. Nozomi calls out to Ichigo, but before he can do anything to help her, Yushima regains his will and attacks him, causing his Hollow-self to break apart. Now powerless once again, Ichigo is left to watch as his friends attempt to overpower Yushima. But no matter what they try, he finds a way to break through it. Yushima has reigai-Nemu bring him something that will help the fusion become permanent, and when she arrives, she unexpectedly kicks him backward. It is revealed that Kon was helped by Urahara and Mayuri by placing his Soul Candy into that of the reigai. Kon gives Ichigo a complete gikongan which he takes, and it restores his Shinigami powers. He prepares to unleash his bankai against Yushima. Meanwhile, Byakuya has deduced that the reigai do not sacrifice themselves to attack the originals when they are all together, as it goes against what they and Yushima believe in. The originals join forces against the reigai to protect the Soul Society.
15x25 Invading Army Arc, Final Conclusion! aired: Tuesday Sep 27, 2011
As the captains and lieutenants battle it out with the Reigai, Ichigo uses his restored powers to fight the fused form of Inaba and Nozomi.
15x26 Thank You aired: Tuesday Oct 4, 2011
Gradually losing his temporarily restored powers, Ichigo struggles against a hollow, but is saved by Rukia. The shinigami in charge of Karakura town, Kuramadani Zennosuke interrupts their conversation, yelling at them to stop doing his job. The next day, Rukia is instructed a mission by Ukitake to prevent Ichigo from fighting because of the fast rate of his disappearing spiritual powers. That night, Ishida and Rukia save Ichigo from a hollow and tell him to rest, much to his dismay. The next day, Ichigo takes Rukia and his friends to an ice skating rink, since he saw Rukia staring at the place a lot. Fireworks from a nearby amusement park begin to shoot up in the sky, ending the day on a happy note. While walking home, Ichigo senses a giant hollow and goes to his shinigami form, before being stopped by Rukia. Ichigo once again struggles against the giant hollow as his powers begin to fail him. Rukia saves him, leaving Ichigo to question if he was getting in her way. Rukia replies with a heartwarming speech about their friendship. Ichigo requests for Rukia to freeze the hollows legs, and he fires his "last getsuga tenshou," destroying the hollow. Ichigo, exhausted, has a brief conversation with Rukia before he is told to rest. Ichigo wakes up in his human body, in his room, with his friends surrounding him. Ichigo takes note of his disappearing powers, and asks to go outside. Outside, Ichigo notices that he can barely sense spirits anymore and even Rukia's presence is disappearing. The two say goodbye and have a brief conversation before Rukia begins to disappear from Ichigo's sight. After Rukia fully disappears, Ichigo thanks her.

Season 16 Episode List

16x1 3rd Year High School Student! Dressed up, and a New Chapter aired: Tuesday Oct 11, 2011
Seventeen months after the defeat of Sōsuke Aizen, Ichigo Kurosaki has been living in peace as a third year high-school student. On the way home from school, Ichigo incapacitates a thief and returns the stolen bag to its owner. The next day, the thief and his gang seek out Ichigo at his school and are confronted by Uryū Ishida. Elsewhere, the owner of the stolen bag meets with his friends revealing he has found Ichigo.
16x2 A Dispute in School?! Ichigo and Uryuu, Fight Together! aired: Tuesday Oct 18, 2011
Ichigo and Uryū dispatch the gang with ease but are interrupted when Ichigo's part-time job boss kidnaps and forces him to work. Their client, the owner of the stolen bag, requests an investigation on Isshin Kurosaki, Ichigo's father. Ichigo declines but is intrigued when the owner reveals his younger sister, Karin Kurosaki, had been visiting Kisuke Urahara. The owner introduces himself as Kugo Ginjo and gives Ichigo a Xcution business card. Uryū, passing by Ichigo's house, pursues a strange man and is critically injured as a result.
16x3 Uryuu is Attacked, A Threat Draws Near the Friends! aired: Tuesday Oct 25, 2011
While walking at night, Ichigo decides to forgo his past and throws his Substitute Soul Reaper Badge into the river. Later, he hears from Orihime Inoue that Uryū is in the hospital. At the hospital, Ryūken Ishida sends Ichigo home and reveals to Orihime the assailant was a human with powers and cautions her to be careful. The next day, Ichigo's friends, Keigo Asano and Mizuiro Kojima, are attacked by the thief whom Ichigo had stopped prior. Ichigo saves them and meets Ishida's assailant who flees when Ryūken arrives. Ichigo realizes he is being excluded from information due to his lack of powers, and decides to contact Xcution.
16x4 The Fullbring User - Kugo Ginjo aired: Tuesday Nov 1, 2011
After contacting Ginjo, Ichigo is lead to the Xcution headquarters and learns its members posses the ability dubbed as Fullbring which allows them to manipulate the souls of inanimate objects. The cause of the power are residual reiatsu left by Hollows who attacked their pregnant mothers. Yasutora Sado, who had been missing, appears at the headquarters shocking Ichigo. Ginjo reveals Xcution plans to restore Ichigo's Soul Reaper powers in order to rid themselves of their Fullbring abilities. Ichigo declines stating he is only seeking information his family and friends are hiding from him.
16x5 A Creeping Danger in the Kurosaki Family?! Ichigo's Confusio aired: Tuesday Nov 8, 2011
Ishida's assailant stabs an incomplete hollow and asks for its cooperation. Ichigo returns home and resumes his life. Chad attempts to convince Ichigo to accept Xcution's offer stating that Ichigo himself wants the power to protect his loved ones. While walking through town, Ichigo sees Ishida's assailant and pursues him but runs into his sister, Yuzu Kurosaki, on the way. The hollow attacks her Ichigo and are saved when Ginjo dispatches it. As a result, Ichigo returns to Xcution and accepts their offer and Ginjo returns Ichigo's Substitute Soul Reaper Badge.
16x6 Power of the Substitute Badge, Ichigo's 'Pride'! aired: Tuesday Nov 15, 2011
Ichigo begins training to regain his Soul Reaper powers at the Xcution's hideout. His first training is to fight and win against Mr. Pork, an opponent created by Riruka's Fullbring power "Dollhouse".
16x7 Next Target, The Devil's Hand Aims at Orihime! aired: Tuesday Nov 22, 2011
On her way home from school, Orihime is suddenly stopped and asked to die by a man named Shishigawara. Confused at first, Orihime quickly realizes that Shishigawara may be related to Uryu's attacker, and prepares to fight.
16x8 The Man Who Killed A Shinigami Substitute?! Tsukishima Makes aired: Tuesday Nov 29, 2011
Tsuskishima pretends to impale Orihime's chest and leaves her. Although Orihime suffered no cuts, she starts having a vague idea that Tsukishima was her friend. Unwilling to worry Ichigo about what happened, she only tells Chad about Tsukishima. Aware that Orihime is hiding information from, Ichigo goes back to to Xcution headquarters to continue his training to help his friends.
16x9 Fullbring, The Detested Power! aired: Tuesday Dec 6, 2011
Ichigo continues his fullbring training, but desires to actually battle one of the members of Xcution. Kugo suggests that Jackie Tristan be his opponent, but she refuses and storms off. Meanwhile, Tsukishima sends Shishigawara to tail Chad and while Chad is wary of his presence, no attack on him is attempted. Later, Jackie decides that she will fight Ichigo in a fish tank of Riruka after seeing him pass the next part of his training. She fully introduces herself, activates her fullbring Dirty Boots and proceeds to attack a surprised Ichigo.
16x10 Tsukishima Attacks! The Training Has Been Thwarted! aired: Tuesday Dec 13, 2011
Ichigo continues his training with Jackie Tristan. While at first Jackie overwhelms him with her more experienced powers, Ichigo is able to activate a power of Fullbring known as Bringer Light to gain the advantage. As they go on with the battle, Ichigo's powers go out of control, but insist that he can still fight despite Jackie's insistance that they stop. It is then that Tsukishima attacks Xcution wanting to kill Ichigo, but Ichigo uses his powers to break the fish tank and reveals the next stage of his Fullbring.
16x11 Ichigo, Mastering the Fullbring! aired: Tuesday Dec 20, 2011
Tsukishima, wanting to kill Ichigo Kurosaki, proceeds to battle against him and Xcution.
16x12 Ichigo vs. Ginjo! To the Game's Space aired: Tuesday Dec 27, 2011
While trying to master fullbring, Ichigo is taken to a world created by Fullbringer Yukio where he will come face to face with the defacto leader of Xcution: Kugo Ginjo.
16x13 The Shinigami Enter Battle! Seireitei Also Has a New Year Sp aired: Tuesday Jan 10, 2012
During the 17-month time skip, the Soul Reapers of the Soul Society celebrate the New Year told within 2 stories. The first deals with Izuru Kira organizing a special event given to him by Shuhei Hisagi. At first he is reluctant to participate, but changes his mind after Momo Hinamori's interest in it. The event he comes up with is friendly kite flying which slowly turns into a fight between women & men and Squad 2 & 11. Kira attempts to stop the chaos fail and he falls into Squad 1's barracks, angering Head Captain Yamamoto. The second deals with Rukia as she prepares for an upcoming ceremonial dance her sister had been in many years ago, but is unimpressed with her dancing abilities. Renji Abarai decides to help her out, but Rukia is unable to deiscern what he is trying to do to actually help and when Renji accidently spills ink on the ceremonial kimono, Rukia angrily tells him to leave. However, after Byakuya gives Rukia her sister's kimono instead, she realizes that Renji was trying to make sure Rukia had some fun which would allow her to enjoy dancing instead of worrying about it. Rukia apologizes to Renji through a letter and he is able to come to the dance which turns out tio be a huge success.
16x14 Foe or Friend?! Ginjo's Unseen Heart! aired: Tuesday Jan 17, 2012
Ichigo continues his training with Kugo Ginjo while Orihime heals him. Yet, when Kugo blinds him and starts to say antagonastic things to make Ichigo angry, Ichigo begins to doubt Kugo's true intentions.
16x15 Creeping Menace...Tsukishima's Ability! aired: Tuesday Jan 24, 2012
After Ichigo achieved the final level of Fullbring, he spends his time perfcting it. Meanwhile, Chad and Orihime investigate Tsukishima, but end up way in over their heads.
16x16 Clash?! Xcution Attacks Ginjo aired: Tuesday Jan 31, 2012
After putting the finishing touches on his plan, Tsukishima activates the Fullbring he placed on Ichigo's friends and family in order to make them believe that Tsukishima is a close relative of the Kurosaki family. Kugo also has problems of his own as the other members of Xcution have fallen under Tsukishima's control.
16x17 The Sorrowful Battle! Ichigo vs. Sado & Orihime! aired: Tuesday Feb 7, 2012

16x18 Ichigo vs Uryu?! Who is the Traitor?! aired: Tuesday Feb 14, 2012
Ichigo continues his battle with Tsukishima, but is unable to hurt him without fighting against Orihime and Chad who believe he has gone crazy. Meanwhile, Kugo contnues his battle with Xcution, but runs into trouble when Moe Shishigawara arrives and activates his Fullbring, Jackpot Knuckle. Unable to fight back, Ichigo is overwhlemed by Tsukishima and is about to be hit by his Fullbring when Kugo takes the hit instead. Ichigo believes its all over, but Kugo is unaffected. They're about to continue the fight when Uryu arrives. Ichigo wonders if he is affected by Tsukishima's Fullbring, but Uryu claims he is not and says that it was Ginjo who attcked him. Before he can react, Ichigo is struck down by Kugo who starts to laugh maniacally. Ichigo realizes that Kugo was affected after all, but Kugo says he is half right. He was hit by Tsukishima twice to return to his original self and stabs Ichigo with his sword and says he will take his Fullbring.
16x19 A New Appearance! Meet the Gotei 13! aired: Tuesday Feb 21, 2012
Kugo is able to take Ichigo's Fullbring and apply its power to his own. Unable to do anything about his situation, Ichigo falls deep into despair. But then, a few familiar allies arrive to save him. They are the Gotei 13.
16x20 Revival! Substitute Shinigami - Ichigo Kurosaki! aired: Tuesday Feb 28, 2012
Ichigo continues to fight Kugo Ginjo with his new Soul Reaper powers, overpowering him. He then learns that he regained his powers thanks to all the captians and lieutentants giving him a piece of their own powers. Then, Ginjo reappears and Hitsugaya reveals that he was the first Substitute Soul Reaper. Meanwhile Orihime and Chad rush to Ichigo and are confused as to why he and the other Soul Reapers are fighting Ginjo. Tsukishima appears behind them and tries to break their minds by adding new memories to their past. Urahara and Isshin knock them out. The other members of Xcution are given new powers of their own. Ichigo attempts to take them down, but Yukio uses his new powers to protect themselves and separate the others. Kenpachi quickly takes care of Giriko and cuts him in half, killing him instantly.
16x21 Fierce Fight! Shinigami vs. Xcution aired: Tuesday Mar 6, 2012
Uryu comes to assist Ichigo in his battle against Ginjō. Byakuya Kuchiki prepares to start fighting Tsukishima while Riruka ambushes Rukia using stuffed animals. Renji Abarai encounters Jackie and defeats her without the use of his zanpakutō, having increased his powers to be at Aizen's level. As Yukio then attempts to destroy the dimension where Renji and Jackie are situated, he is confronted by Hitsugaya. Hitsugaya manages to capture Yukio and attempts to force him to free his comrades. Meanwhile, Ikkaku Madarame confronts Shishigawara, managing to find his Fullbring's weakness and overpowering him.
16x22 Desperate Struggle!? Byakuya's Troubled Memories aired: Tuesday Mar 13, 2012
Byakuya starts his battle with Tsukishima, but must contend with the fact that his memories have been affected by Book of the End. Meanwhile Ichigo, Uryu and Rukia continue their fights with Kugo and Riruka respectively.
16x23 Ichigo vs. Ginjo! Secret of the Substitute Badge aired: Tuesday Mar 20, 2012
Ichigo and Uryu continue their battle with Kugo Ginjo. However, when Kugo senses that Tsukishima is close to dying, he decides to reveal to Ichigo the true meaning behind being a Substitute Soul Reaper.
16x24 Changing History, Unchanging Heart aired: Tuesday Mar 27, 2012
The battle between Ichigo and Ginjo comes to a close when the latter receives a mortal wound. Just as Ginjo is about to die, Tsukishima tries to kill Ichigo but is stopped by Riruka. Tsukishima is later rescued by Shishigawara while the surviving Xcution members decide to separate. Ichigo later returns to Soul Society and requests that Head Captain Yamamoto let Ginjo's body be buried within the human world as the last thing he can do for him. Yamamoto agrees just as Ichigo accepts to continue being a Substitue Soul Reaper. Rukia see Ichigo off, recalling their time together and silently thanks him. Ichigo smiles and tells Rukia "See ya later" before returning to Karakura Town where he is greeted by his friends and family.

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