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I like the show...
By momopanda on Apr, 13 2016 | See all reviews by momopanda
I like this show, because it's very "eye-candy" i like each character's power(s) since they're amazing, i like bleach because it's one of the animes that have plot twists and more..
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Bleach is amazing
By leila2015 on Oct, 21 2015 | See all reviews by leila2015
Taking into account the differences in writer\\\'s belief and culture , I can not stop the follow-up this anime, the characters are amazing and each one distinct from the others, a very special story that talk about the other world in different way from that of our own, there is action and romance i love Bleach so much, but still questions i can\\\'t find answers for her as an example, where to go shinigami after death, We supposed the spirits find peace in the serenity but sometimes come under attack from the hollows, sometimes I wonder if Itchigo fell in love\\r\\ndid he will love Rukia or Orihime? for me I like ichiruki.
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Normally I Don't Watch Animes Or Cartoons But Bleach Really
By xxfactorxx on Jan, 4 2015 | See all reviews by xxfactorxx
It is wonderful to live in a fantasy world and that is the reason Bleach is so watchable. The excellent scripted storyline and wonderful varied characters will bring out the child in every man or woman. Watching the character of Ichigo develops from a normal kid to one that has super-natural powers is a rewarding journey, not to mention his what-you-call-that powerful 'bankai' that enables him to prevail in most of his battles with other powerful villains. The ups and downs throughout the journey from resisting turning into a hollow to becoming a shinigami had made this series so much enjoyable to watch. Coupled with his allies, from the cute little girl who can summon cute little angels to the cool-looking bloke with his deadly bow and arrows, and not to mention the powerful and indestructible Byakuya(did I spell that correctly?). Man talking about that guy. I saw him taking down Ichigo in one chapter without much effort at all along the alley on one fateful night which he took Rukia
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A very good piece of work
By Yoruichi on Aug, 1 2014 | See all reviews by Yoruichi
Heard about Bleach a few years ago and once I started watching it, I went on an episode marathon lol; you just can't get enough of it. The plot is complex and keeps you on your toes; its that interesting. There's enough action to last more than a lifetime and the depth of the characters and their stories is what sets this anime apart. The music is great and there's comedy as well. Fillers are a bit tedious though but it is a must watch for every anime fan and non fan alike.
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By TOki on Apr, 16 2016 | See all reviews by TOki
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By zizi on Sep, 11 2015 | See all reviews by zizi
its awesime
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i love bleatch
By kirikarin on Apr, 29 2015 | See all reviews by kirikarin
i love itchigo and rukia
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