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Taylor Swift
512 fans
Ariana Grande
401 fans
Selena Gomez
292 fans
Katy Perry
235 fans
Michael Jackson
228 fans
Demi Lovato
223 fans
210 fans
Avril Lavigne
205 fans
174 fans
Miley Cyrus
159 fans
142 fans
Lady Gaga
123 fans
103 fans
Justin Bieber
94 fans
Robin Williams
91 fans
Emma Watson
89 fans
Jennifer Lopez
87 fans
Jessie J
82 fans
Jackie Chan
82 fans
The Beatles
80 fans
Iggy Azalea
77 fans
Nicki Minaj
76 fans
Kristen Stewart
62 fans
Johnny Depp
48 fans
stardoll lovers
47 fans
Disney Princess
43 fans
Carrie Underwood
39 fans
Justin Timberlake
37 fans
Becky G
37 fans
Lucy Hale
37 fans
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