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Genres Mini-Series Romance Korean Drama Asian Drama
Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) had a good life as a dietitian when she met medical school student Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk). Chang Min comes from a wealthy family full of doctors who where against their marriage but the two decided to get married anyway. He gave up his medical internship to work as a pharmaceutical salesman. Their marriage isn’t a happy one and they decided to get a divorce since his family kept looking down on Jin Hee and even Chang Min started to change. After their divorce, Both of them graduated from medical school and works as an intern. One day, they meet in the emergency room for a hospital where they both have their medical internship.
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Emergency Couple episode list

Season 1 Episode List

1x1 Episode 1 aired: Friday Jan 24, 2014
Medical student Oh Chang Min and nutritionist Oh Jin Hee married six years ago despite objections from Chang Min's family but their marriage didn't last long as they began to frustrate and resent each other for the challenges they faced, leading to a divorce. Now, as Chang Min starts work as an intern at a university hospital, he is surprised to find that Jin Hee is also a medical intern at the same hospital.
1x2 Episode 2 aired: Saturday Jan 25, 2014
Reporting late on her first day of work, Jin Hee is scolded by her boss, Gook Cheon Soo, who had saved her life the night before in the same ER department where she is about to start her internship. Though she convinces Chief Gook not to fire her, she is ostracized by the rest of the ER interns and is constantly reminded of her inadequacies as a doctor.
1x3 Episode 3 aired: Friday Jan 31, 2014
Jin Hee strives to resuscitate Chang Min after inadvertently shocking him with a defibrillator as she tried to stop an out-of-control patient from shooting him with a gun. The other interns are amazed by Jin Hee's tenacity but Chang Min is angered by the fact that she almost killed him. After recovering, Chang Min is sent on a blind date by his mother.
1x4 Episode 4 aired: Saturday Feb 1, 2014
Trapped in an elevator while transferring a patient to the operating theater, Jin Hee and Chang Min are forced to perform a tracheotomy on the patient without supervision. While the other interns are in awe of Chang Min, who they thought had performed the procedure, Chief Gook discovers that Jin Hee was the one who did it. Meanwhile, Chang Min and his mother find out that the blind date who stood him up was fellow intern, Han Ah Reum.
1x5 Episode 5 aired: Friday Feb 7, 2014
The doctors convene an emergency meeting to investigate the identity of the ER intern who had performed the tracheotomy on a esophageal cancer patient who is now dead and whether the operation contributed to his death. Chang Min's mother is admitted to the hospital as a VIP patient and is surprised to find out that Jin Hee is an intern working alongside her son.
1x6 Episode 6 aired: Saturday Feb 8, 2014
Chang Min's mother demands that Jin Hee be replaced by Han Ah Reum as her doctor. Confronted by animosity from Chang Min's mother and her possible dismissal, Jin Hee decides to resign. However, after seeing Jin Hee taking the initiative to help an outgoing patient to get treatment, Chief Gook rejects her resignation and encourages her to continue her internship.
1x7 Episode 7 aired: Friday Feb 14, 2014
Jin Hee tracks down her ne'er-do-well sister, Jin Ae, at a club but fails to bring her home. Ah Reum expresses her interest in Chang Min while fellow intern, Im Yong Gyu, tries to show Ah Reum that he likes her. Meanwhile, Chang Min begins to admire Jin Hee's skill and dedication as a doctor.
1x8 Episode 8 aired: Friday Feb 21, 2014
Chang Min spots Chief Gook and Jin Hee returning to the hospital together after their emergency house call and becomes increasingly jealous over their closeness. While looking for Jin Ae, Jin Hee lets her brother-in-law, Kim Kwang Soo, and nephew stay at her home. The interns celebrate the director's decision to let Jin Hee continue her internship, a decision that cost Chang Min a favor to his uncle.
1x9 Episode 9 aired: Saturday Feb 22, 2014
After being unwittingly left on Chief Gook's bed in the male sleeping quarters of the hospital by Chang Min, Jin Hee berates herself for getting drunk again and is embarrassed to face Chief Gook. Jin Ae reunites with her family after her son contracts meningitis and is brought to the emergency ward.
1x10 Episode 10 aired: Friday Feb 28, 2014
In the aftermath of their argument, Jin Hee and Chang Min reminisce about the first time they met and how they fell in love with each other. As they leave the hospital after their shift, Chang Min's distracted driving causes Jin Hee to fracture her collarbone.
1x11 Episode 11 aired: Saturday Mar 1, 2014
Chang Min becomes determined to save a patient who is in need of a kidney transplant as Jin Hee tries to convince the patient's soon-to-be ex-wife, who is a compatible donor, to visit him. Ah Reum rejects Yong Gyu's proposal, offering him her friendship instead. Chang Min is invited into Jin Hee's home by her sister and brother-in-law.
1x12 Episode 12 aired: Friday Mar 7, 2014
As Jin Ae and Kwang Soo move more of their belongings to Jin Hee's place, Chang Min convinces Jin Hee to rest at his place for the next 24 hours while he takes over her shift on his day off. Chief Gook notices an improvement in Chang Min's dealing with patients as Chang Min's mother maneuvers him into a dinner with her and Ah Reum.
1x13 Episode 13 aired: Saturday Mar 8, 2014
Despite Chang Min's pleading for her to stay, Jin Hee refuses and returns home as Chang Min admits to his mother that he would like to start anew with Jin Hee. At home, Jin Hee recalls the final days of her marriage while Chang Min reminisces about the time he proposed to Jin Hee.
1x14 Episode 14 aired: Friday Mar 14, 2014
Jin Hee and Chang Min are reunited with the priest who officiated their marriage when he turns out to be the guardian of a boy they were treating. Prompted by Jin Hee's disclosure about being a divorcee to the other interns and her earlier outburst at him, Chang Min finally realizes the pain Jin Hee went through during their marriage. Meanwhile, Ah Reum resigns to the fact that Chang Min has no interest in her and Yong Gyu makes a near-fatal error when he prescribed the wrong medication to a patient.
1x15 Episode 15 aired: Saturday Mar 15, 2014
Jin Hee's mother and Chang Min's mother meet each other for the first time after their children's divorce and cause a scene in Chief Gook's office. Chang Min distances himself from Jin Hee as his father's health takes a turn for the worse.
1x16 Episode 16 aired: Friday Mar 21, 2014
Chang Min's father is hospitalized as his family and Jin Hee wait by his side. Meanwhile, the news about Chang Min and Jin Hee being a divorced couple spread through the hospital staff.
1x17 Episode 17 aired: Saturday Mar 22, 2014
Chang Min's family mourns after his father passes away as Jin Hee and her mother reconcile with Chang Min's mother. Chief Gook is suspended for two weeks after physically clashing with another doctor. Jin Hee rushes to Chang Min's side after he falls ill.
1x18 Episode 18 aired: Friday Mar 28, 2014

1x19 Episode 19 aired: Saturday Mar 29, 2014

1x20 Episode 20 aired: Friday Apr 4, 2014

1x21 Episode 21 aired: Saturday Apr 5, 2014

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