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Bladedance of Elementalers - Fun Mixed Fantasy
By Zetsabre on Apr, 30 2016
The story place looks like a fantasy world, where spirits exist. As usual the Graphic is great like a magic, awesome effect. Great story pace, that make the spectators understand the main story and some term used inside it. Although they don't make the series until reach the final end (if you want to know the continuous u have to read the Light novel or at least the Manga series) *I still hope they will create the 2nd season for the Anime, but no confirmation so I can't expect too much*

Anyway if you like something related with magic and lot of cute girls inside then u should watch this one.
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - Great story, Great setting, Great Action
By ruphine on Apr, 26 2016
The setting is dungeon under the city. There are many monsters spawn in the dungeon, and after defeat many and stronger monster, the adventurer levels up and he can go further to battle stronger monster, just like a RPG game.

The action is good as expected. I totally amazed when Bell (the main protagonist) fights a minotaur alone. The story is great and contains many teaching, with the protagonist goes through hardship and betrayal. As for the character, I kinda hate Hestia, Loki and Freya for their attitude.

Character 8/10
Story : 10/10
Animation & graphic : 10/10
Enjoyment : 10/10

========Spoiler allert======
This anime is about a young boy who want to become adventurer, but getting rejected by familias (like a guild), and then he meet poor alone god. The god then invites him to join his familia. One day the boy fighting in the dungeon, he then got attacked by minotaur and saved by a girl, whom he fall in love with.
So the boy wants to become stronger.
The Walking Dead - Great, Relistic Show !!!
By ToxicEU on Apr, 25 2016
The Walking Dead is the best ongoing Zombie Post-Apocalypse TV show atm in my opinion. I especially love the show because it features regular people (no super heroes) who are fighting hard in order to stay alive... And i love this show because most of the times it is realistic - people are dying from diseases and injuries, they are suffering hunger, thirst, fatigue, lots of leading characters from the first episodes died, and probably the most realistic thing is fact that sometimes the most wicked and dangerous enemies of survivors are not zombies but actually other humans. Hopefully The Walking Dead will stay on our screens for at least few more years...
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash - The MMORPG Anime
By 1Xochitl on Apr, 22 2016
Grimgar of Fantasy is really similar to Sword Arts Online, but yea I hope this one goes with a different ending, great expectation on this anime, the first 2 episodes are quite good, I enjoyed it and the feels when I was watching SwordArt. Try it guys! :)
American Horror Story - The Best Show
By DajcsNahan on Dec, 19 2015
This is the first series that really won my approval. I saw all episodes but I can't get enough of it. ^^
One Piece - Always my first recommendation for others!
By Matryopandashka on Nov, 23 2015
One of my favorite anime and the first to recommend to people if they haven't already watched it. Basically me and the people who I have converted, are all really into this anime series now. Despite it being really long, it is super good and has a reason why it has 715+ episodes. Do watch if you haven't started already.
Pacific Rim - Wonderful And Classic
By KittenHeart on Sep, 1 2015
This movie was great! There were a few moments when it seemed to lose its edge, and at the end it could've been more "YAY! WE WON!!"; but overall, it was fantastic. It touches on some real life issues, including daddy issues for one of the characters, while including bad-butt kick-butt giant robots versus aliens action/adventure! I would definitely watch this movie again. HOWEVER, I would not let anyone under 15 watch it with me, due to the violent nature of the movie. But that's just me.
Castle - Intriguing!!
By mandigyrl on Jul, 11 2015
I started watching Castle because a friend recommended it to me - since I write quite a bit in my free time. I watched an episode and was hooked for the first couple seasons before slowly losing interest. The plot is intriguing, but I got to the point where it wasn't new or surprising for me anymore so I took a step back. All in all it's a good show, if repetitive, and I recommend it highly, though it might not be the best fodder for a binge viewing. 4 Stars from me.
Supernatural - Different in a Good Way
By Rafe on Jul, 9 2015
A series with a weekly horror story is intriguing, and the investigators being brothers, and on the wrong side of the law, makes it different from other programs on television as it appeals to many viewers with the different aspects of mythology as well as many urban legends.
Chuck - Top Notch Entertainment
By Madafaka on May, 12 2015
One of my absolutely favourite TV Series of all time. The plot is very interesting, involves a great deal of action, comedy and drama. I hope they make a movie continuation in the future.
Gossip Girl - Gossip Girl No More; Yet Fore Ever More
By samanthablue463 on Mar, 19 2015
The ending to this show was such a great ending. I loved how Chuck and Blair got married, and Henry is sooo cute. I don't really like Dan and Serena much, but I'm glad they ended up together. As for the drama, well I can gladly say that you wont be disappointed by the intenseness! Get ready as Gossip Girl the original is revealed!!
Kill La Kill - A must see anime
By dimitraoylitsa on Feb, 22 2015
That's one of my favourite anime, it's exactly what someone might be looking for if they want an action anime with a very good senario. The way the story unfolds is quick and people aren't be bored with a lot of detail of the moment.
Sword Art Online - Wow, nice anime!
By Tsvetelena on Feb, 18 2015
All I have been doing so far is praising the show but I'm dead serious the characters are awesome, plot is awesome, the idea of the show is very interesting as well. I HIGHLY recommend this show and I know this isn't the most detailed and persuading post (I don't wanna spoil anything), at least I don't think it is but this is still a very good show.
Baka and Test: Summon The Beasts - Funniest comedy anime I have ever watch
By ruphine on Jan, 10 2015
Graphic : 9.2/10
Sound : 9.4/10
Story : 9.7/10
Character : 10/10
Enjoyment : 9.9/10

The characters have different and unique personality. And it is how it can be so funny. The funny thing is on different level than any other comedy anime. You can see very clearly a discrimination between classes.
The fan service jokes are also funny, the pervert character especially Muttsurini has the best reaction.
The story itself are also nice, it has very well arranged romance story that touches my heart.
And if you like strategy-psychological like anime, it is the best one. The battle teach me that the stronger not always be the winner. See how the weakest class fight with a smart and funny strategy to fight the other classes.

Watch this anime, and you will be laughing hard in every episode by the stupidity of Akihisa and friends...
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 - I expected more...
By Riptide on Jan, 7 2015
I really don't understand why they decided to make two parts of ''Mockingjay'' because there wasn't enough argument in the book to make two movies... that's why Mockingjay Part 1 argument is so slow and at some time boring. I really didn't expected a lot about this movie but I expected more than hours of seeing Katniss just crying and hopeless about everything. I hope part 2 of the movie to be better. That's my opinion.
Pokemon Anime - Pokemon Forever
By LoreAJ on Jan, 4 2015
This cartoon program has had a lot years of going on the television and it is because of all the good episodes it has had. Viewers have gathered along the way to see all of the exciting adventures the main characters have and also the problems they endured. Pokémon is so exciting and interesting that many have seen the same episode more than two times. It is so recommendable!
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - Review
By dondzeg on Jan, 4 2015
The best movie I've ever watched, there is no movie that beats this one. Lord of The Rings is the best trilogy ever, and this movie is my favorite in it.
Death Note - The human whose name is written in this note shall die.
By secretsmyself on Jan, 2 2015
Death note is an anime and a manga about Yagami Light who one day finds a Death Note which belonged to a shinigami (or a God of Death) who accidentally dropped it. Eventually he finds out its secret: The human whose name is written in this note shall die. He starts of using it to get rid of bad people such as criminals but soon gets out of control and the deaths he caused become world known. Soon he has to hide from private investigators, police and others to survive as things get more and more complicated. It is without question one of the best and most popular anime/mangas out there and worth checking out.
Ice Age: Continental Drift - The fourth chapter
By AravisBlack on Dec, 25 2014
I've always loved Ice Age, and although I found the last movie to be incredibly funny, I think it does not reach the high level of his precedents. The characters development has been quite a delusion to me, while the new introduced characters were so much appreciated.
The Fault in Our Stars - One of the best movies ever made.
By rebstardoll on Dec, 24 2014
This is surely one of the best movies ever made. The story line is amazingly written. The movie is about the book "The Fault In Our Stars" - written by John Green. The actors in the movie, Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort were astonishing. I cried during the movie because of the story (I've read the book before) and I just love the movie so much. Since I live in the Netherlands, it's lovely to see Amsterdam, and all the things that you've already seen in real life.
My Neighbor Totoro - Totoro
By AngelNikkoli on Dec, 24 2014
The movie it self is cheesy but you will just fall in love with the characters immediately it i such a cute and enjoyable movie.
The Originals - Originals - Originality the BEST!!!!
By Bubbles435 on Dec, 18 2014
This show is miles better than The Vampire Diaries in my opinion. The show has a brilliant cast, characters, great story and good location. I like the way they have made this show darker than TVD and they haven't kept that 'coming of age' type of show. The originals also gives explanations and goes into some detail about the characters backgrounds and helps you understand the story between the Originals and Marcel. Also, the first couple of episodes have made me wanting more without a doubt. No disrespect to TVD, i like that show, I just think that the way this show focus on the Original family and the story which they have created makes this show a better one than The Vampire Diaries. Definitely worth the watch.

Other Point: This series has gone far too good beyond its expectations in just two - three episodes, the way its story has picked up speed and the environment they are creating is awesome.
Once Upon a Time - Once Upon a Time
By Nyozeka01 on Dec, 13 2014
I really love this series... The characters are good delineated and i love especially the Queen! :)
Xena: Warrior Princess - Xena - Warrior Princess
By secretsmyself on Dec, 12 2014
Usually when we hear a word 'princess' we think of gentle, young women or girls, living in castles and being spoiled by their rich parents. Xena, however, is nothing like that. She is a girl on a quest to redeem herself for her dark past by using her fighting skills to help people. The show is set in ancient Greece where Xena, a fierce, merciless female warrior, travels along with her companion Gabrielle to become a better person. She faces various obstacles throughout her adventures and exploring the world. The show was a great success through many many years and fans still love it and are awaiting for the possible movie adaptation. It was one of the legendary shows that is still relevant.
Answer Me 1997 - Reply 1997.
By secretsmyself on Dec, 9 2014
A k-drama that stars Eunji from APink, Hoya from Infinite and soloist Seo In Guk, It starts of by showing us a reunion of a group of friends from high school but with a mystery of which couple is the real couple. We get to see the flashbacks and try to figure out which of the characters ended up together. Drama includes humor, kisses that will make you feel butterflies, mystery, showing what friendship is about and LGBT theme. Well worth to watch it as it has won many awards and it's one of the most viewed k-drama ever.
Fairy Tail - Best Anime
By username01 on Dec, 6 2014
Great character and element of cast..
I Love Fairy Tail so much.
Once Upon a Time - Once Upon a Time
By AravisBlack on Nov, 26 2014
I fell in love with this show at the third episode. It's amazing to see all of the fairytale characters joining together. I love how we're able to learn more about their backgrounds and future stories. Every single character is special and can relate to another one in a complete different way. Many of them have learned a lot from their past and some are still growing and fighting in order to achieve the most important thing: their happy ending.
Angel Beats! - Another chance to live.. Angel Beats!
By Diathedia on Nov, 22 2014
Why are they gathered there, even after their deaths? Is it because they can\'t go to Heaven? Is it their second chance? or is it Hell? Angel Beats! is a story of dead teenagers- who came alive once again, where they attend a normal-looking high school and live as a student. When they first arrive on the school, they remembered why they died, and seek for solutions, but that\'s not the case for the main character - who remembers nothing as he steps on the mysterious high school. What will happen to him? and to his friends? And to the "angel" who is guarding the school? A story of respect on life. Bitter past, strength, tears and hope ties these teens together to accept their tragic end on life and be appeased so that they can go to Heaven.
The Walking Dead - Zombies Zombie Zombies
By KroppcirclesLockjaw on Nov, 19 2014
You generally can't go wrong with zombies....The Walking Dead takes it to the next level. I mean how many shows get more views that Sunday Football?
Black Cat - A struggle of escape from the past to a bright future.
By Diathedia on Nov, 12 2014
The story of a boy, named Train, who quits being an assassin in order to change his life. A meeting with a girl made him realize how wrong he was, and now he's trying to fix it all.. by living his life to the fullest. This is a story where a simple action, and a simple words can change one's life drastically. Train, who was originally cold, heartless and dull, can now smile while knowing the value of happiness, and save others, when the old him won't ever be able to do that. The story itself began after the meeting, whereas the assassin organization, not accepting Train's decision, begin to overthrow his life which was about to go to the right way. Train was originally alone, but his changes has gotten him new friends and allies he'd ever imagined.

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