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Show that made me a better person...
By ToxicEU on Dec, 20 2015 | See all reviews by ToxicEU
I started watching South Park when i was 15-16 years old, maybe even a bit younger... Back then i was in high school and i watched show sometimes before i went to sleep... I enjoyed their jokes and humor but i have to say - i wasn't able to fully understand everything in episodes... Today, around 15 years later, i am adult and i enjoy watching South Park !!! I cherish every moment in which series creators are ripping apart politicians, stupid ideologies, religions, capitalist society and bad human habits :) :D Lots of people do not fully understand the background stories behind South Park episodes and find show not very interesting - but for me who kinda grew up on it, South Park is priceless !!! :)
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Comedic genious
By Tony1337 on Feb, 4 2014 | See all reviews by Tony1337
With Trey Parker and Matt Stone, you never know what to expect. They are able to take ridiculous situations and make them seem applicable to the real world.

If you haven't seen any episodes yet, I'll warn you that there's a bit of a "learning curve" - I didn't start enjoying the show until about watching about five random episodes. In my opinion, some really good ones are: Scott Tenorman Must Die, Margaritaville, Manbearpig, and The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers.
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A better understanding of the show
By elegantdido1 on Feb, 23 2016 | See all reviews by elegantdido1
This show is obviously a satire and that's why some people find it so cruel when it comes to the racist and sexist jokes .. Only mature people with high level of thinking will enjoy the life of these kids.
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the kids are smarter than the adults
By immortal900 on Sep, 18 2015 | See all reviews by immortal900
While the show is indeed funny the one thing that seems to be a running theme throughout the show is how stupid the adults are. Most of the problems the main characters have to solve is caused by the adults acting more like kids than the kids themselves. While this this is funny most of the time, it gets quite repetitive.
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Absolutely not for kids
By bossnigga on Jul, 23 2015 | See all reviews by bossnigga
For me this is the best show on tv ever and can only thank Trey Parker and Matt Stone for making it and wish for it to be on tv for many years to come. Its not for kids, its really funny, up to date with what is going on in world, intelligent with great message usually that not everyone can get.
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the bad boys of south park
By Mari0099 on May, 15 2015 | See all reviews by Mari0099
very funny cartoon,not for kids,because it is a kind of rough and bad lenguage,so better be open to watch it!
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By betsy on Sep, 5 2014 | See all reviews by betsy
I love the "They kill Kenny" HAHA
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The best cartoon show EVER!
By bullet101 on Aug, 9 2014 | See all reviews by bullet101
South park... What can I not say? It is my personal favorite cartoon show ever. I am a real fan of South Park. I have watched all the episodes, played a lot of their old games on my ps1 and ps2 and some on my pc. I have finished the new SOUTH PARK THE STICK OF TRUTH game(this one was so freaking awesome, because it felt like you were in one of the episodes. Real good graphics to the cartoon and great action and funny moments!) And I also watched all their movies. To me South Park is the best!!!!
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Thank you Matt and Trey!
By dancinbear on Feb, 24 2014 | See all reviews by dancinbear
For bringing these characters to t.v. I remember first seeing this show when I was in the 5th grade. I am now in my late twenties and still watch this t.v. show. I love how they make episodes and poke fun of current issues that are happening in the world.
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