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Only good on the first ???
By momopanda on May, 8 2016 | See all reviews by momopanda
In the beginning, Sword Art Online (SAO) looked like it could have turned out to be the best show of the year, no exaggeration. The premise of being stuck and unable to log out of a virtual reality MMO with the condition that dying in the game means you die in real life and the only way out is to clear all 100 floors was set up extremely well in the first episode. The second episode continued this with the first boss fight, supported by well-done animation and Yuki Kajiura's amazing-as-always score. At this point, hopes were high.
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By prett93 on Mar, 15 2015 | See all reviews by prett93
I really like the plot of this story. It's different from others anime that I have seen. I cant wait to watch season 3 and i'm truly fall in love with Kirito now. =)
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Short Long Awesome Story
By Zetsabre on Nov, 12 2014 | See all reviews by Zetsabre
This SAO is implementation from what all gamers want, that technology full dive system which game into virtual reality. The story for SAO also quite unique at start and it was good pacing, but they skipped a lot of floors in floating castle Aincrad, which make it not so fun anymore. Actually they should make it into long series so ppl can enjoy the adventure 100%. for the Art it was Kyoto Animation so I won\'t complain, for sound it mixed well and suit within the animation. Literally I give 4/5 for this Anime
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Future just come now!
By bullet101 on Sep, 7 2014 | See all reviews by bullet101
When i started to watch this I just couldn't stop. It attracted me like a magnet! To me virtual gaming like on this game is and will be always a dream. This anime made me stress, excited and ever cry'ed! It is a well placed together anime series that is a much watch if you are a gamer who likes anime. Can't wait to watch season 2! 5/5
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Wow, nice anime!
By Tsvetelena on Feb, 18 2015 | See all reviews by Tsvetelena
All I have been doing so far is praising the show but I'm dead serious the characters are awesome, plot is awesome, the idea of the show is very interesting as well. I HIGHLY recommend this show and I know this isn't the most detailed and persuading post (I don't wanna spoil anything), at least I don't think it is but this is still a very good show.
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Imaginary world with so much excitment
By mawaswatka on Jan, 21 2015 | See all reviews by mawaswatka
When i started to watch sao it was amazing. They put together a bit of something modern and something medieval anf it turned perfectely
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Unique arcs and new point of views per arc
By Diathedia on Nov, 15 2014 | See all reviews by Diathedia
Whilts some anime kept repeating the story, this one doesn't. The unique arcs and good story gave SAO a plus and is expected to grow more. The manga continuation also supports the anime, which is good.
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By soumiahala15 on Feb, 29 2016 | See all reviews by soumiahala15
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By runforfun on Jul, 14 2015 | See all reviews by runforfun
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By Vicw on Apr, 7 2015 | See all reviews by Vicw
love sao so much omg Kirito&Asuna OTP
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Great Anime !
By aminebahrixnice on Mar, 24 2015 | See all reviews by aminebahrixnice
i advise you guys to Watch this great anime ! it contains a lot of events !
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