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Hannibal - A wonderful mind games
By AravisBlack on Apr, 12 2015
I started watching Hannibal a few months ago and I immediately fell in love with it.
Characters with a deep and complicated personality are, to me, the best thing in the series, apart from the distorted friendship that detective Will Graham and Hannibal come to grow.
Absolutely perfect is Graham evolution in the second chapter of the tv show.

Howl's Moving Castle - An enchanting tale
By AravisBlack on Mar, 21 2015
Howl's Moving Castle is a wonderful mixture of magic, adventure, poetry and romance.
Sophie and Howl, the main characters, both have a complicated personality, which drives the whole story alongside with the magnificent athmosphere that the landscape inspires.
I just can't stop watching it, I adored it.
Shrek the Third - Shrek third's jurney
By AravisBlack on Jan, 14 2015
Shrek conquered me since the first movie, and I'm glad to say I've never been disappointed by one of the sequels. They all are beautiful and funny, the irony grows in every chapter thanks to the characters who never stop to make me laugh. This third movie had something special: a touch of mystery.
Ice Age: Continental Drift - The fourth chapter
By AravisBlack on Dec, 25 2014
I've always loved Ice Age, and although I found the last movie to be incredibly funny, I think it does not reach the high level of his precedents. The characters development has been quite a delusion to me, while the new introduced characters were so much appreciated.
Once Upon a Time - Once Upon a Time
By AravisBlack on Nov, 26 2014
I fell in love with this show at the third episode. It's amazing to see all of the fairytale characters joining together. I love how we're able to learn more about their backgrounds and future stories. Every single character is special and can relate to another one in a complete different way. Many of them have learned a lot from their past and some are still growing and fighting in order to achieve the most important thing: their happy ending.