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The Simpsons - The father of Griffin and Futurama
By Nyozeka01 on Jun, 11 2016
I think that "The Simpsons" is one of the best cartoon ever. It is funny and smart, but sometimes it's a little bit vulgar.
Game of Thrones - Pretty cool
By Nyozeka01 on Jan, 10 2015
I really loved this series: the plot is full of twists. Also the characters are really good described and each one have his main characteristic. I\'ve loved Tyrion, for his irony that can put a "smile" when you want to cry. I really suggest you to watch the entire first season before comment this TV show!
Once Upon a Time - Once Upon a Time
By Nyozeka01 on Dec, 13 2014
I really love this series... The characters are good delineated and i love especially the Queen! :)