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Game of Thrones - Exciting..Shocking
By Yoruichi on Feb, 13 2015
This series.... I honestly don't really see the need for allllllllllllllllllllllllllll the extra nudity; in some instances it helps to define characters and tell their stories better but in a lot of other cases it really adds no value. The plot however, is fantastic. The way the story has been translated onscreen gives just a right balance with the complexity of all the relationships involved within the one hour slots. The setting and the costuming are on point and really gives the viewers a good feeling of the world the story is set in. Of course, all the blood and isn't appropriate for younger viewers. The cast of this show have done a great job portraying their characters; most noteworthy is Peter Dinklage, whose Tyrion can't help but draws admiration. This show is a must watch, and the books should definitely be read to accompany viewing. A lot of twists and unpredictable events created by the writer provide for eye catching and thought provoking objectives.
Once Upon a Time - Everything you thought isn't as it seems
By Yoruichi on Feb, 13 2015
Reality. What is reality? What you see around you isn't real. Well that's one of the lessons you can learn from this show. The characters have only just begun to delve deeper into themselves and the results are turning the whole world they thought was real upside down. Must love the way traditional fairy tales are used to tell stories and teach lessons.
The Equalizer (2014) - Justice. Served.
By Yoruichi on Oct, 18 2014
Although I'd disagree with "justice" being in the form of revenge killings... I must say this movie was pretty good ... packed with non-stop action, Denzel Washington's acting moves the plot forward and provides the main point of interest with his character's background and way of thinking. There is a lot of depth with this character who makes this movie worth watching. The storyline is simple yet effective as the focus is how the character interacts with his surroundings. The atmosphere created by the backing music is perfect for the sequence of events. A noteworthy track played at one point - Vengeance by Zack Hemsey ;)
The Croods - Hilarious Family Antics
By Yoruichi on Sep, 11 2014
A sweet and comedic film about a family living in the prehistoric times. The animation is visually appealing and with an emotional story, this movie doesn't fail to warm hearts. There could have been better character development and depth. Overall, it is a fun movie to watch with the entire family over barbeque on a Sunday afternoon. It keeps you interested in one way or the other even with the lazy moments; either the characters have silly moments or you are fascinated by the unique visuals of strange flora and fauna. Overall, I'd say it's not a waste of time nor money with its goofy family dynamics.
A Beautiful Mind - Moving & Inspirational
By Yoruichi on Sep, 8 2014
This movie brought me to tears by its end. To see the world as the prodigy John Nash was really mind opening. You have to marvel and wonder at his brilliance and sympathize with his situation. The love story doesn't fail to full your heart either. However, one does have to wonder how the screenplay compares to the real John Nash's story.
Prison Break - Brilliant story
By Yoruichi on Aug, 13 2014
The show had me hooked to it ever since I watched the very first episode back in Season 1. The show fell quality wise and the story gets repetitive, but it still manages to keep you coming back for more.

It is very well written and each episode is packed with action and adventure. There are plenty of twists and turns that always keep you on your feet, the viewer truly has no idea what's going to come next in this brilliant show. Later on it becomes more predictable than it initially is
Titanic - Touching and Timeless
By Yoruichi on Aug, 12 2014
The movie Titanic makes it much more than just a "night to remember." It rewrites a tragic history event that will always be talked about and will never been forgotten. A simple disaster film is converted to an unbelievable romance. Dicaprio and Winslet are simply the best at playing there roles. No one could have done better. The plot is simple, the acting is brilliant, based on a true story, and tears will no doubt be shed over and over again. One of the most moving films of all time.
Bleach - A very good piece of work
By Yoruichi on Aug, 1 2014
Heard about Bleach a few years ago and once I started watching it, I went on an episode marathon lol; you just can't get enough of it. The plot is complex and keeps you on your toes; its that interesting. There's enough action to last more than a lifetime and the depth of the characters and their stories is what sets this anime apart. The music is great and there's comedy as well. Fillers are a bit tedious though but it is a must watch for every anime fan and non fan alike.
Roswell - By far the best teen/ young adult series
By Yoruichi on Jul, 27 2014
I first discovered Roswell at around 9 or 10 and got hooked on it...it was THE BEST series for teens/young adults ever!! I've watched it back countless times since and still feel so connected to it... the emotions and thoughts out in the open just draw you in and you can't help but relate to the characters on the deepest levels... they should show rereuns of this!!