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about me
First, let me elaborate a few things.
Stuffpoints has given me lots of things and I'm thankful for that. In return, I will do my best as a Stuffpoints user, supporting them by turning off AdBlock and being a good moderator.
I DO NOT ACCEPT "plz approv mi pic, i will approv urs" OR "go here! some.stupid.site/ref=shiz for prizes!" AND I WILL INDISCRIMINATELY BUTCHER YOUR PICS IF THEY ARE DUPLICATES, WATERMARKED, LQ AND VAGUE.
However, I will still add tags and descriptions on images if you at least put a nice title unlike they who only upload LQ things with the title, "anime" (you-know-who). I will NOT randomly delete things like some lazy mods in this site. I will nag you, though!
I will also try to fix the fan clubs that has been ruined by mods who randomly approve and only know spamming (you-know-who) by reporting the duplicate wallpapers and LQ pictures.
If you have read these and you think you have decent images that you want to upload to the clubs I moderate, please do. Cheers!


Q: I can't join fanclubs!
A: Javascript button is broken. Simply add ?follow=1 behind the URL.
Example www.fanaru.com/pokemon/
To follow it you'll make it www.fanaru.com/pokemon?follow=1
and to unfollow you'll change the follow=1 to follow=0

Q: When will the images be approved?
A: It does say 24hr, but it might be more than that.
Currently only level 4's can be moderators, so you'll need to check for Fan Clubs which have active moderators and post there.
You can find out by seeing main fanclub page and see if an user have a golden border to them.
I'm a moderator now, but be really careful when uploading images on clubs that I moderate, because I really hate people who fills "name" and "description" with the anime title only, without tags. Don't be so effortless and be a little dilligent.

Q: How do I earn points easily [Lv.1]?
A: For now you can only upload images, so be patient! Do dailies as well, which is:
checking in to fanclubs (+10)
sharing an image (+5)
polls = http://www.fanaru.com/poll/ (+10)
trivia = http://www.fanaru.com/trivia/ (+10)

Q: How do I earn points easily [Lv.2]?
A: Check http://www.fanaru.com/contribute.php for fanclubs that need
images. If you upload what they need, you will get more points.
Note: Ever since members can be moderators, this is seen as not effective because some moderators are just plain lazy.
Alternatively you can create trivia/polls once you reach level 2.
It gives you one point per answer/poll.

Q: How do I earn points easily [Lv.3]?
A: Write a review! A honest one, and no copying! You'll get 100pts for each approved review. Of course, if you copy and paste, you will get nothing.

Q: How do I earn points easily [Lv.4]?
A: Contribute and moderate.

Q: How do I move fanaru points to Stuffpoints?
A: http://www.fanaru.com/redeem.php?view=withdraw

Q: How to get my pictures approved ASAP?
A: Tag correctly. Name correctly! Upload your pictures in clubs which have ACTIVE moderators. As far as I know, the active mods are Ruphine, Zetsabre, and me.

Q: Why did my points got reduced?
A: Must be because you uploaded "wrong" image. It can be either Vague, Watermarked, Copyright Issue, Duplicate, or even Miscategorized.

Q: I see wrong images in a club. What do I do with them?
A: Report them >.<

Q: How to level up?
A: The details are written here: http://fanaru.com/levels.php

Q: There's no chatbox like the old stuffpoint.... How do I interact with others?
A: Post on their profile. Despite feedback page being for feedback, usually we ask and answer stuff at http://fanaru.com/feedback.php.

Just ask if you have more questions. I'll post it here.

Was a member of Stuffpoint, so I know some things around the site.
PM me if you need any help on fanaru or stuffpoints.

In case the message button is broken again, contact me at:
facebook.com/Diathedia or

my fan clubs
Vocaloid Bleach Fairy Tail One Piece Frozen Sword Art Online Death Note Umineko no Naku Koro ni K-ON! Highschool of the Dead Naruto Shippuuden
Spice and Wolf Inuyasha Pokemon Anime Chobits Magi Sailor Moon Crystal Log Horizon Ragnarok the Animation Baka and Test: Summon The Beasts No Game No Life Mirai Nikki
Gosick Durarara!! Fate/Zero The Devil is a Part-Timer! Elfen Lied Pandora Hearts Disgaea Dog Days Garden of Sinners Naruto Fruits Basket
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somi says...
hi all i need help i want redeem something but they told me Only active users can redeem. You need to complete at least 1 offer this week! what its mean and what i should do plz someones tell me
posted @ 02/09 12:07.18 PM

geek says...
Hey, I just wanted to ask you something, I don't know whom to ask I am new here: after submitting 5 wallpapers and filling all the requirements for level 2, I am not getting levelled up to level 2 from level 1? Also, recently I am not getting any pts for approved wallpapers.
posted @ 01/20 02:16.45 AM

soulef says...
Hi, ok ill.
posted @ 07/15 02:21.25 PM

Nish says...
Hello, I wanted your opinion about something. I somehow ended up as a moderator in the club "Upload Anything". As far as I know, clubs such as these are being classified as weird and spam but haven't been removed yet. So I wanted to know, am I supposed to delete the images that I get for approval?
posted @ 05/09 02:16.54 PM

ikramikram says...
hi can i ask you about being level 4 sorry for spam
posted @ 05/08 01:11.45 PM

lulubelle says...
Hi, I've been uploading wallpapers to Bleach fanclub for a while now, I don't think any of them got approved. I've been naming and tagging them. Could you tell me if I'm doing something wrong? Thanks!
posted @ 05/06 05:52.05 AM

lovesong says...
Ok I have a question... I admit that I used to moderate strictly, but if I change ... am I going to become level 4? The problem that I used to moderate strictly for a long time :(
posted @ 05/02 09:28.24 AM

lovesong says...
Lucky you became level 4
posted @ 05/01 02:54.49 PM

Traxix1 says...
Join one of my clubs and upload some pictures, I will approve right away :)
posted @ 04/29 12:04.20 PM

ikramikram says...
Can you please pick a card Stardoll because I need it and there is no sufficient number and Thanks ممكن ياقمرى تختارى بطاقه ستاردول انه بدك ياها لانى محتاجاها والعدد مش كامل بدى 30 شخص والعدد بس29 بليز شكرا please
posted @ 04/03 03:38.27 AM
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