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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - A warm, fuzzy piece of magic
By Olivegreen on Jan, 17 2017
Another year of adventures awaits Harry Potter in his second year. A strange visitor sitting on his bed urges him not to return to Hogwarts, or else something terribly dangerous will cause him harm, even resorting to desperate measures to prevent Harry to reconnect with the Wizarding World. But it doesn't help: Soon, Harry finds himself as the center of unexplainable, terrifying occurences and unwanted attention from the celebrity professor.

A enchanting piece of movie full of vivid colours and effects that stimulate the depth of everyone's imagination. Harry, Ron and Hermione's genuine friendship at the same time mantains a part of innocence and purity in otherwise shady narration and instruct us that even if the darkest of times, light can be seen, if one remembers to turn up the lights. A classic, yet always fullfiling experience.