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about me
Hi! I'm Samantha, but I like to be called Sam.

These are the clubs that I moderate right now. Feel free to join them.

Gossip Girl
The Lying Game
Harry Potter the Philosophers Stone
Death Note
Harry Potter
Michelle Phan
Hunger Games
Attack on Titan
The Office
Finding Nemo
Drop Dead Diva
The Fault in Our Stars
My Little Pony
Clash of Clans

If you want me to moderate pictures, just ask and I will look around.

I do not moderate pictures that:
- Have bad names
- Are basically Tag Names
- Are not original names (copied from another site)
- Have disrespectful image names
- Do not relate to the picture
- Are Variations of Already Uploaded Images
- If you are disrespectful to me
- If you have bad quality photos
- If you have tags on photos
- If it is very repetitive
- Has tags
- Has Copyright (Unless credited to in the source location)
- Doesn't credit the original user (if user name is on there)


I will make an exception on a few photos, but other wise your photo will be deleted! Do not come to me asking why I didn't approve your image because the reasons are listed above.

my fan clubs
Gossip Girl Vampire Academy Pretty Little Liars Hay Day The Lying Game Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone Michelle Phan Divergent Harry Potter Avril Lavigne Attack on Titan
Rise of the Guardians The Hunger Games House Finding Nemo The Fault in Our Stars The Office Drop Dead Diva Clash of Clans Team Fortress 2 Allegiant Monsta X
Death Note Bones Food Wishes Bora Bora My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Phineas and Ferb Doge The Hunger Games: Catching Fire IMVU Colleges The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
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Karinaagn says...
Can you please accept my wallpaper in the Gossip Girl club?? Thanks :)
posted @ 12/19 08:23.44 PM

sally337 says...
hi! y did u delete my pics ?
posted @ 06/09 05:16.54 AM

malk says...
please accept wall paper in the HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCEROR'S STONE
posted @ 05/20 09:32.34 AM

malk says...
You Can Be My Friend my name is hadeer and your name
posted @ 05/10 03:52.55 AM

malk says...
posted @ 05/09 02:36.56 PM

ericman367 says...
posted @ 04/29 10:15.01 PM

jammiex says...
Hey Sammmmm :)
posted @ 04/21 05:21.57 PM

unfeelinglife says...
hello samantha
posted @ 08/05 11:00.29 PM

unfeelinglife says...
iwill make
posted @ 08/05 10:59.46 PM

gamernicks says...
I can't even guess it :[
posted @ 07/26 08:08.22 PM
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