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Carmilla (Web Series) - Love Will Have Its sacrifices
By secretsmyself on Jul, 5 2015
Carmilla is a web series based on Sheridan Le Fanu's novella of the same name.The story takes place at Silas University in Styria, Austria. Laura, a 19 year old student realizes that strange things are happening there. Students start disappearing, including her own roommate who is replaced by Carmilla, who appears mysterious and broody. As Laura and her friends Perry, LaFontaine, and Danny investigate the strange disappearances, they realize that Carmilla might be involved.
The series became popular due to it being filmed "vlog" style and usage of transmedia (3 characters have their 'in character twitter and tumblr accounts which fans can interact with). It is also praised for its near all-female cast as well as representation of various and non-binary characters. This story has it all, drama, well written dialogue, love problems and hilarious jokes.
The series won AfterEllen Visibility Awards for Favorite Web Series and was nominated for Shorty Awards for Favorite W
The 100 - Not your typical post apocalyptic series.
By secretsmyself on Apr, 4 2015
The 100 is set 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse when whole survived humankind was forced to live in space. 100 juvenile prisoners were sent from space down to Earth to see if it was survivable. They never expected to lose contact and encounter the actual survivors on the ground. They weren't exactly welcomed and it all turned into another battle for survival between the Sky People and the Grounders.
If you love strong female characters, poc & lgbt representation with a great story about making decisions and realizing there are no good and bad guys, then I highly recommend this show!
Death Note - The human whose name is written in this note shall die.
By secretsmyself on Jan, 2 2015
Death note is an anime and a manga about Yagami Light who one day finds a Death Note which belonged to a shinigami (or a God of Death) who accidentally dropped it. Eventually he finds out its secret: The human whose name is written in this note shall die. He starts of using it to get rid of bad people such as criminals but soon gets out of control and the deaths he caused become world known. Soon he has to hide from private investigators, police and others to survive as things get more and more complicated. It is without question one of the best and most popular anime/mangas out there and worth checking out.
Xena: Warrior Princess - Xena - Warrior Princess
By secretsmyself on Dec, 12 2014
Usually when we hear a word 'princess' we think of gentle, young women or girls, living in castles and being spoiled by their rich parents. Xena, however, is nothing like that. She is a girl on a quest to redeem herself for her dark past by using her fighting skills to help people. The show is set in ancient Greece where Xena, a fierce, merciless female warrior, travels along with her companion Gabrielle to become a better person. She faces various obstacles throughout her adventures and exploring the world. The show was a great success through many many years and fans still love it and are awaiting for the possible movie adaptation. It was one of the legendary shows that is still relevant.
Answer Me 1997 - Reply 1997.
By secretsmyself on Dec, 9 2014
A k-drama that stars Eunji from APink, Hoya from Infinite and soloist Seo In Guk, It starts of by showing us a reunion of a group of friends from high school but with a mystery of which couple is the real couple. We get to see the flashbacks and try to figure out which of the characters ended up together. Drama includes humor, kisses that will make you feel butterflies, mystery, showing what friendship is about and LGBT theme. Well worth to watch it as it has won many awards and it's one of the most viewed k-drama ever.
Naruto - Believe It! To become Hokage is my dream!"
By secretsmyself on Sep, 23 2014
Naruto is an anime about a boy named Naruto who dreams of being the greatest ninja in his village of Konoha. On his path he meets with various obstacles but with the help of his teammates, friends and teachers he manages to go through them. The anime shows his growth from ninja school through different missions and life choices. It\'s one of the most wide known and spread animes that almost everyone has heard of and is definitely worth the watch.
Running Man - Don't walk but run! ... Running Man
By secretsmyself on Sep, 12 2014
It's a brand new concept of a variety show staring 7 Korean celebrities including Yoo Jaesuk, Ji Sukji, Kim Jongkook, Kang Gary, Ha Donghoon (Haha), Song Jihyo, Lee Kwangsoo. The concept of the show changes with every episode where the cast and guests have to finish various mission in order to win and avoid punishment or win an award which is often gold. It has been one of the most successful variety show in Korea since 2010.