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American Horror Story - The Greatest Horror Show On TV
By xOunique123xO on Dec, 8 2014
American Horror Story never ceases to amaze. This show has got to be one of the greatest horror genre TV shows out there. This show is 4 seasons in counting. Every season is different and no two seasons has remotely the same plot. It has several conspiracy theories surrounding it, and eventually comes to light that each season is connected in some way or another. Each season has a different subject and tells a different tragedy. Season 1 is about ghosts, and takes place in one of the most infamous haunted houses in history. Season 2 is about how terrible mental asylums were back in the 50\'s, and it rings true to the horrors that went on while adding a couple of twists you will never see coming. Season 3 is about witches, and adds elements supnaturalness and the old tales of Salem into it. The newest season, season 4, is about freak shows back in the 30\'s. It doesn\'t end there. Season 5 is in production, and there is much speculation to what it will be about.