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Bleach - Normally I Don't Watch Animes Or Cartoons But Bleach Really
By xxfactorxx on Jan, 4 2015
It is wonderful to live in a fantasy world and that is the reason Bleach is so watchable. The excellent scripted storyline and wonderful varied characters will bring out the child in every man or woman. Watching the character of Ichigo develops from a normal kid to one that has super-natural powers is a rewarding journey, not to mention his what-you-call-that powerful 'bankai' that enables him to prevail in most of his battles with other powerful villains. The ups and downs throughout the journey from resisting turning into a hollow to becoming a shinigami had made this series so much enjoyable to watch. Coupled with his allies, from the cute little girl who can summon cute little angels to the cool-looking bloke with his deadly bow and arrows, and not to mention the powerful and indestructible Byakuya(did I spell that correctly?). Man talking about that guy. I saw him taking down Ichigo in one chapter without much effort at all along the alley on one fateful night which he took Rukia
Frozen - I Don't Get Why Everyone Loves It
By xxfactorxx on Jan, 1 2015
Let me start this off by saying that I generally like Disney films, and that this is not some anti-kiddie flick internet geek writing this. Now that I have that out of the way, I would like to tell you how terrible this movie is. First of all, there is only one song that I think was actually good. The first song in the film is a fantastic number about the hardships of winter, with a great track, expert vocals and a grand, sweeping tone. The rest of the songs are not nearly so good, as they are all sung by the protagonists, which is fine the first few times but gets really monotonous by about halfway through. The movie also wasn't especially funny, which is a saving grace in some of Disney's other lackluster releases. The comic relief character was okay (in that he wasn't nearly as annoying as everyone else) but he was only there to provide some moderately executed slapstick comedy, and the only funny spoken line in the movie. While the script is fine for a TV special or maybe the first
The Walking Dead - "The Walking Dead" rocks!
By xxfactorxx on Jan, 1 2015
I first started hearing rumors of a t.v. series based on the comic book some time ago. By the end of summer, I was reading about an official series in virtually every horror magazine I subscribe to and names like Darabont, Gale Ann Hurd and Nicotero were attached along with comic book series creator Kirkman having an active hand. Well, episode one debuted on AMC on All Hallow\'s Eve and it\'s exceeded my every expectation. Admittedly, I hadn\'t read the comic book (though I\'m sure gonna now) but I\'ve been a huge zombie movie fan primarily thanks to George Romero. The show looks and sounds like a movie with top-notch production values and fabulous zombie FX. Lennie James steals the show so far in an exceptional cast. On top of it all, Darabont and Kirkman have humanized the unhuman in their touching teleplay adaption. No doubt, AMC have another runaway hit on their hands.
The Simpsons - I Won\'t Be Home for Christmas episode review
By xxfactorxx on Jan, 1 2015
I Won\'t Be Home for Christmas is a terrific Simpsons episode with a well written storyline and a ton of very funny scenes.For several seasons,Christmas episodes wasn\'t a common occurrence for the Simpsons,but over the past few years they have done one each season,I am happy about this and think they should definitely keep it up.This is certainly not the series finest Christmas episode,but it is still a fun and very sweet episode that gets you in to the mood for the holiday season.I liked that Moe played an important role in the episode and it was interesting seeing Marge and Homer in one of the biggest conflicts in their marriage to date.Filled with Christmas joy and lots of laughs,I Won\'t Be Home for Christmas is a very enjoyable Simpsons episode.